Letter: Gender dysphoria bills trample rights

This letter is by Carol Kauffman, president of the Vermont Family Alliance.

Vermont legislators are set to expand Article 22, “personal reproductive liberty,” without voter approval or a day in court. Companion bills S.37 and H.89 will determine one model of care for a minor child who may be experiencing gender dysphoria. But parents must be free to find the individualized health care, transparency, and information that is necessary for them to direct the medical treatment that is best for their minor child beyond the one model of gender-affirming care.

Companion bills S.37 and H.89 define, “§ 150. LEGALLY PROTECTED HEALTH CARE ACTIVITY (a) “Gender-affirming health care services” means all supplies, care, and services of a medical, behavioral health, mental health, surgical, psychiatric, therapeutic, diagnostic, preventative, rehabilitative, or supportive nature relating to the treatment of gender dysphoria and gender incongruence. “Gender-affirming health care services” does not include conversion therapy as defined by 18 V.S.A. § 8351.”

Vermont law has determined a person under 21 years of age cannot purchase alcohol, cannabis, or cigarettes. Adults are prohibited from selling or furnishing these products to a person under 21 years of age. Every person in Vermont must show ID to purchase any of these products.

Just this session, the Vermont House of Representatives voted to raise the age to marry to 18 years of age and the Senate is expected to follow suit.

Yet, age protection for minors has been recklessly ignored in the committee regarding H.89 and S.37, along with parents’ rights to direct the medical care of their children.

H.89 in the Judiciary House Committee and S.37 in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee both neglected to bring in expert testimony on the adolescent brain and informed consent.

Expert testimony was not provided on the following grave concerns:

  •  The correlation between youth suicide studies and gender-affirming treatment;
  •  Phalloplasty, in which girls’ forearms are stripped of muscle and skin to create a fake penis that doesn’t function.
  • Castration and “penile Inversion Vaginoplasty,” in which boys’ penises are cut off and a wound is created to simulate a vagina. These wounds must be kept forcibly open as the body attempts to close the hole for life.
  • Mastectomy and “Top Surgery,” in which incisions are made below the breasts and muscle, fat, and glands are removed.
  • Feminizing/Masculinizing Hormone Therapies, in which teenagers are given heavy doses of estrogen and testosterone as well as experimental doses of other hormones to simulate levels of reproductive and stabilization hormones normally present in the opposite sex.

Until now, the State of Vermont has never dictated the mental and medical health choices for the residents of Vermont. H.89 and S.37 exclusively protect the “gender-affirming” care model, while prohibiting all other gender care options as “conversion therapy.”

Dr. Kenneth Zucker would be deemed a “conversion therapist” in Vermont. He has been long acknowledged as a foremost authority on gender identity issues in children. Zucker believes that gender-dysphoric pre-pubertal children are best served by helping them align their gender identity with their anatomic sex. This view ultimately cost him his 30-year directorship of the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

Susan and Marcus Evans would also be “conversion therapists” under H.89 and S.37. They are the authors of Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

“It’s another matter to start interfering with a healthy body. One would want to think very carefully before you do that,” states Marcus Evans.

Should the Vermont State Government dictate and direct the care of minors as protected in H.89 and S.37?

The Vermont Family Alliance objects to the very title of these bills “Legally protected Health Care Activity.”


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5 thoughts on “Letter: Gender dysphoria bills trample rights

  1. This makes me sick.. and very angry.

    No wonder these people have such high suicide rates.. can you imagine living in this body after they’ve done this to these kids and these people?

    Think about the side effects you have from any prescription just to solve minor infection or pain..
    and then imagine how these people must feel every day being pumped full of these drugs for the rest of their lives.
    Imagine the pain just peeing.
    I’ve read that they battle a whole lot of urinary tract infection- geez, I wonder why.
    How do you have any kind of a healthy or normal sex life with a ‘wound that must be kept open” ??
    How do kids that don’t know enough to brush their teeth every day have the capacity to understand all this? they’ve not even had sex and they are to make these choices???
    How can anyone live a normal life after these mutilations to the body?
    This is stunningly sickening.

    What the hell have we learned following Covid?
    When you destroy your immune system with meds this causes inflammation.
    This makes you unhealthy and you wind up with a whole host of medical issues that guess what- require more immune system destroying meds.. these are the people that died when they got Covid.
    Their compromised immune systems didn’t fight off Covid.
    So why on earth are we doing things that require a lifetime of meds completely unnecessarily?
    How about they get the help they need mentally?
    How about we STOP CREATING Gender Dysphoria in the schools !!?? (what a concept right?)
    How about we recognize the statistics that say MOST Kids grow out of gender dysphoria.

    The doctors in this nation have absolutely gone over to the evil side and the respect and trust of the medical community plummets by the day.
    THIS has a whole lot to do with why doctors are leaving hospitals and the entire medical field- who wants to be associated with what is going on today?
    We lost both our pediatricians because they flat out refused to pump unneeded vaccines into healthy kids.
    Is anyone thinking about the big picture here and what this is all doing today to our medical system??

    What happened to “First Do No Harm?”
    Any doctor that thinks mutilating kids is okay is not a doctor that we should associate with. They are mentally ill as far as I’m concerned.. any doctor that can perform surgeries like this on young children is sick and should go to prison for child abuse..

    IF you did this to an animal you’d surely go to jail- let that sink in.

    • yeah….they should let that sink in. These people are bat guano crazy on top of evil.

      Peta and protests across the state would be rampant.

  2. Kids are easy to manipulate, and these left-leaning clowns are using this to promote there
    dysphoria bills, I thought child abuse was a crime, punishable with prison time……..

    How about some Tar and Feathers, so they stand out it will only take a few before they stop
    the nonsense……………….. it worked years ago.

  3. This is all about ageism, stop the oppression of minor children!……

    Why yes of course and it shouldn’t be limited….they should be able at birth to 21 years of age…

    To vote.
    Get a job
    Get involved in the sex trades
    Get married
    Go to war
    Have a beer
    Go to strip clubs
    Get a loan
    Not obey their parents and get court rights for emancipation at any age
    To do dangerous jobs
    To raise children
    To have sex with adults if they choose!

    YES, YES, YES…….

    All this makes perfect sense!

    They pulled a fast one on Vermonters didn’t they? Where’s the VTGOP????? LOL…..yeah that’s what I thought. What’s the governor have to say about this?

    Vermonters, Here’s your sign. Montpelier is STUPID!

    • Perhaps the VTGOP can hold a capital drag time story hour so they can feedback from all the 4–12-year-old children on what political course they should chart.

      Maybe the school union leaders can explain why our teaching program has to focus on blow jobs and anal sex at any age. Then after that everyone should be on board, with the new enlightenment of Montpelier.

      Billboards in Vermont aren’t allowed, so maybe that’s why nobody can see the sign…..

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