John Klar: The unvaccinated are not the problem — and statistics prove it

No one wants to die of COVID. Supporters of vaccinations have placed a desperate, cult-like faith in vaccines to “save” them, while many unvaccinated people have come to distrust the vaccines, and trust natural immunity, or health precautions, to protect them. The second group is behaving as Americans have behaved in most pandemics, including before vaccines were available. But the first group are not getting the god-like deliverance promised by human-god vaccine technology, and are losing their minds as their religion is proved false.

John Klar

This is not a harsh assessment — it requires a profound degree of cognitive dissonance (denial, really) to be able to avoid the clear and evolving “science” about vaccine efficacy and side effects. Dr. Anthony Fauci made the grotesquely false claim that once everyone is vaccinated it will be just like measles vaccines — nothing could be further from the truth. (Fauci has since admitted he was incorrect). But it is also not a harsh assessment because I am truly compassionate about the illogical fear that the vaccinated now live in, like a choking prison. I am increasingly concerned that they must be “saved” not by the vaccine, but from it — this false faith in failed vaccines is a huge risk for the vulnerable.

Since the science is now very clear that vaccinated people can still contract and spread this disease, it is bizarre to watch the discrimination against the unvaccinated based solely on fear and prejudice (much like the unfounded fears of gays during the AIDS crisis, also fueled by grossly false statements by that same Anthony Fauci). But it is worse than that — this delusion has two faces, and the vaccinated are not just wrongly fearful of the unvaccinated, much more dangerously, they are unafraid of getting the disease from the vaccinated. This false confidence in the vaccines puts them at very real risks from the vaccinated. Recent studies are showing that those getting seriously ill and dying who were vaccinated still suffer underlying risk factors such as age. In other words, the elderly are not as well protected by the vaccine, and they should avoid contact with all potential carriers, regardless of vaccination status.

Vermont is laughable in its paranoid delusions to compel others to get vaccinated, while it has both the highest vaccination rates and the highest infection rates in the country. “Oh,” we are told, “but the vaccine still helps make you less sick.” OK, then, go get one and be less sick. I will be more sick, and that’s my problem – nothing about my behavior is a threat to the vaccinated. They can still carry it, and if I am at greater risk, they are a greater threat to me than I am to them.

Immediately, the vax-enamored will pounce: I am threatening to impose greater health costs on the “system,” and deprive others of beds. Well, this just isn’t factual. But more, it ignores an entire class of facts that the vaccinated wear special vax-blinders to avoid seeing: vaccines kill and maim and send people to hospital. The people who live in a vax-vacuum, isolated from acknowledgement of vaccine science by fear and media, irrationally choose to falsely believe that unvaccinated people are a threat to them. They also choose denial of reality when it comes to death rates, vaccine risks to children, and adverse vaccine reactions. That is, they seek to bully and coerce others to take a Russian roulette shot for which they hold zero responsibility. They don’t care how many people, including children, are killed by vaccines that don’t protect as advertised, and which were developed to fight a disease created by corporate interests using taxpayer money under Anthony Fauci’s oversight (which he then lied to congress about).

In their headless-chicken rush to impose complete totalitarian shot-taking on every man, woman and child in America, the vax-droolers have infected the Constitution, halls of government, and even the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently claimed:

We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.

It is bizarre to hear a Supreme Court justice interject fantastical falsehoods as facts in an appellate proceeding, and surely undermines public trust in government to decide issues so important. Sotomayor has been soundly disproved, including by PolitiFact and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle] Walensky, in a Jan. 9 interview with “Fox News Sunday,” said there are about 3,500 children in the hospital who have tested positive for COVID-19. She added that “up to 40 percent of the patients who are coming in with COVID are coming in not because they’re sick with COVID, but because they’re coming in with something else and have had COVID or the Omicron variant detected.”

Moreover, Walensky confirmed the good news that “pediatric hospitalizations are … still about 15-fold less  than hospitalizations of our older age demographics.”

But the vax-pushers do not appear concerned about children, except to the extent the dirty little COVID-vectors might get Grandma sick. Children are at extremely low risk of death from COVID, and their strong immune systems make them less likely to contract, and thus transmit, the disease. The science shows this, if examined.

The science shows something more disturbing, hidden by vax-blinders from the eyes of the child-jabbing fearmongers: children are getting sick and dying from the vaccination, and the risks for them may prove to be higher from the vaccine than without:

Health officials in Vietnam suspended the use of the Pfizer vaccine after over 120 children were hospitalized for severe reactions to the injections. In another nearby district, three children even died.

This is verified by numerous news resources, and relates to just one vaccine batch. Might there be others?

