Speaking event on Oct. 6 for Republican candidates

Do you believe that our inflation is only temporary? Don’t worry about your rising gas and food prices or huge increases in your electric and heating bills. It won’t last — the government is handling it. Do you really know what is going on at the border? Have you heard that every town is a border town? Do you know the significance of that — how it affects our economy, housing, education, health care, taxes, crime and drug abuse? You hear one thing via the media, but your eyes and experience tell you something different.

In February 2019 the Vermont House passed H.57, a no-limits abortion bill. Do we need to add to that? Have you thought through the possible implications of Article 22, to be voted on this November? Is it just about abortion? The word ‘abortion’ isn’t even mentioned in Article 22. But with vague, unclear wording, such as:

That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy … shall not be denied or infringed.

There can be many interpretations of personal reproductive autonomy. Most people might assume that that refers to abortion, but it could also allow an interpretation that permits puberty blockers and transgender surgeries without parental knowledge or approval. Is that also personal reproductive autonomy? Do you actually want that in our VT Constitution?

We invite the public to come listen to candidates for state and federal offices, including Gerald Malloy for US Senate, Ericka Redic for US House, Joe Benning for Lt. Governor, Michael Tagliavia for Attorney General, Rick Morton for Auditor of Accounts + VT Senator, H. Brooke Paige for State Treasurer + Secretary of State, Joe Gervais and Bill Gaiotti for Vermont House of Representatives.

This discussion will be held at the Manchester Community Library from 5:30-7:30 pm on Oct. 6th. Candidates will provide brief introductory remarks, then the floor will be open for your questions for the candidates. Please join us.

Kathy Wagner

Image courtesy of Flickr/Alan Levine