More than 100 Vermont communities get election money from Facebook Zuckerberg group

Center for Tech and Civic Life grants for elections were popular in the Northeast and Michigan. More than 100 Vermont communities received grants from the election support group founded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

By Guy Page

A full 112 Vermont communities received coronavirus response grants from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a not-for-profit formed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to provide assistance to local election officials.

“Many clerks also received funding support from the Center for Tech and Civic Life,” Barre City Clerk Carolyn Dawes told the House Government Operations Committee on Jan. 19. The $5,000 grant paid for plexiglass shields for election workers, she said. “That was very helpful.” Fairlee used its $5,000 grant for PPE and safe-distance signage, the Fairlee town clerk told the committee.

According to the Center for Tech and Civic Life website, CTCL spent $250 million nationwide on “poll worker recruitment, hazard pay, and training, polling place rental, temporary staffing support, drive-through voting, equipment to process ballots and applications, personal protective equipment (PPE) for poll workers, and nonpartisan voter education from cities and counties.”

A list of the 112 Vermont communities receiving the grant may be found at the following link. The Google Doc listing the Vermont communities would not allow the names to be cut-and-pasted. Vermont Daily had to request permission to “the Editor” – as of this writing no response has been forthcoming.

During the 2020 election cycle, CTCL awarded over 2,500 coronavirus response grants to city and county election offices across the country. To view a full list of the grants, click here. To view a map of the grants, click here.

Facebook received criticism during the final days of the 2020 general election in Vermont and nationwide for suspending accounts of conservative candidates and voters based on their posts.

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9 thoughts on “More than 100 Vermont communities get election money from Facebook Zuckerberg group

  1. Zuckerberg financed the mail-in ballot drop boxes in Georgia, that were not monitored by video or by people.

    However, some people became suspicious, when they saw batches of ballots were dropped in the boxes.

    The drop boxes likely were emptied every day, by whomever.

    However, the LEGALLY REQUIRED CHAIN OF CUSTODY from voter to Town Clerk was broken.

    All sorts of fraud became possible, as was proven by video cameras in counting centers during many hours of AFTER HOURS counting, after the Press and Observers were no longer present.

    Zuckerberg, worth about $100 billion, likely knew his drop boxes would increase fraud opportunities.

    95% of the political contributions by Facebook employees went to Biden.

    Stalin: “I do not care who votes. I care only about who COUNTS the votes”

    • Addition:

      Zuckerberg is angry at Apple, because the latest version of SAFARI blocks hackers who are trying to profile you.

      That means these hackers get access to your: 1) internet purchases on Amazon, etc., 2) sites you have visited to determine political leanings, etc., 3) email history and contacts, etc.

      That way Facebook has information to better target you with annoying pop-up ads, and make lots of money.

      In my case, an average of about 200 hackers tried to profile me during the past 7 days, sometimes the average is less, but never below 185.

      I naively thought only the CIA, FBI, and NSA did such tracking.
      What was I thinking.

      Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD

    • Waitsfield, my town did too. They are pretty drunk on free money.

      I wonder if he supplied all the felt tip pens too? Heard they didn’t work well with the counter.

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