John Klar: Flattening the curve of the true virus — fear

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Americans don’t hear that much these days. After the fear conditioning of the War on Terror, compounded by the escalating histrionic war against a non-existent “white supremacist system” and “domestic terrorists,” the war on COVID carries the new American mantra: “There is everything to fear, and the Constitution is in the way!” Americans are being conditioned to be cowering, pliant cowards.

John Klar

When I was young, I would fantasize about being transported in a time machine in the company of 10 or 12 well-armed (with modern semi-automatics) friends to Wounded Knee just prior to the massacre of Lakota Sioux there — we could defeat the bully U.S. military before they slaughtered women and children. Later I learned about Germany’s White Rose Brigade, a small minority of (mostly Christian) citizens who stood up against Hitler and Nazism, and were martyred for it. One never knows until the heat of the oven (or ventilator), but I’ve always liked to think I would be one of that minority rather than the weak-kneed masses of Germans too cowardly to stand.

When COVID-19 struck, I was fearful. I am acutely aware of the reality of pandemics, as my mother’s family was profoundly impacted during the Spanish flu — when she was just 8 years old, my grandmother lost her Mom, and it very much shaped her character and worldview. Also, when COVID struck I was campaigning for governor, but my wife and daughter were on the front lines of healthcare without proper protective equipment. I thought about demanding my wife stay home — if she died of COVID, she could help no one. There was no chance though of ordering my 19-year-old daughter to stay home: she worked 100-hour weeks as an EMT for the summer, and part-time during college. Now she is a combat flight medic in the National Guard, training for deployment. My women are not cowards.

After about three or four months of the relentless onslaught of fear by the media, while my wife and daughter daily interacted with the unfolding realities of the pandemic, I couldn’t take it any more — I simply couldn’t live controlled by fear. One morning I just shook it off, saying to myself, “If I die of COVID, or my wife or daughter does, then I will accept it — we are all going to die, and living in constant anxiety and fear is not being alive: it is a living death. Better to die unafraid and free of such a burden.” This doesn’t mean I became reckless, I just refused to live in terror of the unknown.

I feel sorrow for those gripped by fear. But those people have gradually nurtured their inability to manage their fear rationally into a new threat much greater than COVID-19: destruction by terror. Histrionic liars like Anthony Fauci clearly get their kicks deliberately amping up the fear (as he did during the AIDS crisis). This new scourge of fear is spreading faster than a mild Omicron variant, only it is far from harmless. And it is deliberate — the SPARS Report is not a plan to combat a disease: anyone with half a functioning brain can see it is a roadmap to seed and water fear until it blooms into mass hysteria.

I understand fearful, ignorant people have clouded vision of these obvious truths — they seem to like the false world of their Matrix. But when the president, legitimate or not, addresses the American people with anger, claiming he has the power to compel them to get vaccinated, a new, justifiable fear arises — tyranny by a lying media and government, using a disease to impose totalitarian domination.

For months I have watched this domination be the focus of the government, media, technocrats and mousy little shills. It is shocking to see how many otherwise sane people lap up every morsel of potential fear-fuel like wide-eyed, opioid-addicted children. They are like cigarette smokers who keep puffing butts on their deathbed between gasping pulls on the oxygen tank — they can’t kick their fear addiction even as it is killing them.

A surreal world has unfolded, in which government authorities call to ban protected free speech, tell others who they can vote for, or try to massage the Jan. 6 “attacks” that the GOP and Republicans openly opposed into something politically significant, while ignoring street riots encouraged and praised by the Democratic Party. The surreal world contains screaming meanies who demonically demand other people get vaccinated with an experimental substance that clearly doesn’t work as marketed, so they can “feel” better about the folly of their having swallowed the stupid. This didn’t happen during the exponentially more deadly Spanish Flu — because the government served, rather than enslaved, the American people then.