Of course there are, and the science here is well-established. If vaccine worshippers ever peered behind the veil of their blind faith in magic-wand vaccines and looked at the CDC’s own figures, the “science” shows the truth:

Injected people seem to be much worse off than those who refuse the experimental jab. One American News (OAN) reports that as of January 4, 2022, nine hundred and forty-six thousand Americans have experienced serious side effects or died after being injected. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health states that more than 100,000 Americans have been hospitalized after receiving the jab. … According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just over 20,000 deaths have occurred following the injections.

It is not clear how long the vax-clan can maintain their hands-over-their-ears denial of what the rest of the world is experiencing: children dead or maimed by vaccines touted as “life-saving.” Many people who dutifully lined up for the vaccine are not getting boosters, and support the rational decision by others to decline. Especially in Vermont, where this folly is now most obvious, citizens are wisely investigating for themselves what the real numbers reveal. And in Vermont, the picture may prove rather ugly for those who have thuggishly imposed vaccine mandates.

One statistician, Matthew Crawford, argues that the scientific data in Vermont reflect disturbing possibilities:

The most basic assumption would be that the vaccines didn’t really change anything. In fact, it looks like Vermont is doing slightly worse since the vaccine rollout. This jives with the Worldometer data, which shows around 120 COVID-19 deaths prior to vaccine rollout and 360 since, most of which occurred in the latter half of 2021 after most residents were fully vaccinated. … Since vaccine rollout, Vermont has around three times as many COVID-19 deaths as prior. Cases have surged, too.

But Crawford essentially “proves” that the unvaccinated are not the problem:

A blanket 90% efficacy rate in preventing death should result in around a 92% reduction in mortality given the age demographic statistics above. But instead of 8% as many deaths, we’re see 300% as many deaths, which is 37.5 times what we would expect had Vermont not vaccinated anyone. Or perhaps we should see even less than 8% since many high risk elderly would have already died in 2020 (so 37.5x might should be 50x). ….If nearly all these deaths are among the unvaccinated, then we should see a negative correlation between 2019 death rates (which should be higher in states with more elderly) and 2021 COVID-19 death rates. Do we? No.

This writer’s chief argument is that “we should require extraordinary evidence that all those COVID-19 deaths are strangely packed into that tiny unvaccinated demographic (that seems to be mostly little kids and 20-somethings who really don’t want myocarditis).” In other words, almost all of Vermont’s elderly and vulnerable are vaccinated, but people are still dying, and the vaxxers seek to jab healthy kids as a “solution” when the science dictates the opposite.

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More and more Vermonters are figuring this out: it is hard to scientifically justify administering these rushed experiments into babies’ arms, notwithstanding the irrational people seeking to inflict them unscientifically.

Vermonters should “require extraordinary evidence” from their government (as mandated by the state and federal constitutions) to justify ongoing restrictions of liberties, let alone ongoing injections of vaccines in children. In this upside-down world, Vermonters can be forgiven for feeling like uninformed, experimental lab rats for Fauci and other federal egos to fight over and toy with.

But we are talking about our kids here, and these decisions should be seriously weighed, not politicized with fear and falsehood — as has been so evidently done. With conduct such as we see, what sane person would take these vile vaccinations under coercion, even if they did work?

Vermonters, we must “flatten the curve” on destroying constitutional liberties.

All scientific data must be evaluated with a grain of salt. But when so-called science is being blatantly manipulated to erase hard-won freedoms for partisan gain and government empowerment, that had better be a 50-pound salt sack instead of a mere grain.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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18 thoughts on “John Klar: The unvaccinated are not the problem — and statistics prove it

  1. How did they ever manage to convince the masses that we are not safe in our own environment ? I look at these people and wonder how they have never heard the term “Mark of the beast” and what that is. I went to church as a kid with some of them. How have they not ever heard of George Orwell’s novel, 1984? How on earth can they act like nothing is wrong day in and day out? Everything is rosey, or will be until they come for something THEY love. When will they finally get it? Will it be when they come for their guns, or their homes? Or will they follow with blind faith, still thinking it’s for the greater good? After all, if they are giving up their kids at this point, I don’t see what else could possibly convince them that this evil is real. We are fighting so hard for our rights AND the rights of those who have no clue there’s even a need to fight.
    Kids in High school can’t read cursive, sign their names, or read an analog clock! Only 10% of students are proficient in math in some schools. And yet teachers still get paid. We have built a system that has no consequence for failure. Vaccine producers can kill you or cause permanent harm and thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical expenses and there is no recourse. It’s YOUR problem. Not theirs. It was, after all, your choice to take an experimental drug.
    It’s not a choice when you lose your job if you don’t. It’s not a choice when you can’t feed your family or make your house payment. A: because you no longer have a job or B: because you aren’t allowed in a grocery store without the “juice” running through your veins and a vaccine passport. How is any of this a choice. It’s a death sentence either way. One will just kill you quicker and you’ll loose your soul, selling out to the evil. I prefer to die a slow death if necessary, with my spirit full, fighting tooth and nail, with my last thought being, “I’m going home.” At least then, when the dust finally settles, my kids will know, I sacrificed everything to try and secure a world of freedom for them. I know what side of history I want to be on. Do you?

