Scott announces release of nearly $30 million for village water and wastewater infrastructure

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced that nearly $30 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, appropriated for the village water and wastewater (VWWW) initiative, has now been committed to towns across the state.

Gov. Phil Scott

“Investing in water, sewer and stormwater initiatives is key to revitalizing communities and spurring economic growth,” said Governor Phil Scott. “When you have the needed infrastructure, you can build more housing and open up more opportunities for businesses to grow. That’s why securing this funding was such an important priority for my team, and I’m grateful to our partners for their work.”

“Investing in village water and wastewater infrastructure is good for both our environment and the economy,” said Secretary Julie Moore. “Investments like this can be transformative for our rural communities, helping support vibrant communities and climate-friendly land-use, and it’s exactly the type of initiative we should be pursing with the opportunity this one-time federal funding provides.”

The VWWW Initiative will help municipalities develop new public drinking water systems and community wastewater disposal systems where this critical infrastructure is lacking. This grant funding will bridge the affordability gap, protect public health, increase affordable housing, support economic development, and incentivize compact growth in Vermont’s designated villages and neighborhoods.

This recent round of award funding will go towards helping a total of 12 villages: 11 for wastewater and one for drinking water.

These ARPA funds will be used in a “co-funding” model with the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, USDA – Rural Development support, Northern Border Regional Commission support, or locally available funding. Co-funding means that ARPA funding will be used to complement other funding sources to achieve affordability for the users of the system. The assistance will be primarily in the form of grants, and pending eligibility determination, may include support for planning, design, land purchase, or construction of active projects.

For more information about ARPA funds visit our website on Village Water and Wastewater Initiative.

A list of fund recipients can be found below:

Project Name

Award Amount

Town of Montgomery Center & Village New Wastewater Facility


Town of Montgomery Village New Wastewater Facility

South Londonderry Village Community Wastewater System


Grafton Village Wastewater Project


Greensboro Village Wastewater


North Londonderry Village Community Wastewater System


Wolcott Village Decentralized Wastewater Project


Highgate Community Wastewater


Moretown Village Community Wastewater


West Burke Village Community Wastewater


Killington Drinking Water System


South Hero Community Wastewater


Image courtesy of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

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  1. What a complete, brainwashed total idiot…forcing people to put in stormwater drains that are no where near a river or Lake Champlain, at GREAT $ cost. BLACKTOP is BLACKTOP. No matter WHAT “feel good” policy to force down throats for drains, it will NEVER stop stormwater pollution to lakes. Simply because there are 7,200 MILES of pavement blacktop in VT. They are DOUBLE wide lanes, and with interstates running the legnth of VT, with FOUR lanes (and breakdown lanes) . And add in the MASSIVE amounts of SAND, SALT and Chemicals they use on 7,200 miles every winter. This is all same parking lot BLACKTOP. And ALL the major highways (Rt 1, Rt14, Rt 89, Rt 91 dnd others, FOLLOW RIVERS AND STREAMS and many flow DIRECTLY into Lake Champlain.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to put in storm drains on 7,200 miles of ROAD BLACKTOP….so all this Eco Forced mandate $$$ on people to put in drains, will be MEANINGLESS. THE STATE OF VT IS THE LARGEST POLLUTER OF STORMWATER FROM 7,200 MILES of paved roads with salt, chemical and sand . How dumb, ignorant and stupid can they be?

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