For months my fear of tyranny has grown — for good reason. The COVID fear should have subsided, as initial claims of 10% mortality proved to be exponentially exaggerated, revelations that the disease was manufactured by humans gave pause, and the allegedly “scientific” lies about transmission, natural immunity (won’t protect you, they said early on) and preventive measures became more obvious. The steps toward tyranny have moved in tandem, toward more obvious reasons for alarm. There was never any interest in flattening any COVID-19 infection curves — flattening the Constitution, and human contentment, are the obvious intentions here. That is the real virus.

So I have hit that second rebound: I will not be intimidated or bullied by the foolish, lying cowards who seek to enthrall and enslave. But now I have a toxic, domestic virus that I can identify and attack myself — with facts, scorn, and satire. I am already inoculated with the Constitution, to activate legal and logical antibodies to kill and expel this vile, deadly, un-American virus from the “system.” I will not go quietly into the dark night of tyranny. I come from a long line of American patriots, steeped in a history of liberty, and a willingness to die for it: “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” They used to teach stuff like in schools, and now they can’t take those truths out of some of us.

Now I get to live my dream. I am an eager convert to the White Rose Brigade. I will die fighting tyranny and fear, rather than crawl into a coffin with my family, and wait for fearful haters to nail down our lid. Oh, the fear and hate — “George Floyd.” “Charlottesville,” “trans-lives suffering,” “the climate will end in 10 years,” “guns kill people.” I am numb to their lies and fear, and as much as I am sorry for their mental illness, succumbing to it is not an option.

Yes, now I get my chance. Now I stand with the natives at Wounded Knee, and I will fight with every tool in my arsenal against the thuggish, ignorant government and other actors who use fear to kill and dominate. I am not afraid of them or their tyranny — I will fight them with this pen, the Constitution, and “science.”  Real science is a fear killer. I will fight them until my true death, rather than live like a walking dead now.

And soon we will all know real fear. Inflation will rise steadily, compounded in food prices. There will be food shortages in America, maybe even famine. And oh what a field day the fear mongers will have. They needn’t seek solutions, or even actual causes of the problem — just conservative scapegoats to hate, dehumanize, and kill. Yes, we can see now how Germans were persuaded to follow Hilter — just look around.

Laugh at their cowardice. Laugh right in their faces, and show them what truth and courage look like. That will terrify them, properly. They are more afraid of fictitious pathogens than they are of the humans they seek to subjugate — that must change, if we are to keep our republic.

Because if they are willing to weaponize terror, racism and diseases to enslave us, then they will soon use food to finish us off. If our leaders wished well for us, they would remind us that there is nothing to fear — except the mindless hysteria and societal collapse that occurs when the public panics.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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  1. It is/was a manufactured crisis, starting with the ‘gain of function’ research paid for by the US taxpayers to the communists in china. To simplify; gain of function means research for bio-weapon development. the democrats did it to the world.

  2. Thank you, John Klar, for addressing the issue of fear. Someone, wiser than me once said: “Anger (fear?) is the wind that blows out the light of reason”.

    I admit to having a modicam of fear early on in the pandemic. But I tossed it aside quickly in favor of cognizance of the fraility of human behavior. The plunderers of the human condition are liars, weaklings, sons-a-bitches and democrats. They want you frightened so they can control you. Don’t let them do it. An informed electorate will prevail over this pile of equine road apples..

  3. Once I became familiar with Mathias Desmet’s concept of “mass formation “, how we got to the place we are now became way more understandable. So with this theory in mind, we can safely assume that 30% are truly hypnotized and have drunk the Covidian KoolAid, another 40% haven’t totally bought in to that extreme but have just been going with the flow and perhaps 30% of us have really seen what is behind the curtain. So we have a job to do as at a minimum we need to drag the 40% back from the brink of insanity before they are as totally gone to us as the hypnotized true believers.

  4. John, run for congress, run for senate, run for governor. We the people need your representation! I, and so many of my acquaintances would gladly fight beside you and die if we must in our own white rose brigade, defending truth, liberty, freedom and God!