  2. Thank you John for simply and explicitly explaining to any person capable of listening, what the truth is. In order to snap people out of this psychosis we need to show them a larger threat that is much more dangerous than Covid or the unvaccinated – such as the CCP. They have infiltrated our whole system as Khruschev once predicted. We are already at war with them culturally and economically. People should focus on that and stop buying anything from China or paying attention to those who have been compromised by the CCP.
    Your article is spot on and should be framed and displayed in every VT official’s office!!!

    • There is a wide gulf, an unbridgeable canyon, between endorsing the vaccine and mandating its use. The first is opinion, the second politics – Fascism. Or Progressivism – take your pick.

  3. “Washington’s Vision at Valley Forge” is allegedly a hoax, published in April 1861 by journalist Charles Wesley Alexander. If it was, indeed, a hoax, it was an unusually prescient one, having predicted a Union victory in the Civil War at a point when no one knew what the outcome would be (at times the Confederates were whupping us pretty badly). I find it intriguing, and it has inspired some magnificent artworks, including “The Angel of Liberty” by Jon McNaughton and “The Prayer at Valley Forge” by Arnold Friberg. Here is my take on the event.


    At Valley Forge, where footprints stained the snow,
    Where fires of hope for liberty still burn,
    He saw the angel who, with face aglow,
    Said, “Son of the Republic, look and learn!”

    She showed him three great battles, and the first
    Was Revolution, where our strength prevailed.
    The next was Civil War, when we were cursed
    With slavery, whose grave injustice failed.

    At last, a war of intricate design,
    Whose origins remain a mystery,
    Illuminates the forces that align
    To unmake and malign our history,

    And we will break the line, and be victorious,
    Not only great like Washington, but glorious.

  4. If only viruses had ever been isolated. (FACT: They haven’t.)

    The second thing to know is what Edward Bernays deployed with the government’s consent on Americans governing the manufacturing of consent, covered here, in this BBC documentary that is well worth the 3 hours it takes to get through it. (

    Viewed through the lens of Bernays’ MANUFACTURING OF CONSENT doctrine/indoctrination, ALL of this is a snake oil sales show. And SOME of us fell for it.

    At the cost of forever compromised immune systems that REQUIRE chemical intervention to live, we are destroying our children’s future unequivocally. And, now, the rising incidents of cancer in those who’ve been jabbed…
    How is ANY of this worse than the sniffles for which we’ve always been prescribed: rest, fluids, sunshine, and healthy food? I ask you quite seriously.

    Babies will be treated like babies – helpless, uninformed, and captured. Kind of like mushrooms. Whatever we groom them with is what they believe when they grow up. Big Pharma Daddy O did a great job of that with the blessing of the NWO fomenters in China, setting the stage for a soft coup no one in the US is taking seriously – that has allowed a foreign gov’t to dictate policy on our soil, and in the process, is decimating infrastructure, society, culture, connections, and …our military. THINK about that.
    Qui bono?

    Don’t be a stooge. We have one get out of jail free card, and that rests in our right to not ask permission, and to choose for ourselves. Whether or not that choice is informed…is also on us.
    Don’t enable these life stealers.
    Their Luciferian agenda to destroy humanity to be replaced by AI and obedient transhumans, and compromised, corrupt humans who have agreed to pay to play with the Devil, is in play here in Vermont. We were the test ground for the rest of the US.

    And now, one of the healthiest states in the country, is sporting the biggest compromised immunity, the highest mortality rate per capita, and now, children whose natural immune systems will be destroyed forever.

    The goal isn’t to save us but to compromise us so we will be more obedient to the archon agenda. We’re just so inconvenient, messy, and ungovernable.
    Lets BE that, MORE.

  5. Please read this everyone and pass this around, it’s very important:

    “Dr. Robert Malone: mRNA Covid Vaccinations will “OFTEN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE IN CHILDREN’S ORGANS””

    Also beware, I don’t see anyone telling people about this that is going on now: We’ve had two recent cases here in NH of our people getting stuck down in Massachusetts hospitals and being held hostage and denied care, one NH man then died there at Lowell Hospital. Now there is this case. Please be aware of the laws and what is going on in the surrounding states.. you have got to know exactly what they are going to do before you go there!! They are not letting people leave.
    This man had a burst appendix and they wouldn’t treat him because he refused a Covid test. Three hospitals denied a man with a burst appendix care because he refused to be tested!!
    This issue was his burst appendix!!

    • Since when is the Alabama owner of a fitness club with a web site a ‘leader’ of anyone? …except, perhaps, a leftist media rag like the Daily Beast. ‘But hey…’ if it spins your prune – bottoms up.

