Secretary of State Jim Condos issues 2020 statewide elections directive

July 20, 2020
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Contact: Eric Covey, 802-828-2148

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced his issuance of a Directive pursuant to Act 92 and Act 135 of 2020 which puts in place several temporary procedures to ensure Vermonters can vote safely and confidently in the 2020 elections, including mailing every active registered voter a ballot for the November General Election.

“Voting by mail is simple, safe, and secure,” said Secretary Condos, who is the state’s Chief Election Official. “Planning for the 2020 Elections, as we collectively respond to the COVID-19 health crisis, has meant accepting that for some of us, the elections process may look or feel a little different this year.”

The Directive addresses several election administration concerns, including ballot return, ballot processing, options for outdoor and drive through polling places, and mailed ballots for the election in November.

Under the Secretary’s 2020 Statewide Elections Directive, ballots will be mailed to every active registered voter for the 2020 General Election. Active registered voters are those voters who have not been issued a challenge by the local Boards of Civil Authority, who are responsible for local voter registration list maintenance under the supervision of the Town or City Clerks. Other provisions in the directive include limits on candidate return of ballots, and the allowance of early processing of ballots by the Clerks.

Tens of thousands of Vermonters vote by mail in every election cycle; voting by mail is not a new concept in the state or nationally. Five states have implemented universal vote by mail for years, without issue, and United States military service members have been voting by mail since the Civil War.

On Monday, July 20th at 10am Secretary Condos will conduct a media availability to announce his directive, and to answer questions from the press on its contents. The availability will be recorded.

“Your vote is your voice,” said Secretary Condos. “I will do everything possible to ensure that all Vermont voters have as many choices as possible to have that voice heard in our democratic process, in a way that the voter decides is safest for their own health.”

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8 thoughts on “Secretary of State Jim Condos issues 2020 statewide elections directive

  1. If I have in hand an unmarked Absentee Ballot, will I receive a Mail-in Ballot as a registered voter as well?

  2. You can be sure VPIRG will be harvesting plenty of these live ballots to keep their agenda moving forward. Certainly not in the interest of the Vermont citizen.

  3. Hey, Jimmy. I can buy the simple piece, but safe and secure???? What have you been smoking??? It’s a license to commit fraud just as it has been in the past.

  4. I for one will have my ass at the town clerk’s office on voting days this year and will vote in person.

  5. Let’s say your ballot was misdelivered or stolen and someone sent it in. Town clerk can process the mailed ballots early. You show up at the polls to vote in person. What happens?

    • If it happens enough, sounds like a class action suit against the state of VT, in fed court.

  6. Absentee Voter Registration is NOT Vote by Mail. Never was, never will be. Military members utilize Absentee voting. The Vote by Mail scam that Condos is dead set on implementing is unnecessary and fraught with failure and weaknesses. Our voter rolls are far from perfect and that will become crystal clear after the fact, when voter ballots turn up in some of the “darnedest places” after the election.

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