  5. Ah, yes! Boldness and bravery will carry the day.

    That was the mindset of the French military before WWI– “L’audace; l’audace! Toujours l’audace!” Of course that tied in with England’s Field Marshall Lord Haig’s dismissal of the machine gun as a weapon incapable of withstanding a charge of massed infantry.

    Right now our covid death total is only 350,000 short of France’s total of dead and missing in that fracas.

      • Jim, I see the problem as a disease prevalent around the world which has killed 800,000 Americans so far and can be controlled by methods used successfully to control other epidemics and pandemics. These methods include:
        1. Monitoring world health states, as used to be done through the CDC’s now-disbanded (in 2017, thanks to Trump) Emergency Response unit.
        2. Immediate investigation of reports of new strains of disease– as used to be done (see above)
        3. Immediate government funding of research to identify the disease and develop new countermeasures– as used to be done (see above)
        4. Prompt implementation of the appropriate traditional measures, e.g., testing, contact tracing, quarantine, ventilation requirements (qv., Legionnaire’s Disease), immunization clinics, etc.
        5. Government contracting to provide health clinics, hospitals and the public with the necessary medications, gear and notifications to counter the disease
        6. Government enforcement of proper reporting of sound data for purposes of ascertaining the effectiveness of and modifying the response if necessary.

        What do you see as the problem?

        • Official malfeasance for one, since 94% of those 800,000 are co-morbid, counted only because the CDC changed their guidance on death certification in March 2020—without peer review—to capture that 94%. Read a comprehensive study here:

          Consequently, we got absurd official statements such as this:

          Add that to a deliberate suppression of early treatment (documented by many front-line physicians), along with a murderous policy of contraindicated mechanical ventilation and use of an experimental drug that was kicked out of an Ebola trial for being too deadly.

          For starters.

          • I’d add to John’s comment on the drug kicked out of an Ebola trial (Remdesivir) this mind-blowing presentation on that drug beginning at the six hour, 12-minute mark (6:12).

            If you’re still not convinced that our medical community is itself sick with a pernicious cancer that is choking off decency, objectivity, and true science, then you’re lost.

            This is EXACTLY the same as what happened to the medical community during the Third Reich. There is no difference. The comparison is 100% appropriate.

          • No, start from the VERY beginning. You hear that there is a new strain of virus that is causing lockdowns and some official panic in a country that is intimately connected via trade and traffic with the rest of the world. What steps do you take as Leader of the Free World to protect your country against it?

            That’s how we learn from our mistakes and do a better job the next time.

          • You still miss the point, cgregory. If you want to bash Trump– if that’s your point– OK, bash away for mistakes.

            I suggest you really do watch that video portion that I suggested and get up to speed and how completely messed up things are now. Of course, when we started this there was a lot of confusion– of course.

            But now? After two years? How do you explain the egregiously bad medical policies that are based on neither science nor common sense nor basic human decency?

            You need to do your homework. You sound like you’re maybe 10 years behind on what’s been happening.

        • I see the problem as this:

          1. SARS-CoV-2 was lab created. No one can reasonably deny this. No animal reservoir has even been found for this. GOF research using coronaviruses has been going on in China and in the US, at least, for years. (This research needs to be shut down.)

          2. Whether this was a lab release or not, treatment for this disease was immediately suppressed. So your point #3 above is fallacious: rather than identifying new countermeasures, new countermeasures were in fact suppressed. If you don’t believe this then I suggest you spend some time reading the Nebraska AG’s decision on ivermectin and hydroxychoroquine, and you might want to spend some time on the references as well, a tactic I find helpful in fleshing out background evidence that supports positions. You might also want to read the FLCCC’s response to the NY State AG, who put out a “cease and desist” order to physicians who were providing prescriptions of these drugs to NY State residents. This cease and desist order is a model of specious reasoning and warping of evidence. Who told her to do this?

