Statement from Governor Phil Scott on major law enforcement action in Springfield

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott on Thursday issued the following statement following Wednesday’s major law enforcement action in Springfield:

“First of all, I want to express my sincere appreciation to our law enforcement officers, including our partners in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, DEA, ATF, Homeland Security Investigations, as well as the Vermont State Police, Windsor County State’s Attorney and Springfield Police Department, for months of hard, intelligence-based investigative work that will weaken a network of criminal activity in the region.

“Operations like this disrupt the supply of deadly and addictive drugs, take illegal guns off the street, and hold drug dealers accountable for poisoning Vermonters for profit. They also create an opportunity to help those suffering from addiction get back on the right path through our social service systems.

“There are many resources available for treatment and recovery and I’ve directed the Agency of Human Services and the Department of Public Safety to work more closely together to surge these resources into areas where law enforcement is disrupting large drug operations.

“This includes outpatient programs; inpatient support; recovery and risk reduction resources; and more. These and others can be found at, and I hope those in need will reach out.

“To those who continue to profit on human suffering, this is evidence of our commitment to disrupt your systems and get those you prey upon the help they need and deserve.

“Public safety is the top priority of any government. We are going to continue to work together with our partners to ensure all Vermonters can enjoy the safest, healthiest communities in the country.”

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

3 thoughts on “Statement from Governor Phil Scott on major law enforcement action in Springfield

  1. Do you know what else works well to stem drug flow, ODs and drug-related crime Phil? The answer is a secured southern border. Why have you never ever made that connection and made political moves to push for it? Perhaps if one of your children died from an OD you might. He certainly can “politic”.

  2. After the Gov finishes with the general platitudes, he ought to be demanding that all serious drug/gun cases be solely dealt with by the US Attorney who has the biggest stick to wield in terms of locking up dangerous perpetrators. There are VERY TOUGH federal gun laws on the books with provisions for serious federal prison time for those who use guns in the commission of drug trafficking, possession of guns by prohibited persons, possession of stolen guns and the illegal straw purchasing of guns destined for organized gangs. NO MORE GUN LAWS until the EXISTING, TOUGH federal gun laws are enforced to the letter!!! He might been able to offer a threat of a veto to any more ridiculous gun restrictions if the majority of Vermont voters didn’t just deliver a veto-proof majority to both chambers of the legislature.
    Apparently we are just fine with Springfield Vermont becoming Springfield Massachusetts.

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