  6. I am the “other” Jim.

    Here’s a wonderful letter by a leading Israeli immunologist, speaking truth to power:

    Especially, this part:
    “You have not set up an effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines and reports on side effects have even been deleted from your Facebook page. Doctors avoid linking side effects to the vaccine, lest you persecute them as you did to some of their colleagues. You have ignored many reports of changes in menstrual intensity and menstrual cycle times. You hid data that allows for objective and proper research (for example, you removed the data on passengers at Ben Gurion Airport). Instead, you chose to publish non-objective articles together with senior Pfizer executives on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.”

    I’m glad John links to Matthew Crawford; he’s a fire hose of information on the egregious abuse of power and of the public trust that is Covid-19 public health policy. He’s also a mathematician and statistician.

    Dr. Levine and Governor Scott, are you listening? Because I can guarantee that a lot of people are mad as heck and aren’t going to take it anymore– you are NOT going to do this to our children– and you’d better get on the right side of history. This will go down as the greatest abuse of public health and public trust, ever.

    I used to think the people who said that the wheels were coming off of this charade were a bit too optimistic. I now think that maybe, just maybe, there are many good people who see what’s going on who will stand up and say, “the hell you will!” Because trust me, more and more people are seeing what’s happening, and they are not happy.

  7. I do believe that the mass formation phenomenon is quite real and what we’ve got going on both here in VT and throughout the US and many other countries. These folks are literally hypnotized; they are no longer capable of critical thinking. When faced with the highest vax rates and super high Covid rates their only recourse is to blame the unvaxed as the ones they follow told them this is so. If they give up having faith in the vax, what will they replace it with? They are terror stricken that they and their loved ones will die. I’m starting to think we need some of those folks that de program people that have fallen into cults to deal with this mess.

    • I agree VTIndependent,
      There was a article floating around a few days ago about a school teacher that locked her 13 year old kid in the trunk of her car because she feared the child had Covid.
      A 13 year old is a big kid, I cannot even imagine how bad this must have been of a scene.. this no doubt did incredible damage to a kid that age.. it’s utterly shocking.
      There are gazillions of people that have lost their minds.
      You make a good point about the need to figure out how to deal with that has become a Cult.
      Jordan Peterson comes to mind.

      • I have a simpler theory. It’s always about money. It always has been.

        MSM (National Public Radio for example) and various corporate entities, like the NFL, NBA, Coca Cola, Apple, etc., now rely on a cash flow from countries like China, the World Economic Forum, and Wall Street Investors, not to mention U.S. tax revenues.

        Consider the National Institutes for Health (NIH) and its subsidiaries. The NIH controls more than $40 Billion in annual research grants (taxpayer funded) and has collaborative research agreements with pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. And when the CDC and FDA approve their products, they make billions more. Pfizer’s profits were in the neighborhood of $7 Billion last year on revenues of $21 Billion – most of which was generated by its vaccine business.

        What do you suppose happens when doctors disagree with these organizations? Not only do they lose funding, they may have their licenses to practice revoked and their professional reputations attacked. Think about the hospitals that receive a $40K stipend every time they put a Covid patient on a ventilator. Think about the State of Vermont receiving more than $10 Billion in less than two years for virus related activities. If these people don’t follow the company line, they lose. If you don’t get vaccinated, you lose your job. If your kids aren’t vaccinated, they can’t go to school.

        And still, you have to pay the taxes that fund the entire fiasco.

        And it’s not just the system. Look at the cronyism. We have school boards with retired teachers serving on them. We have the EB-5, Jay Peak fiasco that benefited real estate tycoon, Tony Pomerleau – whose niece, Marcelle, who also promoted the EB-5 deal, is married to Sen. Patrick Leahy. We have Peter Welch, who sits on a powerful U.S. House energy committee, whose wife, Margaret Cheney, was appointed to the Vermont Public Utility Commission in 2013 by Governor Peter Shumlin (another infamous EB-5 actor). We have the Chief of Bioethics and Human Subjects Research at the National Institutes of Health, Christine Grady, who is Anthony Fauci’s wife.

        This is what ‘Crony Capitalism’ looks like. It’s Fascism. And there are two ways to stop it.

        First, stop electing the cronies. You know who they are.

        Second, follow the ‘free market’ philosophies of Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman. Practice what Mises characterized as ‘economic democracy’. Vote everyday with your pocketbook. Don’t buy stuff from the cronies unless you absolutely must.

        Again, its all about money. Cut off the money – cut off the head of the snake.

  8. VAERS is grossly under reported. Estimates are that VAERS deaths and adverse related events from the mrna injections are 41x under reported. If 21k deaths are currently reported under VAERS, well, you do the math, it’s stunning. Mr. Klar, please run for governor again. The covid dictats have awoken the masses. We need a return to freedom, liberty, the constitution and God!

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