          3. That there is a movement to undermine world governments and install a transnational government that directs and informs national governments, there can be no doubt. It’s called the Great Reset and it’s perfectly clear that they intend to use Covid-19 to usher in their transformation. Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its Great Reset (and the Davos convocations as well) wrote a book on this: “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” The motto of the Great Reset is “build back better,” and you might have noticed this slogan endlessly repeated and used by Joe Biden and other world leaders. But the Reset absolutely depends on the destruction caused by a virus or some other catastrophe (which of course they may be planning if Covid-19 doesn’t do the job) and this is why, we might speculate, it was necessary to suppress treatments for Covid-19 that would have undoubtedly made it into merely a flu, if we had in fact used all our resources and medical understanding to suppress the virus, instead of suppressing the cures. Fear was the goal to herd people toward accepting the reset. John Klar in absolutely correct in this. If you don’t believe this is happening then I suggest you do some research on the Great Reset, which is real.

          4. The medical authorities are refusing to monitor adverse events from the Covid vaccines in any transparent manner, despite that these vaccines are all EUA, all use experimental technology, and all were developed in 1/10 the time it usually takes to develop vaccines. This raises suspicions about the integrity and thoroughness and carefulness of our medical community, and it furthermore leads to conspiracy theories about the true purpose of the vaccines. These conspiracy theories could easily be put to rest with legitimate tracking of adverse events. So this is another problem: lack of transparency about vaccine adverse events and outright denial that they’re even happening, with absolutely no evidence to back this up and substantial evidence that refutes it.

          5. The number one problem, again, is the suppression of treatments for Covid-19, and this raises all sorts of questions and increases the fear of the disease, thus creating the “crisis” that the WEF openly states it wants to use to install a new world order– and they do indeed openly state that they want to install a new world order. I suggest you really dig into the fundamental fact of suppression of treatment and get on board with the truth. That this has happened, there’s absolutely no doubt for anyone who reads the evidence with an unbiased mind. It’s a disgrace that our medical community should be deeply ashamed of, yet they pretend that it isn’t happening. Those who dissent or who speak up are being banished from the medical community in various ways, including outright pulling of licenses, as recently happened to Meryl Nass.

          It’s not about mandatory masks, social distancing, contact tracing, shutting down businesses, or vaccines. Early and prophylactic treatment using a variety of safe and cheap drugs, or combinations of these along with simple but effective and scientifically-backed adjuvants such as vitamin D, would’ve made all of these unnecessary. The use of repurposed drugs even in the dangerous inflammatory stage of the disease would’ve made a huge difference, but despite that most of these drugs are remarkably safe, this had been brutally suppressed.

          The complicity of the medical community in this travesty is exactly the same as the complicity of the medical community in the biomedical program of the Third Reich. There is no difference. The same exact patterns are repeating. If you don’t believe this then I have a good book for you called, “The Nazi Doctors.”

          You need to wake up and at least be critical of what you’re hearing and examine the evidence from both sides rather than believing that the greatest traitor to America, Anthony Fauci, is telling us anything but outright, blatant lies. The lies are so bad that they don’t even seem to care any more how bad the lies are, or how many they tell. They are counting on the mainstream media to endlessly repeat these lies, in order to help make them “real” merely by virtue of endless repetition.

          Thanks for asking.

      • Jim, thanks for your reply.

        #1– The Original Sin of humanity was and continues to be curiosity. We will never be able to shut down any research until long after we have finally accepted it is deleterious (q.v., atomic energy, smallpox, plastics, Thalidomide….) So, we unfortunately have to deal with the fact that covid’s here and needs to be dealt with as a disease, not fret about its origin.

        #2– So then– if you’d been in charge– you would have immediately pushed for measures to combat it rather than suppress them. How would you go about doing that? What criteria would you use for gauging the knowledge and capabilities of the people you would appoint to top administrative positions? (I’m thinking of Trump’s appointment of people like former $100,000-a-month cocaine addict Larry Kudllow as a White House advisor vs. Eisenhower’s appointment of Sherman Adams as his Chief of Staff).

