Rep. Ilhan Omar clueless about Bernie and imperialism

By Lee Edwards | The Daily Signal

How can one person get so much wrong in one sentence? I refer to Rep. IIhan Omar, the neo-socialist Democrat, who endorsed presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders with these words: “I am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against Western imperialism and fight for a just world.”

“Western imperialism”? Wrong. Omar should know that the real imperialism of our age comes from the East. Communist China brutally suppressed the Buddhist religion and people of Tibet, killing thousands of monks and destroying hundreds of temples. The Chinese imperialists have placed an estimated 1 million Uighurs (her Muslim co-religionists) in reeducation camps. In 1989, the Chinese imperialists murdered hundreds of Chinese students who were demonstrating in Tiananmen Square for a more “just world.”

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., says Western imperialism has threatened the world, but the real imperialism of the last century has come from socialists.

The imperialist regime in Beijing has also warned the pro-freedom demonstrators in Hong Kong not to try their patience and directed the democratically elected leaders of Taiwan to stop talking about independence from mainland China.

What about “Russian imperialism”? The Putin regime seized the Crimean Peninsula, occupied two provinces of its neighbor Georgia, and initiated a conflict with Ukraine. It has also stepped up its military activities off the coasts of Estonia and the other Baltic states.

Let’s not forget its forerunner, “Soviet imperialism.” Following World War II, the Kremlin lowered an Iron Curtain that turned 100 million people in Eastern and Central Europe into vassals of the Soviet empire for four decades.

In stark contrast, after World War II, the United States did not try to transform Germany and Japan into its colonies — as past conquerors did — but set about restoring the economic strength and political independence of the nations it had defeated. As the political analyst Tom Rogan pointed out, Western imperialism died with the Suez Crisis of 1956. And who forced Great Britain and France to abandon their colonial attempt to control the Suez Canal? The United States.

Omar should pick up a good history book—say “Modern Times” by Paul Johnson — and find out the facts about the different kinds of imperialism in the 20th century. She will learn that the United States has resisted imperialism in all its forms – from Soviet to Chinese to Iraqi (remember the invasion of Kuwait?) to Russian.

She will learn that the United States led the effort to create a more just and peaceful world through defensive alliances like NATO, economic arrangements like Bretton Woods, strategic plans like the Truman Doctrine, and national sacrifices like the Korean War, which saved South Korea from North Korean tyranny and imperialism.

She will learn that in pursuit of their goal to communize the world, the Soviet Union and its comrades were responsible for the deaths of 100 million victims. They used show trials and firing squads, the Gulag and forced famine, and other deadly means to satisfy their imperialist lust. Again in contrast, the United States and its Western allies stopped and then erased Soviet imperialism through a variety of strategic, military, economic and psychological measures.

Today’s world would be a far different place if the U.S had not waged and won —at the cost of tens of thousands of lives and many billions of dollars — the Cold War, a war made necessary by the imperialist ambitions of the Soviet Union and its minions.

The truth about Soviet imperialism, the deadliest imperialism of the 20th century, is that it was born in Moscow, nurtured in Beijing, Havana, Hanoi and other communist capitals and suffered its demise when confronted by Ronald Reagan, a U.S. president who summed up his winning strategy with four little words, “We win, they lose.”

Lee Edwards is the distinguished fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics. Originally published on Fox News.

Image courtesy of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

7 thoughts on “Rep. Ilhan Omar clueless about Bernie and imperialism

  1. Is anyone surprised? This women is enjoying all the advantages offered in the US of A yet she continues to criticize this great country. The President was right in suggesting she go back where she came from. She’s obviously not particularly happy here. Further, if she were subjected to one tenth of the scrutiny our President has had to endure these past three years, she would be given free one way ticket back to where she came from long ago.

  2. Which “civilization” has had more human abuse that Islam?
    Sorry, I can’t think of one.

    It wasn’t Capitalists or the West who cut off hands, raped children, beheaded hundreds, Burned people in cages with gasoline, and bombed the Trade Towers.

  3. Omar represents a Somalian district in Minneapolis!!

    Almost all of them are unskilled, uneducated, have little work experience relevant to a modern society, and blame their predicaments on the imperialist whites, who must be destroyed/marginalized, all while extracting as much in freebie government benefits as possible, paid for by those detested whites.

    If Socialism and Communism were so good, why were they not invented several thousand years ago, instead of about 1850 by Marx and Engels, two Germans?

    They were not good, and not practical, and as a result have failed wherever they were implemented, as proven by historical developments.

  4. Socialism is a religion. It does not recognize the validity of reason. Truth is Dogma, Dogma is Truth. Truth that conflicts with Dogma is Heresy. Heretics are Demonized. Just watch how the AGW religion handles supporters of the Reality that conflicts with their “Facts.”

  5. The sub 70 IQ skinny from Africa might want to clean up her own house before complaining about ours. She marries her own family to get them in the good ol USA
    then illegally uses campaign cash to seduce her campaign chair while married to another person. To top it all off she hitches her train to burnee, Americas top commie.
    yet has the gall to Call America Imperialistic…If we had a truth seeking media
    instead of a leftist propagandist media they would as her where we are being imperialist against. If they were made to provide examples of their trash talk there would be a whole lot less of it.. Thanks Obama you built this you POS…

  6. Guy, she does not care one whit whether what she says is historically true. Her rhetoric mirrors Bernie’s use of English as a political weapon. Truth is a rare ingredient for their proclamations because they have found that emotional messages seem to get people to sign up for their brand of political activity.

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