Rep. Charles Wilson: Holding on to Vermont and Vermont traditions

This commentary is by state Rep. Charles Wilson. He is a resident of Lyndon and the House member for the Caledonia-2 district.

Authentic Vermont embodies agriculture, self-sufficiency and independence, a strong work ethic, healthy communities and families, faith and honorable values and fiscal responsibility. The super majority in the Vermont Statehouse are placing these fundamental Vermont values at risk everyday with actions and ideologies that bring harm to the people and our great state. With bills in place that promote a deeper, dependent welfare state, higher levels of taxation, and the priority of special interests over local businesses, many are choosing to leave Vermont. Our current super majority does not encourage independent, small business growth and an affordable way of life. This trajectory is not encouraging or fair for those of us who love Vermont and want to ensure that Vermont is a thriving, sustainable home both now and in the future.

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Rep. Charles Wilson

We must strive to hold onto our workforce, youth and middle class and create an environment in which hard-working Vermonters can have opportunities for success. Right now, the state is attempting to collect taxes and hidden taxes in every way possible in order to fund what they believe should be the priorities. This is massive overreach and results in a dwindling workforce, struggles for families and an economy in danger. Allowing people to choose what to do with their money is fundamental to a free society, successful individuals, and a thriving economy.

The Covid Lockdown resulted in devastation and increased rates of auto accidents and suicides. Fear, anger, isolation, and insecurity prevailed and Vermont is still recovering. Supporting families and businesses in this recovery process are critical to Vermont landing on solid ground. The S.5 UN-Affordable Heat Act bill will only add more burden and struggle for Vermonters. Even as a report, S.5 is a waste of taxpayer money and will bring another layer of insecurity and greater financial burden on top of the already rampant inflation.

At this time more than ever, the future of Vermont is at stake and We the People must work and engage in the future vision of Vermont in order to ensure its success. The super majority at the statehouse holds one version of the future that they are relentlessly forcing on Vermont. This is not how elected representation works; diversity of paths and thought must be respected and encouraged.

I have been trying every day in my committee and with my fellow legislators to bring common sense and conversations regarding the existing differences. Creating a space for individual paths and respect for these differences is paramount now. Acknowledging that none of us hold all the answers is an essential reminder. Coercion is not leadership or representation and will not serve the people of Vermont.

I have hope and do not want to appear negative yet it is difficult when I witness politicians who want to make the natural unnatural and force their version of Vermont’s future on others. I will continue to speak up every day for the rights of Vermonters and authentic Vermont. In many instances, politics has become about trying to convince people to believe in something that may not be true. I hope the super majority stops using tax payer money as their emotional high in achieving unrealistic goals that bring risk and damage. What many believe may be virtuous is in-actuality poor decision making that results in damage for all Vermonters. I hope and pray for balance to return to Vermont so that we may all thrive together in this beautiful, wonderful state we call home.

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12 thoughts on “Rep. Charles Wilson: Holding on to Vermont and Vermont traditions

  1. Corruption and blackmail – it is the fuel running the machine here and all across the USA. One party has perfected it better than the other – but make no mistake, both are compromised to the hilt. The USA is insolvent. Vermont is chicken dancing around the Truth, but it will hit people broadside shortly. We are not the only State in the Union to have the rug pulled out from under us. States much larger are in for a world of hurt all around. Our neighbor, New Hampshire, appears to be tied to a very large network of dirty, dirty money. I wondered why Ghiz Maxwell fled to NH. Allegedly, she has high up friends there who helped her obtain the safe house. Our other neighbor, New York, the carotid artery to Washington DC. Massachusetts? Boston hides more secrets than Windsor Castle (likely more alike than not.) We are at a precipice. We are at the flextion point about to snap. The time of decision is now. All fence sitters have to choose a side now because that fence is about to be obliterated.

  2. Mr Wilson,
    Thank you for your rather mild assessment of VT politics as seen from the inside of the statehouse. You, of course, are absolutely correct. I grew up in Lyndonville, lived in East Burke, then built a house by the college and lived there for 20 years, but now, thankfully own a hose inLittleton, NH and love living in this reasonably common sense state. Below is my comment on the state of VT as I see it.

    Any of us that are in our late 70’s that grew up anywhere in Vermont know that the industrious folks (our parents) that came back after WWII to grow a civilized life in a wonderful state would be totally disgusted and disappointed in Vermont today. Those folks were fiscally conservative first and foremost, possessed great common sense, and were morally centered.
    Any reasonable and objective review of VT’s political issues and trajectory shine a bright spotlight on how off-center the Vermont I knew and loved growing up is gone. The sad truth is that In its place is a contortion of political mishmash unrecognizable other than as residue from Bernie’s outhouse.

