Don Bolduc: The walls are closing in on my Democrat opponent and her campaign knows it

By Don Bolduc

New Hampshire receives national attention for its “first in the nation” presidential primary, but this year, it could decide control of the U.S. Senate, and the race is extremely close. But don’t take my word for it. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan’s campaign declared in a strategy memo that I am, “well on my way to making this a tied race.”

Don Bolduc for U.S. Senate

Don Bolduc

Senator Hassan has good reason to be nervous. She won her first campaign for Senate by 1,017 votes six years ago — a margin of approximately 0.14% — promising to be an independent voice for New Hampshire. Since then, she has been a reliable party-line vote in Washington, siding with President Joe Biden 97% of the time.

“Rather than run on her record, Hassan has resorted to the tired Democratic playbook of scare tactics and attack ads. Even the Washington Post fact checker has declared Democrat attacks in other races on this topic as “false,” as it is in New Hampshire.” She has lied again by saying I support a national abortion ban, another demonstrably false allegation. Yes, I am proudly pro-life, but believe the issue is best decided on a state-by-state basis (as we have in New Hampshire) rather than politicians in Washington D.C.

I have been clear that I oppose Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed federal ban.

Hassan has already spent more than $23 million dollars distorting my record, and yet the race remains competitive. Once again, the incumbent’s actions are revealing.

Hassan has always had a low-key presence in New Hampshire. She is not holding town hall meetings and is ducking general election debates, hiding from her constituents. I have proposed seven debates, she has so far only been willing to attend three, including one with left-leaning NHPR where she will have the home field advantage.

Granite Staters expect and deserve more from their elected officials. We are a small state where retail politics remain paramount. I won my primary campaign without spending a cent on television ads.

Instead, I prioritized town hall meetings, holding 50 to discuss my American Strength Agenda. It’s my strategy in the general election as well.

Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people and heard directly about what’s on their mind. I’ve talked to seniors who are being forced back to work because inflation has squeezed their financial well-being.

I’ve met families who have no idea how to afford soaring utility bills. Over the summer, Eversource‘s energy service rate rose by 112% while Liberty Utilities‘ rate increased 100%. Rather than providing long-term solutions, applications for “emergency energy assistance” are the short-term band aid.

After two long years of lockdowns, I’ve heard from the people who feel their rights and freedoms are at stake in the election — something that two-thirds of voters believe at the national level, according to a recent CBS News survey. Faith in once impeccable institutions has eroded.

While my opponent relies on highly produced television ads and glitzy mailers lying about my record, I’ll put my faith in the people. Liberals have a way of underestimating voters’ ability to cut through the noise, especially in New Hampshire. Authenticity still matters.

Looking someone in the eye in a diner, VFW, coffee shop or living room still counts. There’s a reason Hassan can’t do it – her record is indefensible, and her vision is indistinguishable from the hard left.

To be sure, the general election polls will take time to tighten up, a byproduct of our late primary. This year, there were only eight weeks between primary and general election contests. But as Hassan’s team noted in her strategy memo, I am “quickly consolidating” Republican voters, and polls in New England do not have a good track record. Just look at Sen. Susan Collins in 2020, who won her re-election easily without ever leading in a public poll.

For anyone wondering about my chances, come up to New Hampshire and see for yourself. Maybe attend a town hall meeting.

With the leaves changing, the Patriots playing and politics in the air, our state is a nice place to be in in the fall. This year, New Hampshire might just decide control of the Senate next year.

A retired brigadier general, Don Bolduc is the Republican nominee for the United States Senate in New Hampshire.

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5 thoughts on “Don Bolduc: The walls are closing in on my Democrat opponent and her campaign knows it

  1. Maggie Hassan is flat out lying to people.
    She says one thing, but she’s voted with the Biden Agenda almost 100% of the time.. it’s 97% I think but don’t quote me. It’s almost entirely.

    She totally owns this disaster we are enduring, she voted for this.
    But yet then she tries to distance herself during these elections.

    Remember everyone, don’t listen to what they say, watch what the did, what they are doing.
    Pay attention to their actions, or inactions– not their words- or lies.

  2. Bolduc is absolutely correct about the value of face to face campaigning and the smaller the district, the more important a factor that is. If you are running for the VT House or Senate, go to as many doors as you possibly can. In my state senate runs I did tons of doors and never had a bad experience and almost always it was a wonderful experience. We (I did not win it alone!) won races that nobody in the know dreamed of, but I was not surprised because face to face gives the best feedback. TV ads give no feedback.

  3. So we’ll see if NH lives up to its motto ” Live Free or Die “, Don Bolduc has served this
    country as a leader, and we all know Maggie Hassan is just a follower, and following the
    pathetic Biden administration……….. that sums it up!!

    Yes, NH, you can live free under Bolduc or Die under Hassan and Biden’s agenda how’s
    that working so far………………………………..

  4. Maggie Hassans commercials against Don Bolduc are despicable. I hate seeing her ads and I know them by heart because they air so often. The TV stations must love all the money they are getting from her and all the other pro-abortion candidates. Maybe that’s why the media is so biased.

    • Ruth, you are correct. Money buys allegiance, just like the media allegiance to big pharma … all the billions in ad money.

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