House Democrats introduce article of impeachment against President Trump

By Delphine Luneau | The Center Square

Democrats in the U.S. House took steps Monday to once again try to remove President Donald Trump from office, introducing a single article of impeachment and a resolution that would ask Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, thereby displacing Trump and assuming power over the nation’s executive branch.

The resolution, seen as a procedural step before the House moves to consider impeachment, immediately drew an objection from House Republicans. The chamber then went into recess until Tuesday, and it’s expected the 25th Amendment resolution will go before the full House for a vote later this week.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Reports suggest Pence is not inclined to invoke the 25th Amendment, even if the resolution ultimately passes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said in that scenario, the House would move forward with impeaching the president over Wednesday’s events that led to the U.S. Capitol being breached by crowds of Trump supporters.

An impeachment vote is seen as likely to succeed in the Democrat-controlled House, which would make Trump the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice. Less certain is the outcome in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans but due to change hands. Even after Democrats take control – when Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, the winners of last week’s Georgia runoffs, are sworn in – it’s considered unlikely the supermajority needed to actually remove the president would materialize.

CANDID PELOSI MOMENT: Speaker tells 60 Minutes impeachment goal is to prevent Trump from running again for president

The Capitol incursion caused five deaths and led to members of Congress fleeing the House and Senate chambers – interrupting the process of recording the results of the Nov. 3 presidential election. Critics of Trump argue his remarks at a rally earlier in the day sparked the events that took place at the Capitol.

If the 25th Amendment was invoked, Pence would take over as acting president. Trump would be given an opportunity after several days to challenge the assertion he was incapable of performing his duties; if Pence again invoked the clause, the matter would be settled by Congress.

With President-elect Joe Biden due to be sworn in Jan. 20, some observers have questioned why Congress is spending its time trying to remove a president who will leave office in a little more than a week. Others have pointed to continued chatter online, by those who feel the Nov. 3 election was decided fraudulently, seeking to interfere with the inauguration ceremony and prevent Biden from becoming president. Still, others have expressed concern Trump might misuse his pardon powers on his own behalf, to benefit his close friends and allies, or even on behalf of the individuals who stormed the Capitol.

Trump was impeached in December 2019 over allegations he improperly sought to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden. The Senate voted in February 2020 to acquit Trump without hearing any additional witnesses.

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8 thoughts on “House Democrats introduce article of impeachment against President Trump

  1. DemocRATs can’t handle the truth, and they surely don’t want it getting out to there
    minion public before ” Sleepy ” takes control………pretty pathetic !!.

    Just look at the state of the country, with big tech running the tables to try and hide
    the truth, they are as dirty as the political left Gestapo taking control in 2021….

  2. Again I will write: Joe Biden repeatedly promised the American people he would unite the country when campaigning for President……..It’s time for him to deliver on that promises by getting his Democrat party in line to unite……That is once he starts leading, which he has failed to do so far.

    The Democrats have to realize that Trump will be gone in nine days one way or another…….When he’s gone, the Democrats have nothing, as the only thing they have done over the past four years is rail about how bad Trump is.

    The ball is now in Biden’s court……Will he begin uniting this country as promised by getting Nancy Pelosi to calm down on impeachment or start his administration with a lie?

    Joe, its your move.

    • Biden campaigned out of his bunker, not on the campaign trail as Trump did. What gathering he had was no more than 100. Biden knew the fix was in, so no need to campaign and make a fool of himself. He didn’t want questions about Ukraine and son’s China dealing where they made mega bucks. Too much to answer to. Under the AG Barr, Biden got a free pass, another swamp servant. Where’s the investigation into Hunter going: Now the news mentions Biden will investigate Trump.The Biden Mafia crime family is set and safe when Joey Boy sits in the oval office with his feet on the desk and his “Dr” wifey parading around like Cleopatra. Royal times are back since BO introduce that operandi.

      Time to impeach the real thug.

    • Comrade Peter,

      So sorry for delay. Governor Biden is still awaiting instructions form CPC. Party is still in debate over what appropriate horror to inflict on remaining resistance.

      “Something was happening here but you didn’t know what it was did you Mr. Jones?”

  3. Pelosi tried to pull a fast one, aka “unanimous assent”!!, just as if it were some type of run of run of the mill bill, instead of impeachment of a President.

    A most sordid spectacle for all the world to watch.

    The reason she is rushing is, because more and more videos are surfacing showing the guards were helping the demonstrators.

    Unanimous consent means all who are present say yes.
    However, if only one person says no, the scam is stopped.

    Now she has to wait until all members are present, then she can call for a vote.

    Remember, no hearings were held, because that would show, on video, several hundred demonstrators PEACEFULLY entered the Capitol, because the guards opened a back door, to the surprise of the demonstrators.

    They just walked in, with flags, etc., and looked in awe at all the splendor of the building they have paid for.

    Several guards even acted as guides to show them the rest of the building, all on video.

    • Pelosi is clearly an Antifa ‘agent provocateur’. She should be investigated along with everyone else.

  4. With President-elect Joe Biden due to be sworn in Jan. 20, some observers have questioned why Congress is spending its time trying to remove a president who will leave office in a little more than a week…….

    That’s because they have massive election fraud to cover up before the 20th!
    That’s because they are terrified of the truth coming out on many, many topics.
    That’s because they are terrified that he might break off from their corrupt little uniparty and mess with their criminal activities of fleecing and selling out America.

    Make no mistake…..despots always act like this when the truth is about to surface or when lies and propaganda are about to be exposed.

    God Speed.

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