Sen. Russ Ingalls: Why I voted no on Trump resolution

Editor’s note: This is by Sen. Russ Ingalls, R-Essex-Orleans, who voted no on a resolution to remove President Donald Trump from office.

If this resolution were to have condemned the rioters that breached the Capital, I would have gladly signed on.

I also would have wanted condemnation of all the rioters and their actions that have been occurring across this country through all of 2020 that is happening in mainly Democratic-controlled cities that the Democrats refuse to acknowledge or condemn.

Portland’s Federal building is attacked on a nightly basis with almost military procession but that seems to be ok.

That is only one mention of many problems that has persisted but yet are still called peaceful protests.

state of Vermont

Sen. Russ Ingalls, R-Essex-Orleans

Although I’m bothered that not one Democrat will stand and condemn this violence, I’m not willing to hold accountable the Politicians who say nothing about it.

As many of you are aware, there was a Resolution passed by the House and Senate this week to which I voted no, the only one in the Senate to do so.

I hold the people who are doing the rioting and looting accountable.

Donald Trump did not say to these people to go storm the Capital.

This Resolution was a political statement to cause as much harm as it possibly could to all Republicans and Trump specifically.

It was a hate-filled, poorly written, vile document that was unworthy of anyone’s signature.

If we are going to start blaming Politicians for people’s lawlessness, let’s start blaming all the Politicians, including the Democrats because they are all complicit in their actions as defined in this resolution.

I condemn all violence no matter who perpetrates it. If there were a Democrat president and this were to happen and this resolution were to appear written in the same way, I would not have signed it.

Vermont faces many problems and the pandemic has created more.

Our small businesses are getting crushed. Many have closed their doors never to return with many more just trying to do whatever they can do to hang on. The employees that all politicians profess to care for are getting crushed even more.

Our kids are falling behind with their education with this ridiculous at-home learning and the lack of social interaction that is so important in the development of a child.

Lack of reliable broadband for all is a huge problem but we also spend more money per pupil than Sweden, which by many is said to be the gold standard of education, with Vermont kids seeing vastly different results than their counterparts.

It’s very unfortunate that our kids don’t stay here after they graduate because there are no jobs here to support them. It is a foregone conclusion that once they go to college, we see them only on an occasional home visit.

We should be spending more time to solve that problem.

Lack of broadband also keeps the creation of new businesses at bay and hampers the abilities of ones already here from competing with the world and severely restricts the ability for folks that are able, to work from home.

Our farmers are struggling. Is there anything more Vermont, more wholesome or any better ambassador for our State than a Vermont Farmer? I think not.

Let’s do the only thing Vermont Farmers have asked for, pay them for their milk. They are resourceful enough to figure out the rest. I have a bill that does that.

We need to find a way to equitably tax our citizens without driving away our population, our businesses or any business that would like to come to our State as what is happening in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Washington and many other high tax states.

But instead we pass laws that do just the opposite such as the global solutions act that professes to solve a problem that we don’t contribute to, didn’t create and are too big to solve ourselves even as the United States has reduced its greenhouse gasses more in the last 4 years than any developed country in the world including any of the countries still in the Paris accord.

The tax burden proposed hurts Vermont’s most vulnerable at a higher proportion than any other segment of our population.

The list to our problems can go on.

I was elected to help solve Vermont’s problems and to represent, to the best of my ability, the people of the Orleans/Essex District.

I did not sign on to play the ‘Gotcha Politics’ that this Resolution is.

Our new leaders in the House and Senate have expressed a willingness to address mainly the problems that Vermont faces with the expressed interests of what this pandemic has created but yet here we are, playing the games that do nothing to help our constituents.

I’m hoping that we can get back on track.

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14 thoughts on “Sen. Russ Ingalls: Why I voted no on Trump resolution

  1. *Shame* on the Republicans who so cowardly refuse to support our President or even consider it the party’s mission to oppose the evil Democrats here in VT and nationally. Or condemn with one voice the violence in our nations cities by avowed Marxists BLM-Antifa and their false-flagging of the attack on our nations’s capitol.

