Secretary Condos announces 2020 General Election audit

April 21, 2020
For immediate release
Contact: Eric Covey, 802-828-2148

Montpelier, Vt. — Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced the date and towns included in the post-election audit of 2020 Vermont General Election results, which will occur on Wednesday, April 28th at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier, starting at 9 a.m.

“Post-election audits are a best practice that, as per Vermont law, we conduct after every General Election, to verify the accuracy of election results and provide Vermonters with further confidence in the integrity of the election process,” said Secretary Condos.

Seven randomly selected voting precincts will be included in this year’s audit: Brandon, Pownal, Randolph, South Burlington (Chittenden 7-4), Topsham, Warren and Worcester. Six of these seven towns use optical scan tabulators for the tabulation of election results, and one town (Topsham) uses hand count procedures.

Every ballot cast in those precincts will be audited, and every race on those ballots will be included in the audit. Following the November 3rd election all ballots cast were sealed in ballot bags and held securely by the Town Clerks in their vaults.

The audit will be streamed live, and can be viewed on ORCA Media’s YouTube channel.

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4 thoughts on “Secretary Condos announces 2020 General Election audit

  1. Like we are supposed to trust Condom word.. (oops I mean Condos I get the 2 mixed up.)..
    So how can we trust him when we have 343,000 registered voters here in Vermont and there were 355,000 votes counted.. Now explain to me WHERE IN HELL DID THE extra 12,000 votes come from.. I know Condos read True North.. sooo Condos will you give us a true report in black and white why there are 12,000 more votes than registered voters??? You claim there’s no fraud in Vermont.. well then how do you account for the 12,000 extra votes..??? If you’re so honest come out and tell the truth..Show us PROOF..

    • Condos should include the major VT towns where Dem/Progs were doing the counting.

      Any verification of ballots should be by forensic analysis.
      All other “counting” is bogus, red herring gymnastics to distract, instead of inform.

      How would Condos deal with the fraud of New Hampshire?

      The Reveal of the COUNTING Fraud

      This fraud was revealed, because St. Laurent, Democrat, who lost by 24 votes, challenged the count, and got a recount.

      Soti, Republican, recovered the 297 votes falsely taken from him by sneaky Dem/Prog vote COUNTERS

      St. Laurent, had to give back 99 votes falsely attributed to him by sneaky Dem/Prog vote COUNTERS
      As a result, instead of losing by 24 votes, St. Laurent ended up losing by 420 votes!!! Yikes!!

      St. Laurent must not be glad he asked for a recount, because the recount of the votes of the other 3 Republicans showed each of them had been screwed out of about 300 votes as well, thanks to sneaky Dem/Prog COUNTING shenanigans.

      The thinking of the Dem/Progs must have been: “Heh, this is a close race. Maybe we can flip it”.

      Dem/Progs vote COUNTERS were:

      1) Holding back votes so they would not be counted in a timely manner, and/or
      2) Rigged the vote counting machines. See URL

      FRAUD No. 1
      Soti, Republican, before recount 4480 votes, after recount 4777 votes, gain 297 votes
      St. Laurent, before recount 4456, after recount 4357, a LOSS of 99 votes
      Margin, before recount 24, after recount 420.

      FRAUD No. 2
      Griffin, Republican, before recount 5292, after recount 5591 votes, gain 299 votes
      Azibert, Democrat, before recount 2787 votes, after recount 2808 votes, gain 28 votes
      Margin, before recount 2505 votes, after recount 2783 votes

      FRAUD NO. 3
      Lyon, Republican, before recount 4786 votes, after recount 5039 votes, gain 303 votes
      Roman, Democrat, before recount 3415 votes, after recount 3443 votes, gain 28 votes
      Margin, before recount 1371 votes, after recount 1646 votes

      FRAUD No. 4
      McMahon, Republican, before recount 5256 votes, after recount 5554 votes, gain 298 votes
      Singueau, Democrat, before recount 2764 votes, after recount 2782 votes, gain 18 votes

  2. A forensic audit of each ballot?
    A hand count to verify the machines? The hand count would tell NOTHING ABOUT THE AUTHENTICITY AND VALIDITY OF THE BALLOTS

    Nevada has started a forensic examination of 2.1 MILLION ballots:

    to determine their origin
    if they were in envelope, i.e., have creases, regarding mail-in ballots
    if the paper of the ballot is authentic, or just a run of the mill Xerox copy
    if the ballot was run through the counting machine multiple times

    Will the process be observed by Dem and Rep observers?
    Will the public be present as well?

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