Steve MacDonald: Insurance company discovers triple vaxxed more likely to get COVID than unvaccinated

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The boosted are at a greater health risk than the unvaccinated, which also means they are a more expensive health risk for insurers. And not just for persistent illness.

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

We’ve covered negative efficacy among the COVID jabbed and boosted, but this is that with a twist. Kaiser Permanente did some research relative to COVID “vaccination,” its insurance plans, and its healthcare business. Maybe they wanted to determine if the unvaccinated cost more. They discovered the opposite.

The Jab is worse than just ineffective:

Kaiser did something unusual: it actually sequenced 16,418 positive COVID samples to determine the Omicron subvariant with which the enrollees were infected.

What it found was that for 4 out of 5 Omicron subvariants by 150 days (5 months) post shot, efficacy had fallen into negative territory, and Kaiser’s thrice-vaccinated enrollees were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

The boosted are at a greater health risk than the unvaccinated, which also means they are a more expensive health risk for insurers. And not just for persistent illness. As we’ve also reported (one example), the post-vaccine world is wrestling with sudden adult death syndrome. I am referring to the 40% plus or minus spike in deaths among otherwise healthy adults in the wake of a massive global push to inject experimental pharmaceuticals into people.

Negative efficacy even against death: Well, at least the shots still work against critical illness, right? Wrong! Deaths have largely plummeted across all groups given that Omicron is not nearly as pathogenic as the previous versions of the virus, but data continues to show the overwhelming number of deaths to be among the vaccinated. It turns out that in the month of June, 92% of all COVID deaths in Canada were among the vaccinated, even though they composed a slightly smaller share of the population (85%). Even more telling is the fact that 81% of the deaths were among those who had three or more doses, even though those individuals only account for 34% of the population.

And here’s the terrible news. If you are “vaccinated,” you are less likely to get sick and die if you only got the first two shots (but still not less than the unvaccinated). Talk about irony. The Public Health Industrial Complex, upon discovering that they could no longer hide how their cure didn’t work, pushed boosters as the proper response. Another human test trial and the results are in: you are more likely to get sick, more often, need hospitalization, or drop dead if boosted than not.

Either from COVID or something else or from the vaccine damaging you.

COVID vaccine harms VAERS data

And that’s not just their problem. Jabbed donors are polluting the blood supply, and we have no idea if that translates to similar problems among either the jabbed or not-jabbed who receive this blood.

As for dealing with more COVID, the Public Health Industrial Complex response is another booster – the Biden admin bought millions of them – but it is already obsolete.

One of the likely culprits for negative efficacy is that the shots prime the body to respond to a version of the virus that has long since changed, thereby making the natural immune response misfire. Supporters of endless jabs will suggest that this is why they created the new bivalent shot for BA.5 (the one that was studied in eight mice and no humans). However, an entirely new variant is already surging, rendering this shot just as irrelevant and likely counterproductive. According to the CDC, BA.4.6 now represents 13% of all COVID-19 cases and is rising sharply, with some other variants breaking out as well.

Obsolete if the plan is to prevent infection from COVID. If you are trying to harm or kill them, the bivalent booster is probably made to order.

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7 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Insurance company discovers triple vaxxed more likely to get COVID than unvaccinated

  1. Very glad I grew up with healthcare from a true, vitalistic chiropractor (my awesome dad) who treats overall health not just back pain, and thus knew to not get a single one of these jabs. But I am very sorry for how many were duped, lulled, or forced into taking these. It’s so tragic.

  2. More distractions. They are not following the “science” they are following the communist playbook “rules for radicals”They want to depopulate, get rid of the “eaters ” and “breeders”. They are doing NOTHING to free up Vermont from this fascist legislators and NGOs stuff going on. To date, still cannot get an eye dr appointment without a mask nor a doctor. Now cannot vote except by absentee no, you cannot show up at the local town office and vote, no not allowed. ( masks and such required) All this blathering solves nothing. Have you heard about all the out of state returned ballots? I have or how the way we are doing things here in Vermont according to other states is unconstitutional. Much like all the covid lies. Here is a clue for all of you. Covid is the common cold. Yes the common cold. All the same symptoms and guess what, just like the shot you cannot get a real vaxx for the common cold and based on modern “liberalb science” we never will. The state needs an overhaul of its entire political /NGO / advisor system. Remove all legislators, judges, UN ELECTED (and improperly regulated) NGOs and yes even the governor and all the others, like his “medical specialist” and especially no more lawyers. They are all scum who have lied and lied and lied at our expense. Anyone who thinks different is either one of them or part of the problem.

    • With all due respect to your comment, there are many attorneys worldwide who are helping us reclaim our bodily autonomy and land rights. I know this by reading this publication, actually. Also now there is a VT chapter of Children’s Health Defense and they have lawyers fighting on the world stage.

  3. I see no one talking about this.
    There are many good doctors now that are leaving, retiring, quitting basically, because they want no part of what they see going on.

    My kids doctor quit over what is happening to kids in the medical professions, truly good people want no part of this evil.

    Last week, our local paper had THREE ads that were ‘good byes’ to three local doctors that are ‘retiring”.
    I do believe that as the word starts getting out about what an evil scam this entire Covid plan has been, many doctors will wake up and want nothing to do with a system that did this.

    I put ‘retiring’ in quotes because all of these people are middle aged and I have this feeling they’ll move into different areas.. I doubt they are done practicing medicine, but rather done doing it in the places they are.

    Following up on Yirgach’s point:
    Yes, we do desperately need alternative parallel systems now.
    So we all need to encourage this, support this, pay for it, just do whatever we can to help build alternatives. WE The People need to do this, we need to be self reliant and do what we need to do WITHOUT “Help” from this evil government.

    There are more and more Holistic Health Practitioners now, so look at those.
    And, the best thing we all can do is to clean up our acts and get healthy.
    The best ‘cure’ is not getting sick in the first place.
    Read and learn about how to truly take care of your own body and do it.
    MUCH is simply diet and exercise..our diets and quality of our food supply is terrible today.. learn how to really eat right and eat better.
    Feed your immune system and it will do the job it’s designed to do much better.
    We must !!

  4. A stable society must be able to trust the key institutions for preserving life and liberty, but we cannot. We dare not. A parallel system is badly needed. I will gladly sign a waver to get a doctor that is not distracted by liability concerned that essentially force them to follow CDC guidelines. At present I have not found such a doctor, so going without a primary doctor seems the next best path.

  5. Very glad this is all coming out……..and the other lesson; our gov has far far too much overreach of the information we all have access or being denied access to……VOTE like your life depends on it because…it does!

  6. This kind of news is starting to border on beating a dead horse. What is happening is exactly as many physicians, such as Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough, said would happen from the very beginning. Too bad our esteemed medical profession paid no attention as thousands suffered and died.

    Unfortunately this means it will only get much, much worse. This is a stiff lesson for the survivors of this debacle to learn. I sincerely hope that they do the right thing with this knowledge.

    PS: Don’t forget to remind your doctor about their Hippocratic oath the next time you see them.
    Kindly tell them to remember that of the 7 doctors tried in Nuremburg (who all used the “I was only following orders” plea), all 7 were hung.

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