    Thank you Senator Ingalls for your reality check, report and honesty. Appreciate your service to our state but must express disappointment at the willingness to sign on to impeach our President – frankly stunned.

    *Shame* on VT Republicans who so cowardly refuse to support our President or even consider it the party’s mission to oppose the evil Democrats here in VT.

    Another op-ed including righteous indignation for the true cause of our problems on the national scene as well as here in VT – Democrat Party-inspired violence.

    And misused as another occasion to slam Deb Billado’s leadership to even the score but nary a peep from said slammer about the Democrats but an occasional honorable mention. I for one find the consistant attack on Ms Billado offensive and demoralizing no matter how innocently crafted it may appear.

    I support the VTGOP with small donations – do the slammer(s)? For as little as $3/per month one can join the party. For $10 and $20 or higher donations – perks are included. The complaints about the GOP party from someone who failed to start own party is a bit rich indeed.

    Deb Billado has chosen to serve our party but what help does this conservative patriot and person of faith receive but continuing criticism – ad nauseum. Our own governor has openly expressed animosity and hope that she would not return as GOP Chair. VT GOP doesn’t receive the windfall amounts of Soros or Sanders dark money the Democrats and other leftist factions in VT.

    The senator doesn’t need to be slammed for refusing to singlehandedly become a vigilante to attack Democrats – because he’s smart enough to not stick his hand into a hornets nest lol?

    Refuse to condemn leaders who do not want to publish their names unneccesarily – they have friends, families, children, property and pets – very likely cannot afford armed guards any more then we citizens and supporters. Publishing becomes a matter of public record and makes our neighbors who have chosen to serve more visible.

  2. I really don’t think calling Mr Ingalls almost a saint. 1) why doesn’t he call the rest out on what they are doing to this once great state. These out of staters democrats have taken over Vermont.
    Look how many True Vermonters are Republicans. real Republicans.Not very many. especially. Our RINO Governor Scott. He has lied to us from the get-go..
    I want to know what do the legislators have on Scott and the rest in the house.??? They are destroying our state. They need to be taken out of office before we are completely destroyed.
    We have Sanders who is more than a socialist. He’s always saying we need to follow Venezuela, they are a good example to follow, Venezuela used to be a rich country, now the citizens are going without food, electricity, living in poverty while the rich in control live high off the hog.
    Speak up,
    “you fear being vocal & losing your job? , you’re about to lose your damn country” Stand up and show you are not afraid to voice your opinion. Do the right things stand out in the crowd. Thats why people voted you in.. You work for us, not for yourself

  3. Russ, I commend you on your no vote for this resolution, but a little disappointed in the go along to get along attitude of the rest of the senate chamber. None of us are for violent behavior, but in view of the hypocrisy that fostered this resolutions it appears those signing it are encouraging the double standard to continue as well as inviting more violence!

    At the end of you article you address the gamesmanship of political theater stealing time from the peoples business and I also commend you for making that point, as some Vermonters have suffered greatly under the arbitrary pressures government has inflicted to address COVID. We have not only flattened the curve, we have steamrolled over the livelihood of many small business owners as well.

    But getting back to the resolution and the catalyst for the events that occurred January 6th, it was relaxed election integrity measures and Dominion ballot tabulation systems that were largely responsible, both of which were and are employed in the state of Vermont.

    To my mind the ultimate issue that needs to be addressed in the 2021 legislative session is Election Integrity, I am of the mind that other Republican Senators do not feel this is possible in the current climate. However I would remind them that this priority would restore trust and unity!

    What can a resolution of condemnation do but to divide us even further!

    • I have tried to make this case before without success, however, legislators continue to view our situation in a business as usual context when it is far from that given what is happening to our country. The few Republicans we have in Montpelier need to wake up to the fact that there are priorities that must be addressed and we cannot, and must not wait for a day when we control the chamber to address them. We sent them to Montpelier to make the case not to go along to get along. If we must lose the fight, lose it on principle, not because we didn’t bring it up for lack of votes.