  3. Rep. Charles Wilson, those days are gone, I am a seventy-one-year-old Vermonter,
    I’m not going to live long enough to see the Vermont I grew up in !!!

    Until Vermonters wake up and remove the cancerous decay ( Liberals ) in Montpelier,
    Vermont as I knew it is dead …………………………….Pretty Pathetic.

    • Sorry CHenry – it’s too far gone in the short term. Decades from now when VT is inhabitable except for the very rich and those privileged folks can’t find anyone to fix their plumbing maybe, the ghost of Bernie will finally be banished and exorcised from the VT political landscape.

  4. You miss the biggest obstacle….you harp on the negatives because of the Dem Progressive SUPER MAJORITY in the legislature. But what you haven’t come to grips with – yet – is….that super majority was elected by the VT populous. So “Complain & Blame” all you want about the legislative agenda…but no matter how much you try, beg or expose…the fact is…VT is a large majority Socialist, Democrat, Progressive VOTING POPULATION…and they are indoctrinated & brainwashed. The sad fact is, VT will never change..and it will not be fiscally pretty when, in a few years, the chickens come home to roost…..VTGON.

    • You liberals are in the process of destroying Vermont. Nobody except leeches living off the taxpayers will be here soon.

    • Yes the Democrats elected Democrats because Vermont is now mostly Democratic,so I missed nothing!!

      • Mr.Wilson..

        This is not about a heating Bill anymore.

        The people have been clear in their feelings, overwhelmingly so.
        As you point out, the people that the Reps are hearing from are largely their own voters- and yet it’s abundantly obvious that it doesn’t matter to them at all.

        They show us how confident they are in their voter/election fraud they are don’t they?
        Since when are elected Reps that need to be voted in so unconcerned by a clear backlash from their constituency?

        Vermont is showing us what a one party mob rule looks like..
        They are showing us what a super majority with no checks and balances on their power looks like.
        They are showing us they don’t give a damn at all what the voters are saying.. and geez, this looks familiar.

        They are burning down Paris right now.. and has Macron caved or stepped down?
        Look at what is going on today in The Netherlands.

        Why on earth would anyone want to take us to a place that looks like that, or functions like that?
        Is the Left in Vermont aware that what they’ve become is just exactly what the Founders of our nation came here to escape?
        This is certainly nothing to be proud of.
        They show us the very reason we have the 2A.
        It’s THIS right here that shows us; elected people that don’t listen to a word the people say.
        You should remind them who works for who.

        Thank you for your tremendous effort…you clearly have the patience of a saint.

      • Mr. Wilson, clearly you can’t grasp reality. Again, you harp on the super majority, but then admit, quote: “…Democrats elected Democrats because Vermont is now mostly Democratic…”….Again, what you fail to grasp is the completeness of the Liberal Progressive Socialist takeover. THEY OWN VT…they are not the Democratic party of yesteryear….not of John Kennedy, not of Lyndon Johnson…I think even TEDDY KENNEDY would be horrified…Barack OBAMA NEVER tried to do what they do today. NOR DID BILL CLINTON. What you deal with now are very near insane, indoctrinated, brainwashed zealots who are nothing more than a Cult of Climate to save the world and every thing else in between…feelings, emotions rule them…there is no logic or fiscal sanity – just agenda.. Since the VT populous is equally ignorant & brainwashed, the legislature (and massive lobbyists) merely amplifies the agenda. It is all but a longer term game over for VT….it is unsustainable fiscally…Kudos for your passions…but they will go nowhere. The die is cast in VT…..VTGON.

        • Jeffrey they are definitely on the “We need to destroy Vermont in order to save the planet” Plan.
          Apparently they are largely all bought and paid off somehow because it’s not like normal Vermonters want their own state destroyed.

          It really boils down to “No Families No Future”.
          Not only is the state unaffordable for families, the education is awful and the state is downright dangerous for kids.
          There is less and less economic opportunities for young people to aspire too.

          What is devastating is that none of it has to be this way.
          I live in NH, there are tons of people over here that would love to move to Vermont, to live, retire, *or expand their NH Businesses* over there..
          But guess what, we all know the state is insane and downright extreme- and this is in addition to being downright hostile to Business.
          There are many people now that won’t even travel to Vermont.
          If anything happens to you, like a car accident, anything- we have no idea what on earth would happen. Will the police show up? What will happen at the hospital?
          The state is becoming an island that people are fleeing..
          Again, this is so sad, none of this has to be this way!

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