        #3– What other steps would you take to prevent the feared Great Reset?

        #4– It sounds as though your answer to #2 would prevent the complaint you present in this point.

        #5– Point #5 does not seem to address the problem of the pandemic, but its existence would be moot under a well-addressed Point #2.

        Thanks for the feedback.

        • Point #2: it’s very simple. If Dr. Zelenko had written me a letter on March 23, 2020, (as he did to Tony Fauci) saying that he had found a way to stop Covid-19 from progressing to a serious disease using two safe drugs and a mineral, I would’ve immediately asked my ten most trusted physician friends to immediately try out this protocol and report progress back to me every step of the way. Because we were in an emergency and we needed information and results fast.

          What did Fauci do? Absolutely nothing. In fact he worked to suppress the Zelenko protocol. It’s gone downhill from there.

          The Great Reset is underway. One way to stop it is to simply allow doctors to treat patients as they see fit, and to speak freely with no retribution for doing so. We need to get the jackboot off the medical profession. If we believe some doctors are wrong, we have a tradition of rational discourse to sort things out. And we have malpractice suits, but they know damn well that if they try to bring these they don’t have a leg to stand on because they’re following not science, but some weird doctrine that says you have to use a drug (Remdesivir) that will kill patients to treat Covid and that you must ignore perfectly safe drugs that have far better studies to back them up than “run-death-is-near” does.

          • Thanks, Jim.

            Dr. Zelenko’s paper ought to trigger responses from others in the field who are as well versed as he is in the studies. Some of them would support, some clarify and some oppose his arguments. Such a body of work would clearly be a basis for properly evaluating Dr. Fauci’s response on the biomedical level. Then Fauci’s response could be weighed against the non-medical factors– pressures of time, of cost, of political considerations (Big Pharma, medical-industrial complex, “the economy,” health care insurance industry, and so forth).

            I don’t think it’s so much a “Great Reset” as the ossification that success produces: Wall Street crashed in 1929 for much the same reasons that we haven’t been dealing well with this pandemic. It was when the New Deal produced the Glass-Steagall Act that the old ways were finally replaced with something that worked until 1999– and Glass-Steagall was not authored by the old pro’s on Wall Street but by politicians responding to what was happening on Main Streets all across America.

    • Which covid death is that? they one they don’t even know?
      Who died with covid or from covid?

      How about all the deaths caused from the vaccine they are forcing people to get?

  6. RFK, Jr., and others have noted that the person most responsible for stirring up fear in the US (and the world), Anthony Fauci, is a habitual liar.

    August 29, 2021, on CNN, regarding the effectiveness of ivermectin. Fauci: “there is no clinical evidence” that ivermectin works for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19. Furthermore, alleged Fauci, “there is no evidence whatsoever that it works.”

    However, at that time the NIH had already stated that several randomized trials published in peer-reviewed journals indicated that ivermectin was effective as a Covid-19 treatment. (Nebraska AG opinion on ivermectin, page 21.)

    Anthony Fauci is a habitual liar, as RFK, Jr’s book makes clear. Dr. Levine is listening to a habitual liar; so are most of the rest of America. That’s why we’re where we are today with Covid-19; we could’ve solved this back in April, 2020, but Fauci then insisted that hydroxychloroquine was useless. The evidence, which would have been apparent to any un-biased mind, contradicted Fauci. Fauci lied to the American people. Again.

    Nothing good ever happens to a country whose leading officials lie to the people and get away with it. Nothing good ever happens to a state that listens to a habitual, and apparently pathological, liar.

  7. John, there’s nothing to worry about. Klaus Schwab has a new book out and, as usual, he and his buddies have got everything figured out for us. It has glowing reviews and my copy will arrive soon! I simply can’t wait to read the chapter on “morality and values.”