      Election Integrity is Ultimate Legislative Priority

      There’ve been many events and players placing wedges of division between us in 2020 America, diverting our attention while creating internal conflicts within our borders.
      However, we must understand this strategy of divide & conquer is nothing new and we are truly not normally a divided people; although sometimes we may not realize when others are taking advantage of us, or diverting our attention by employing this tactic of division.

      For the most part our country’s normalcy stems from the foundational principles upon which our republic was established and as long as their basic truths are revered, normal behavior will be consistent with these beliefs to the point of being predictable.

      But when normal behavior is ignored, and replaced by that, which is not normal, it confuses the distinction previously defining our understanding of right verses wrong, isolating us by division of our principles?

      The question then becomes can we any longer discern predictable norms of behavior, when they are simply no longer recognized by a significant number of our peers?

      It is at this very moment of internal conflict, that contradicting values should indicate a threat is present, thus we must be cautious of its agenda and motive for diluting our unity.

      Ultimately, the basis for establishing norms of right & wrong is for, the sake of unity, therefore it must be validated in truth of principle, if it is to unify, or forever remain divided by a force of dishonest will.

      But unity is not found in the outcome of election tabulations that determine who won or lost, rather it is in the validation of its trusted conclusion that we are brought together.

      As Americans struggle with the outcome of the 2020 election one thing is crystal clear, the process of its validation is severely compromised by forces seeking our division.
      Even as these concerns of validation are dismissed there is no trust to sustain our Republic in the predicted outcome, other than by pretense.

      But how do we pretend to be united, when we are isolated from and invisible to each other?

      The Republic is being divided, the ability of Legislators to recognize the importance of Election Integrity is uncertain, but this ultimate priority of our time, is most urgent for a house divided against itself!

      Lynn James Edmunds, Wallingford, Vermont

      • The task of uniting this country now resides in the hands of President-Elect Joe Biden…….A task that he repeatedly promised the American people he would accomplish during the election campaign.

        If this country continues on its current irrational course , it is Joe Biden who will have to answer to the American people and to history.

        Now, let’s hear what Mr. Biden has to say on uniting this country during his inauguration speak next week and then what he does as President………The very fate of the country will be in Mr. Biden’s hands.

        • But the trust needed to consummate that Unity rests solely within the integrity of election tabulation, for no one person can achieve this goal of Unity without validation of honest endeavor to legitimize them in the eyes of their opposition.

          Such is the dilemma we face yet again, we have a president that will not be trusted by half of the electorate no matter what he does.

          Election integrity is a necessary component of Unity!

  4. So, the Lord of Lords has placed certain people in certain positions. As a captain of a ship, there need to be good Lieutenants and shipmates. Senator Ingalls seems to be a fine Lieutenant. Now the good ship VTRepublic has some issues with masts, rigging and rudder, direction is difficult to determine. We are a ship heading into a hurricane, we need team work.

    The captain Ms. Billado is having troubles getting the ship going. Come to find out sea mates Benning, Beck and Parent are in the back, having a great party. They have cut many of the ropes and decorated the rear with a rope ceiling. They are having a great time moving the rudder in wrong directions, they keep heading the ship toward Venezuela, China or Russia. A drone has been dropping off whiskey and knives from those of the continent Sorosia.

    A captain needs support, nobody can do everything. As any seaman knows it would be unspeakable cruel to throw people overboard. However, when another ship passes they can off board to a ship going in the direction they support.

    So who will call the question? What good person within the ship will say….”Hey, we need to get some order back their”. Where do we want to go, America or Venezuela?

