So you’re saying America is the last best hope for a life without tyranny?

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

I stumbled across a Washington Post article featured at “In much of the West, the walls are closing in on anti-vaxxers.

I admit that I giggled when I clicked, and I was not disappointed, but how could I be.

It is true anti-vaxxers are about as rare as sightings of bigfoot, but people wielding the term are more common than, well, COVID public health tyranny. It is everywhere in the West, and as the headline suggests without meaning to, a fundamental human right is being stamped out — and but for a few holdouts, that is that.

The sovereign and natural human right of Individual or bodily autonomy is being wiped out of existence.

Republican governors in the United States may be championing the cause of the vaccine-resistant and suing to stop mandates imposed by the Biden administration. But elsewhere in the West, the jab-less are increasingly becoming personae non gratae.

The author does not appear to take any particular position, but the entire piece is a laundry list of nations once considered Democratic that have made life without mRNA juice in your veins difficult bordering on impossible. You can hear the rhythmic cacophony of jack-booted COVID thugs marching in places like Australia, France, Canada, Austria (where they really should know better), and Germany (where they REALLY should know better).

“It is clear that through these measures, they want to exclude us,” one unvaccinated woman who did not give her name told Al Jazeera. “We can sit outside certain places, but it always feels like you don’t have the permission to exist in the same way that those who are vaccinated do.”

It’s all very ‘Master Race,’ but this appears lost on people, including those with a direct line of descent from despots who used similar forms of discrimination as justification for every sort of human rights abuse you can imagine, including shoving chemicals into people against their will. And you are not even giving up some freedom for a bit of security. You are giving up everything for something that does almost nothing, insisting others join you.

Not everyone is as willing to give up liberty in exchange for anything, even a dangerous drug that failed to do any of the things advertised.

The article as written should be sobering, the headline alarming.

Dying under tyranny may be the most common form of human passing in history. Few have enjoyed the opportunity of freedom, even the handicapped version we had before COVID-19 was invented and released into the world.

A world where being poor and free includes the opportunity to choose how to be better off instead of being poor because that’s how the government wants you and having no other path before you.

But the opening paragraph gives away a truth that is not new to our world: “Republican governors in the United States … championing the cause of the vaccine-resistant and suing to stop mandates.”

They are not suing to stop your right to choose to be vaccinated, or masked, or quarantined. In a free society, you can accumulate as many fears as you like. They are suing for their right not to be vaccinated. Rights that extend well beyond the scope of this virus or this treatment and the future of freedom on earth hang in the balance.

If we let them dictate this unchallenged, what is left that we can then deny? Nothing. So, what the article says without ever daring to say it is that a few Republican governors and a ragtag “handful” of Americans are swimming against the current to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

The rarest resource on earth.

6 thoughts on “So you’re saying America is the last best hope for a life without tyranny?

    • And yet here you are Gary- a left-winger commenting here on a right-wing news site because your own no longer allows you to talk and express your views. The Digger literally told you to stop talking and shut down the ability to do so. Apparently you won’t know tyranny until they are hauling you off to a camp somewhere. The first thing that happens under tyranny is they tell you to stop talking. Notice we don’t here.

      Perhaps you should read something about the author and actually think before you show us your own ignorance.

      • I submit that Mr. Cassady, like so many of his kind, is totally enamored of socialism and complete subservience to tyranny. Recent polls concerning opinions of the “unvaccinated” suggest that there is a latent megalomania in a sizeable portion of the American populace.

  1. they have everyone brainwashed that government is a authority and that police are authority’s and not servant and that we are a democracy, there isnt much hope left. we are free people and if you read and comprehend the laws you cans see that the government knows that and they circumvent this in any way necessary.. there are so many laws that are for state employees and they make it out like they are laws on people and thier private property…im not telling everyone to burn trash but all the open fire laws about that are for government reserved forests and lands not your home and there are slew and slews of these type laws that dont apply to because your free and they cant legislate you.. but a judge wont tell you and a lawyer is trained to not know any of this unless your rich

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