Steve MacDonald: Taking another whack at this so-called pandemic amnesty thing

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

The answer is still no, you don’t get amnesty. Your behavior was reprehensible. You’ve damaged millions of people and ruined millions of lives, and when the accounting is done, you were complicit in what may be the single most significant genocides in human history.

But that’s not why you don’t deserve amnesty.

The entire time, the truth was right in front of you, whether you labeled the people challenging your “new normal” deniers or not. I’ve still got screen-grabbed data showing over a year’s worth of State numbers.

4/15/21 % Risk of % Risk of Positive Test
Age Hospitalization Death Survival Rate
0-19 0.10% 0.00% 100%
20-39 0.273% 0.019% 99.99%
40-59 0.96% 0.15% 99.85%
60-69 3.33% 1.21% 98.79%
70+ 7.4% 13.27% 86.73%

These results were consistent throughout, and even then, COVID Cultists demanded quarantines, vaccine passports, masks, and other restrictions.

But pre or post-masking, distancing, or lockdowns, the numbers are the same. Pre-vaccine to post-vaccine numbers were the same, with a few minor exceptions. New Hampshire had no COVID deaths under 20 until after the vaccine rollout.

COVID was never the threat advertised, and it was right in front of you in the state’s data. But your so-called media, politicians, “leaders,” and state and local health boards ignored it. All they cared about was positive cases detected by a flawed test.

12/14/2021 Age Hosp% Deaths Death % survival
0-19 0.13% 1 0.00% 100.00%
20-39 0.33% 16 0.03% 99.98%
40-59 1.26% 105 0.22% 99.83%
60-69 3.42% 222 1.29% 98.63%
70-79 7.30% 442 5.35% 93.60%

Those most likely to die – while still a tragedy – were past the average life expectancy age. Their odds of surviving the flu after the age of 80 are already low; still, 80% of them survived the so-called plague of COVID.

Your answer was to inject 70% of the population with an experimental drug with significant risks, almost none disclosed. You then pilloried the other 30 percent while fearmongering alternatives with long tracks record of safety.

Your science was so bad that you had to stop reporting vaccine status because most people still getting hospitalized for COVID were and still are vaccinated, but not after repeating the lies. And we have not yet begun to discover how badly this “cure” has damaged the lives of children who were never at risk.

I don’t care if you joked about hoping we died. I assume that’s everyday dinner conversation among the vapid Left. I don’t care that you danced on the graves of those who did. You’ve always done that. What bothers me is how quickly you embraced and advocated for tyranny as if all you needed was an excuse.

You are the threat to Democracy and the Republic. You are a threat to women’s health and human rights.

And, while I’m a big fan of salvation and redemption – assuming genuine contrition – this particular offense is hard to forgive. But the specter of another test is upon us. There’s been an unprecedented spike in Respiratory syncytial virus in infants, probably of vaccinated mothers or vaccinated children likely cased by this.

There was an interesting article in Cell magazine showing that Covid vaccine destroys all-important hematopoietic (blood-related) stem cells responsible for the development of immunity and much more. If you want to read more about it, check out Brian Mowrey’s article too.

[More from Igor Chudov, here]

The COVID Karens are not handling it well, blaming the unvaccinated.

No amnesty for you.

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4 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Taking another whack at this so-called pandemic amnesty thing

  1. Those sheep that believe the government knows what’s best will eventually pay the price for their blind stupidity. There are now blood banks who are specifically looking for blood from the pure blood unvaccinated. How long do you think it will be before those with pure blood are hunted down and keep against their will as blood machines. As far fetched as that sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised. the Plandemic is the greatest crime against humanity since the Holocaust and we are just now seeing the beginning of the new world order. If I were you I’d start planning on getting the hell out of Vermont while you still can.

  2. Those who scoffed, shamed, and guilted those who resisted are seeing the ugly Truth – by their own medical issues, medical issues of others, or the “sudden” death syndrome of family or friends. The confusion and bewilderment turns to panic and desperation. I can forgive those who had no respect or concern about my welfare. I am at peace. I do declare and decree those responsible and guilty of unleashing this evil upon humanity will reap what they sowed and judgement is coming upon them.

  3. This is only just scratching the surface.
    Look at what has happened to Education, we’ve got an entire generation of kids that are 2 and 3 years behind.. children with learning challenges may never catch up and recover.
    High school kids lost their final years, college was a mess, it goes on and on.

    Our loved ones died suffering and alone.

    The drug and alcohol addictions, the deaths from that.
    The fallout of this disaster has caused skyrocketing suicides.. even among children.

    The medical system is a mess, people have such little faith now. Many are not seeking medical attention and are dying of things that could have and should have been caught.
    But how do we trust doctors now?

    I read that 90% of pregnant women lost their baby when they got vaccinated while pregnant.
    Considering that pregnant women shouldn’t even drink, smoke or eat junk food- what did they think would happen? many of these women will never get over the loss of their baby, many will never be able to get pregnant again.
    Sperm counts are plummeting, there are now huge infertility issues.

    The embalmers cannot even property embalm bodies before burial because of these massive blood clots.

    Our blood supply has been tainted causing great worry in the unvaccinated that don’t want this blood- how many will choose to just die?

    Yes, its a genocide, it’s a completely created human catastrophe on a level we’ve never seen before.. and the Left owns this entirely, and we all know this.

  4. I agree completely. There are scientists reporting on blood issues. Many vaccinated people’s red blood cells are destroyed an not functioning properly, as the article you referenced stated. What is even scarier is that no vaccinated scientists and researchers are starting to have their red blood cells looked at under a microscope and the same damage is being seen in unvaccinated blood too. I read a paper prior to the COVID vaccine being rolled out which discussed viral shedding. There are patents out there for self replicating vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccine technology is patented as a bioweapon, not a vaccine.

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