Ron Paul says Facebook blocked him from managing his profile

By Mary Rose Corkery

Former Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul tweeted Monday that Facebook “blocked me from managing my page.”

“With no explanation other than ‘repeatedly going against our community standards,’ @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page,” Paul tweeted.

“Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified,” Paul tweeted.

The only thing we posted to Facebook today was my weekly ‘Texas Straight Talk’ column, which I have published every week since 1976,” Paul tweeted.

Paul’s Facebook page was still viewable to the public at the time of publishing and his last post was from Monday morning.

SCREENSHOT/Facebook-Ron Paul

SCREENSHOT/Facebook-Ron Paul

Facebook and The Ron Paul Institute didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

President Donald Trump was banned “indefinitely” from Facebook and Instagram following Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol building, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday. Zuckerberg said the ban will remain “for at least the next two weeks until” President-elect Joe Biden is completely in office. 

Facebook also took down a Trump video address last week regarding the unrest at the Capitol on Wednesday. Guy Rosen, the company’s vice president of integrity, tweeted “we believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence,” regarding the video.

Twitter also banned Trump’s video from getting reactions, responses or likes “due to a risk of violence,” ABC News reported.

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul says Facebook blocked him from managing his profile

  1. The old saying still is relevant:
    “Play with fire and you’re going to get burnt” The notorious Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, banks, etc will learn. You pressed the flesh and there’s more than one solution to the problem you forced on Americans.

    • Comrade Tom,

      Xi wiz. “Not necessary to press flesh when control the purse strings.” I think it was Confucius but I’m not sure.

      “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is do you Mr. Jones?”

  2. Just heard on a Pensacola FL TV station that the Dems are asking (ordering) that Matt Gaetz R-FL and Sen Rick Scott S-FL resign. Both are strong Conservatives

    The purging by the Dem Communist Party is going all out to destroy any opposition.

  3. i hate being a fan boy but this shows you outright this isn’t about trump this is about taking your rights and subverting liberty and anyone who would stand for justice.
    i dare you to stand up for your rights (most of you have no clue you have) to a police officer
    you will be treated like a new release slave in the south
    they will slander you they will bring false charges on you
    they will rig jurys
    file complaint threw proper channels will be laughed at
    its already to late were just waiting for you to notice

  4. Facebook is p…ing off a lot of Senators, who, as a result, will be less likely to impeach.


    I do not have Facebook or Tweeter accounts.
    I do not trust them!
    They track personal data from many sites
    When I check Safari on my Mac/iPad/iPhone, I see all those sites who tried to track/profile me.


  5. Xi wiz!

    “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is do you Mr. Jones.”

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