Taxpayer money awarded for schools that distribute the most COVID shots, but outbreaks continue

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REWARD FOR TAKING SHOTS: Vermont is awarding taxpayer money to schools that push the most vaccines onto their students, even as some of those schools continue to get mixed results, including continued COVID outbreaks.

Vermont is awarding taxpayer money to schools that push their student populations to have some of the highest COVID vaccination rates, but many schools continue to experience significant outbreaks of the virus.

“The incentive grant program is available to both private and public schools and requires students to be involved in directing the use of the grant and funds. The amount of the grant awarded depends on the total enrollment at the school,” Education Secretary Dan French said Tuesday during the governor’s weekly press conference.

But many schools receiving funds for their high vaccination rates are still having COVID outbreaks. Harwood Union School received about $7,000 for having nearly a 90 percent vaccination rate, yet it experienced an outbreak of at least 23 cases as recently as early January. Green Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield had a 100 percent vaccination rate and still saw an outbreak with 14 cases also during January.

Vermont Education Secretary Dan French speaking at the governor’s weekly media briefing Tuesday.

French also said the state will give up on contact tracing, as it’s too inefficient and time-consuming for schools to continue. Instead, other strategies, such as the use of at-home testing, will become a priority.

“Inside the schools themselves, contact tracing became very labor-intensive and had a negative impact on the education of many students,” he said. ” … Our real-world experience with the virus in our schools indicated that neither school buses nor cafeterias are areas of risk or concern for COVID-19.”

According to French, 60 percent of school children ages 5 to 11 have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccines. He said health risks for children have been reduced significantly due to receiving shots.

“We have made significant progress in lowering our health risks for students from COVID-19 through vaccination,” he said.

The risk of school-age children dying from COVID-19 has been non-existent in Vermont since the virus was first reported in the state, according to Vermont Health Department data. To date, zero deaths have been recorded among this age group. Also, in the past three months, there have been no COVID-associated deaths recorded for any Vermonter under the age of 40.

Despite such data, Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine continues to refer to the virus as a “nearly unprecedented global pandemic,” and he discussed new strategies for tracking the progression of the virus.

“Our reliance on measures such as daily case counts and percent positivity will no longer have much value,” he said. He suggested conducting tests on certain populations and waste water are preferable mechanisms for future COVID tracking.

Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, acknowledged that based on internal data, the virus continues to have a “less than 1 percent” fatality rate for all ages under 70.

“The case-fatality ratio is the highest among those who are most vulnerable by age,” he said. “Those between the ages of 70 and 79 have a close to over 2.4 percent, versus over age 80 the fatality rate is over 7 percent.”

Pieciak once again alluded to the fact that case numbers often change simply because the number of tests administered has changed.

“The demand in testing has come down — obviously that can impact caseload numbers to a degree,” he said.

Even so, the administration continues to push the narrative that the virus is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Again [we see] a tenfold difference between those who are not fully vaccinated compared to those who are fully vaccinated and boosted, in terms of hospitalizations and hospital admissions,” Pieciak said.

Governor discusses career and tech education focus

On the issue of career and tech education (CTE), Gov. Phil Scott said there’s a $90 million surplus in the state’s education fund, and he wants $45 million of that to be used to upgrade the state’s technical education centers.

“We’re going to need more people who have the skills to weatherize homes, build bridges, install and connect fiber-optic cables, and so much more,” he said.

On Tuesday, the governor joined with other governors across the country in designating February as Career and Technical Education Month.

“We need to work to end the stigma around CTE. It’s time we recognize that going into the trades is just as impressive, and in fact can be just as lucrative, as a 4-year degree,” Scott said.

The entire press conference can be viewed online here.

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11 thoughts on “Taxpayer money awarded for schools that distribute the most COVID shots, but outbreaks continue

  1. This is starting to look like either practicing medicine without a license or a RICO violation.

    Note that there have been multiple school districts who have ended their mask and/or vax mandates when their surety bonds were attacked:

  2. Speaking of schools:
    You might want to take a look at this one Vermonters.
    I have said this now for a long time, this nation is looking at the Socialist Utopia of Vermont and they are not happy with what they are seeing.
    I can tell ya, NH is certainly paying attention.
    If you can’t get this stuff out there, we will for you!
    Isn’t this what “we are all in this together” means afterall?

    “University of Vermont’s Rape Culture Problem”

    • Censor ship is not cool, just saying. Been waiting days for the moderation to be complete.

      And it’s covering up some rather sad truth.

  3. Watch closely for the next few months for what information the CDC and VT DOH censor and obfuscate. That will be where the truth is. The Grand Plan of “vaccination” has unravelled as actual statistics pour forth. The idea of injecting an virtually untested gene therapy into children- that have zero risk of death in Vermont- and very little risk of severe illness has become a mainstream goal. In ordinary times, such a plan would be seen for the repugnant lie it is- and rejected summarily. It may well be that the “triple vaxxed” will have injured their immune systems to produce a similar result to what Israel, Gibraltar and parts of the UK are experiencing with climbing infection rates among the “vaxxed”.
    The religion of Covid’s high priest, anthony fauci is conspicuously absent from mainstream news for the last 10+ days. Why? The narrative is changing, yet Levine- fauci’s disciple here in Vermont urges “caution”. Folks, the subterfuge is laid bare, the gig is up. SARS-CoV-2 became endemic when the omicron variant became prevalent in the US. Time to drop the Covid theatre and begin to undo the damage wrought by political reaction to this virus. SARS-CoV-2 is not gone, nor will it ever be. We must learn how to deal with it and make sure that no man can ever repeat the creation of bio-weapons such as this.

  4. Even if i thought the mrna gene therapy injections were safe and effective, i wouldn’t take them. I wouldn’t take them because of language in legislation like this. I wouldn’t take them because so many people have been bribed, shunned, canceled, silenced, fired, stripped of their Constitutional rights or worse. And though this shot has led to more adverse reactions and deaths than any other shot before, (by a long shot) the politicians, pharmaceuticals, the cdc, the fda, the person that sticks the needle in your arm; none of them can be legally held responsible for any negative affects the recipient may have. And btw, aren’t covid infections in a 100% “vaccinated ” school a good indication that we should include “vaccinated ” kids in Test to Stay?…Or do we want to just continue ostracizing children and families who choose not to because of their religious beliefs, because they’ve had and recovered from covid, or because they just think the whole thing stinks.

  5. The worst thing is the horror which will occur when the parents begin to experience the effects of the experimental drugs on their children. This whole thing is beyond unbelievable. There is no way children and pregnant women should even be exposed to this. And yet they willingly lead them to the needle.
    The “doctors”, who took an oath, don’t say a thing.
    Shame, Shame, Shame!

  6. In my optimistic bubble, I’m guessing the chaos here — managing citizens’ children and spending other folks money is clear to everyone? And we’ve elected these people to carry our our wishes? I think maybe we’re doing something wrong.

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