Video: Students haven’t heard of D-Day on its 75th anniversary

College students in Washington, D.C., seem to have forgotten about D-Day on its 75th anniversary.

We asked college students if they knew what D-Day is and why it is significant to American history. Even though thousands of Americans lost their lives storming the beaches of Normandy, France, college students had absolutely no idea what anniversary is marked June 6.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Students haven’t heard of D-Day on its 75th anniversary

  1. I’m praying for our countries leaders will put our history back in the schools the way it all happened, with all the details intact! If we take out things, our children will loose their roots and morals.

  2. The students may have missed class that day, they were probably busy protesting something that is en vogue to be offended about.

  3. In true leftarded fashion They Don’t teach history any more so the mush minds won’t know what
    history to not repeat. (like socialism never works) This fits In with the removing un PC items and making revisionist history up in the manner they want it to be. The dumbing down of America ala leftarded NEA and Anti American Demontards that support it.

  4. So much for a college “education”. These kids have been short changed by those charged with informing them about real issues and actual events. No wonder we have the likes of these ignorant and arrogant youngsters in Congress.

    • What is truly sad is that by the time a student attains college they should already be familiar with US history,if not for the lack of education due to government education centers aka the US school system. Is it any wonder we are turning out future Marxists.

      • It’s a sad state of affairs when our schools teach our children about Marxism and socialism over all the brave men that died for our freedoms and Europe’s. If not for the brave men and women who gave all, we would be speaking German right now.

  5. Why would they in the institutions of higher learning as they instruct in the glories of Marxism,Stalin,Mao,Guevara and the like,it’s not like this nation is a Constitutional Republic or anything. Sarcasm off.

  6. With students these days, it doesn’t surprise me they don’t know anything about the
    Second world war !!

    They probably don’t know anything about any of the wars the US has been and the
    sacrifices made, so they can act the way they do like Idiots…..

    God help us if we ever have to” draft ” these snowflakes.

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