    It’s like when you are on a road trip on a school bus. The bus driver has three kids drunk on power and disruption in the back of the bus, blaring their radios so loud nobody can hear a thing. She’s said, “If I have to stop this bus!” So the coach/a father/ a group of parents need to stand up and support the bus driver. Otherwise, what can the bus driver do? We know if she lets them off as has happened in real life Vermont, the organizers will call for her head.

    So who will call the question? What group within will band together to help steer the ship? Drive the bus?

    The rabble rousers need to go. Benning, Beck and Parent, they can drive their own car, drive their own power boat, they can jump ship and go to Venezuela…somebody call the question. Please.

  5. The Left, apparently, can’t help themselves. Theirs is a Faustian bargain – trading something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, for some worldly or material benefit.

    Ironically, the Left’s bargained benefit is better attained by asserting one’s individual responsibility, because what is surrendered in the Leftist’s bargain is ultimately far more valuable than what is obtained. Why else does Leftist economics, increased public education spending and social welfare, for example, continue to result in increasingly poor academic performance, drug abuse, suicide and progressively more poverty?

    But because individualism, as we ‘deplorables’ understand it, is the ultimate existential threat to the Left, they will stop at nothing to disparage and destroy anyone and everyone who threatens them.

    While I too hope we can get back on track, I’m afraid the tracks have been destroyed.

    Who is John Galt?

  6. Thank you, Senator Ingalls.
    You are worthy of being called a Senator.

    The demonstrations in Washington, DC were entirely due to the many grievances inflicted on 75 million Trump supporters.

    State Constitutions in swing states were repeatedly violated.
    The US Constitution was violated.

    This is not a partisan issue.
    It is an existential US issue.
    It is a WORLD issue regarding US world leadership.

    Trump is a US citizen, who has rights just as any other US citizen.

    Secretaries of State in swing states and others, have changed voting procedures BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE ELECTIONS TOOK PLACE, without getting any LEGAL approvals from Legislatures.

    That is in violation of State and the US Constitution.
    The procedure changes led to fraudulent counting of actual votes and pseudo votes in the swing states.

    Secretaries of State have no right to withhold election data from litigants that has historically been available during prior elections
    Secretaries of State have no right to shred any documents related to elections, especially if these elections are being contested.

    The Courts should have been censoring these Secretaries of State.
    Instead, the Courts decided not to call witnesses regarding the presented evidence; they just dismissed the cases, all 30 plus of them.

    Trump Trade Negotiator, Peter Navarro, has written a three-volume report “The Historic Election Fraud”

    The Report confirms Trump won by a landslide, if only legal votes were counted

    See this URL and table

  7. For months, while this country was pummeled by insane riots, arson, beatings, killings, looting, burning of police cars and facilities by mobs from the left, the Vermont Legislature sat silently and said and did nothing. By hypocritically remaining silent while billions of the dollars of property damage and harm to honest citizens occurred across the country, the Vermont Legislature lost the moral authority to condemn anyone or anything…….They became part of the problem.

    Selectively condemning violence is no condemning at all…….It is the worse kind of hypocrisy that harms society and insults the people.

    Senator Ingalls was courageous and correct in voting no.

  8. If you read VT Digger (a leftist propaganda rag) you will see that other VT legislators are actually handing over to POLICE letters from their constituents who had “the gall” to criticize their legislators for condemning President Trump & signing on to these vindictive claims that he is guilty of “inciting” this intrusion on the Capital, which of course he neither incited or condoned. The police state nothing in the letters from VT conservatives thus far has contained threats or can be construed as otherwise unlawful, YET: the elected officers of VT are essentially “turning in” citizens who believe differently than they – both philosophically & politically – and have the aforementioned “gall” to express it. Be afraid Americans, be VERY afraid. The THOUGHT police are nipping at your heels.

  9. Outstanding display of statesman ship, wisdom, fairness and respect for laws and your constitution.

    You sir are a shining example of leadership within our Senate.

    Well said, reasonable. Thank God you have been able to voice your reasoning to the people of Vermont. For this you will probably be chastised. Well done sir well done.

    You are among the finest.

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