State House rally prompts press questions to Guv about economic recovery, abortion funding

By Guy Page

Earlier this week, Jim Sexton of Essex Junction announced a protest gathering on the State House lawn today. In many ways it didn’t go as hoped — few people showed (bad weather, some unfavorable media coverage) and some people who did were loud, unmasked, not socially distanced, and just plain rude.

For his part, Sexton — who last month respectfully asked the State House police and Sergeant-at-Arms to remove legislators sponsoring potentially gun-confiscatory legislation for violating their oath to uphold the Constitution — was masked, thoughtful, and (as always, for him) focused on individual freedom.

“It’s pretty silly that you can’t get your haircut, but you can get an abortion,” Sexton said toward the end of this one-minute, nine second Vermont Daily interview. “It’s pretty silly that you can’t buy grass seed or clothes. It’s pretty silly to threaten people with thousand dollar fines.”

Sexton couldn’t know at the time, but his rally and comments spurred discussion at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference, which also began at 11 a.m. Wednesday. A WCAX reporter, noting she was subbing for Avery Powell who was attending the rally, asked the governor what he thinks about Vermonters showing concern for getting the economy going. (Vermont Daily was unable to retrieve the video to provide his answer. Typically the governor has answered this question by saying he hopes they behave appropriately and that he wants to get the economy going again, too.)

Sexton’s comment about abortions also prompted this reporter to ask the governor an hour later if, due to sharply declining revenue, his 2021 budget recommendations would reduce spending for Planned Parenthood (estimated $1.4 million this year) and as electric vehicle purchase subsidies ($2 million). Scott responded: “There’s going to be a number of initiatives on the table, as we try and prioritize and live within our means and get through next year. … I don’t know which areas. There are going to be a lot of difficult choices to be made.”

That’s a careful answer, of course. But Sexton’s initiative and willingness to take one on the chin started a chain of events leading to our state’s decider-in-chief answering direct questions in front of the media and tens of thousands of Vermonters watching and listening live.

So when you see the people waving flags and yelling on the evening news tonight, just know that’s not the whole story. It rarely is. Some good civics took place today because one person was willing to stick his neck out and do what he believes is the right thing.

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Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

8 thoughts on “State House rally prompts press questions to Guv about economic recovery, abortion funding

  1. This is a really good time to start seeing thru the corners of our recovering world. We know how our economy was working, or not, pre C-19. What changes can we expect to hear about aimed to strengthen our structure? In the same vein of discussions about federal monetary assistance to the private sector, there’s been the suggestion of bankruptcy procedures for cities and states. We know VT has been struggling for years due to profligate spending, no return on any of that spending, an exodus of taxpayers and a growing welfare state. Why wouldn’t we consider bankruptcy? Think about it. The current management is not up to the task of running this state – that’s historical fact. Have you thought about what it’s going to be like once we can no longer blame and hide behind the pandemic for our financial woes any longer? How does VT get the books back in the black? Does anyone care? Bankruptcy would 1. require a thorough analysis of why VT is so broke and 2. devise a reorganization plan that will not put any more undue hardship on the balance of taxpayers still standing. The alternative will be the Fed, using more tax payer $$, bailing out all the failing cities and states; and that will be on top of what VT will be adding to our burden. Imagine living in your home with a bunch of leaky pipes and you only have one plumber with limited abilities to plug them. And nothing tried ever works.

    • As the Marxists aka Democrat Party in congress push for a bailout of states facing insolvency and self aggrandizing Andrew Cuomo demands that US taxpayers “make NY whole” declaring Wuhan Flu epidemic epicenter as the cause of most recent manufactured crisis and continued unending blame-game to fleece taxpayers.

      Tho many states including VT are insolvent – they got that way by decades of Dems making dumb fiscal decisions which taxpayers will never live long enough to repay therefore handing the debt to children, grandchidren, heirs and assigns.

      There is a silver lining here – Mitch MCconnell is open to allowing states file for bankruptcy. This would pave the way for ending unaffordable pension liabilities and paying a greatly reduced benefit amount to most public and State of VT Employees Union pensioners. This will happen imho bc there is no other reasonable choice.

      You’d think every insolvent state would jump for joy – but Dems are screaming bloody murder – because it would kill their donor base lol.

  2. Bet the vigorous flag waving stopped when the cameras were turned off. Once again we have the vocal minority getting all the ink. Some things never change.

    • Mike, “Freedom Rallies get ALL the ink?!?!”

      Corona is the only news story, 24 hours a day, 6 weeks so far,
      give up everything -NOW – and until we tell you otherwise.

      Constitution is suspended by executive orders.

    • Jim Sexton is a hero. This statement shows a stunning lack of respect or understanding of our rights and freedoms under the constitution – and the majority is most often wrong.

      Mob rule, tyranny of majority and opposing or maligning those exercizing right of free speech are not our friends.

  3. This is Kevin Hoyt A Republican candidate for governor who is a lifelong Vermonter who has boots on the ground Fighting voter fraud in the state of Vermont and other shady goings on in our state government.

    I think anyone that wants a true Vermonter who is a Republican candidate needs to take a look at Kevin and see what he is really about.. Kevin is not just a sweet talker Trying to convince us that he is the man he is out working every day trying to make life better for us in the state of Vermont

    Kevin Hoyt Is a lifelong Vermonter running for governor in the state of Vermont on the Republican ticket….

    Kevin is always working hard with boots on the ground exposing voter fraud and otherActivities taking place at the hands of the state of Vermont that we never get to hear about.

    Are we going to allow our elections to be decided for us by the media who refuses to acknowledge the fact that this man is running for governor which gives us choices to make..

    It is terrible that we don’t have republicans standing up and voicing disgust with the fact that all of our choices are not being represented…

    • Do we have a choice of three Republicans running for governor this year? John Klar is running also, right? And the RHINO in the State house now….Scott.

    • Kevin Hoyt continues to run campaign in secrecy while refusing to come out of self-imposed closet, make any comments or even post public campaign statement. Commandeering an entourage of friends and family serving as sockpuppeted spokes-flacks parroting his message but he cannot speak for self…something to hide much?

      Appears as nothing but a distraction benefitting Comrade Scott and supporters seeking to damage John Klar election bid.
      KLAR2020 – Go John.

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