Sanders ‘adamant’ that his campaign staffers retain health benefits through November

By Andrew Kerr

Staffers for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s now-suspended presidential campaign will retain their health insurance benefits through November.

Former Sanders campaign supervising producer Sara Pearl tweeted Thursday that Sanders was “adamant” that his campaign staff keeps their health insurance even though they are no longer employed by the campaign.

A Sanders spokesman confirmed that the former campaign staffers would receive health care coverage through November, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynskitweeted.

“Bernie is going to keep every single staff member on their healthcare through November,” Sanders campaign organizing director Jack Califano tweeted Thursday. “We’re all crying. I am so proud to work for this man.”

Sanders suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday following a primary in Wisconsin. The results for Wisconsin’s primary aren’t expected to come in until Monday.

The move by Sanders is in stark contrast to his former competitor, Mike Bloomberg, who is facing at least two class-action lawsuits from his former campaign staffers alleging that they were recruited to work on the former New York Mayor’s presidential campaign under false pretenses.

Bloomberg, who has an estimated net worth of $51.2 billion, hired thousands of staffers for his presidential campaign on promises that they would be paid through November regardless if he won the Democratic nomination.

Bloomberg pumped $935 million of his fortune into his campaign.

But many Bloomberg staffers lost their jobs when the billionaire announced shortly after he dropped out of the race on March 4 that he would be forming a super PAC to help defeat President Donald Trump in November.

And on March 20, as the coronavirus pandemic began wreaking havoc on the American economy, Bloomberg announced he was scrapping his super PAC and instead would be transferring $18 million in leftover campaign funds to the Democratic National Committee.

Some 1,500 former Bloomberg campaign staffers were informed via conference call that they were out of a job and were encouraged to apply for employment with the DNC, The New York Times reported.

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8 thoughts on “Sanders ‘adamant’ that his campaign staffers retain health benefits through November

  1. One can’t help but wonder if Bernie were to run out of someone else’s money (campaign contributions), would his promise about health care coverage for his workes be kept by his digging deep into his own pockets????? I believe we all know the answer to that one.

  2. Sanders will not use his own money to provide healthcare to campaign people.
    Sanders will use campaign contributions from many people
    That is all part of politicians being generous with other people’s money.
    Done all the time.
    Sanders likely will transfer the bulk of his campaign contributions to his tax-free foundation in one way or another.
    Sanders is running as an independent, so he does not need to give any campaign contributions to the DNC.

    • Exactly Willem. Liberals are generous to a fault when their own money isn’t involved.
      And what about Bloomberg, the billionaire who can’t even live up to his promises because it may cost him a few hundred thousand? As we know about him if it were taxpayers footing the bill his staff would have no worries.
      And how about this:

      Sara Pearl


      thankful to Bernie who we just found out was adamant his entire campaign staff stays on our health insurance through November so yay I still have health care but health insurance shouldn’t be tied to your job!!!!!!!!
      Another clueless Bernie supporter. Health insurance is not tied to one’s job. The cost of health insurance is a big problem and needs to be addressed in a realistic and productive way which doesn’t include government control.

        • Looked at some of the video clips in her feed, they are quite good.

          Noted…if we keep organizing and fighting….why does Bernie need to do that? Americans don’t want to fight, Americans don’t want anything to do with subversive people intent on destroying America all the pursuit of power and money, yet that is what an organizer does and is.

          If you didn’t ask any questions and took him for what he said in the video, it’s understandable why people would align with his “democratic socialism” the videos are pretty powerful, more so in isolation, which is why he couldn’t appeal or win nationally, he was and would be questioned more.

    • But you’ll notice he didn’t give them any severance. Whole lot cheaper to give a few months health insurance than pay. He is stingy to the core, even with other people’s money he doesn’t share well. He won’t even live up to his own tax plan when he’s rich. You can tell a tree by it’s fruit.

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