    It’s the Great Narrative. About, that is, the Great Reset. And if it reminds us of the “narrative” of the Third Reich or the “narrative” that CRT proponents tell us now means more than reason (which is just another white man’s trick. Wait … how do we know these narratives aren’t just more tricks?) then that’s just coincidence.

    Klaus has told us that changes will come on us “like a tsunami.” By pure chance, of course, and exactly as this exceedingly prescient man told us. Amazing.

  8. I am lucky enough to live with a very hardworking microbiologist( for the last 50+ years!). 20 of those years have been spent developing drug resistant medicines. Let’s just say she is absolutely horrified by how the federal, state and local govts as well as the medical professionals have done everything exactly 100% wrong with handling this virus.

    Most medical professionals are poorly read/unaware of alternatives or not allowed to prescribe them. It is becoming more obvious that the “vaccines” do not work in preventing infection/reinfection and that early treatment has been suppressed in favor of govt subsidized hospital admissions. Even worse is the long term effects of the “vaccines” are becoming more noticeable.

    Most of these problems were identified and anticipated early on, yet nothing useful has been done. The fact that pregnant women and young children are being vaccinated without any long term studies is akin to genocide.

    Thankfully the big Christmas present of 2021 ,the Omicron variant, was delivered in a timely manner and now more people than ever have become naturally infected with a much less virulent version but have now gained the ability to produce antibodies in the nose and mouth where they are most needed.

    Let us hope that things are returning to normal and the health care system has also learned a big, big lesson.

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    H. L. Mencken

    • Perhaps this will help things return to normal, WHILE exposing this fraud. A friend forwarded this:
      “Corbevax is the invention of two Texas scientists who laid the groundwork a couple of decades ago for a vaccine that would prevent coronaviruses. It used the tried-and-true method of deploying a denatured version of the virus to stimulate an immune response. The work was shelved when the SARS outbreak died down, but the scientists went back to work last year to fight Covid. The US government wasn’t interested, but with foundation money, the team developed a vaccine that was not only effective, but also dirt cheap—costing maybe as little as a buck a shot. After viewing test results, Scientific American said it’s “perhaps one of the safest Covid-19 vaccines in use.”

      Corbevax has emergency approval—in India. The government there has bought 300 million doses already. But it is not yet in the United States. Maybe our establishment isn’t ready for a vaccine whose owners are not claiming intellectual property rights and want it to cost less than a cup of coffee. That’s un-American! Our system will defend to the death (literally) the right of pharma companies to keep their patents and overcharge for medicine. Seriously, the promise of Corbevax is its potential to be a low-cost, easily transportable vaccine for billions who don’t live in wealthy countries—and maybe stop a future variant that makes Delta and Omicron look like the sniffles. But it’s incumbent upon the richer countries to spend billions on distribution.” I hope it’s accurate……

      • Just lookup “Best Practice for Developing a New Drug”.
        Generally it takes 10-15 years, after which there are still ongoing control groups and other long term studies. In the mRna case, the control groups have long been disbanded and there are no long term studies. It is a total FU.

          • Sorry, but a step-by-step of what exactly should have been done to solve a well known 15 year problem is way beyond your gnat brain comprehension.
            How could you possibly be so ignorant to ask such a question?

          • You have devastated me with your trenchant argument. I see that I am but a worm fried in the refulgence of your intellect.

          • Cgregory,

            Thanks for that! She is still working on several studies and really can’t say anything specific per NDA.
            Let’s just say mistakes were made and leave it at that. We will all suffer for it, some more than others.

            If you personally have had experience in simultaneous global rct drug studies, please let me know.


  9. Good piece. It will take more than our “pens”, John. Enemies of humanity need to be targeted
    and left here and there in ditches beside the road…….perhaps with nice explanatory notes pinned to their shirts……THEN, it will stop.

  10. “Weakness builds upon itself: the stricken encourage others to join them in their submission. The weak hate the strong because the weak are reminded they could be strong if only they had the will.”

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