Email circulated by Sen. Ram Hinsdale says up to 40,000 housing units needed to address climate refugees

By John McClaughry

A friend of mine from the Burlington area recently shared with me an absolutely jaw dropping email circulated by Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale, Democrat of Chittenden Southeast, who is chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs. She is also the lead sponsor of S.100, the $80 million dollar compact settlement bill I discussed last week.

Take a deep breath — Here it is:

We are looking at a need for 20 to 40,000 housing units in the next decade. The higher end of that range is specifically due to the need to address climate refugees, as we are projected to be one of the more climate stable states in the country. If you believe in climate change, then you believe in the real possibility that some of our major US cities may become at least partially uninhabitable and forced migration will take place. We will need to be prepared for that, as we are already seeing climate immigrants who are purchasing second homes and eating into our year-round housing stock.

To start with, I seriously question her idea that we are projected — by whom? — to be one of the more climate stable states in the country.  Beyond that, Ram Hinsdale’s idea that we need to do something to accommodate an approaching flood of desperate climate fugitives from uninhabitable cities down country, looks like just more climate panicmongering to me.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Gillfoto

5 thoughts on “Email circulated by Sen. Ram Hinsdale says up to 40,000 housing units needed to address climate refugees

  1. Is that what motivated HER to come here from LA California? She was from one of the early waves of moonbats who helped ruined that state and has since come here to do the same to Vermont. She does provide motivation to solve the climate crisis…so no more like her will migrate here as “climate refugees”. Get real… she just came here for the same reason that Bernie, Welch, Baruth, Balint and Krowinski came here…to be big political fish in a small pond…and due to the ignorance of the majority of Vermont voters, she has succeeded.

    • We are the training camp for NWO pimps. They recruited them, it doesn’t just “happen”, there aren’t 600 coincidences over the years. We are their lab rat. Small easily taken over and controlled with very little money or effort.

      Notice the coincidental silence on the part of the GOP. it’s not a coincidence. They are clearly ok with our situation, they do NOTInG for us. It is also easily defensible for the same reason it was easily taken over.

      It doesn’t matter where you go, moving to another state doesn’t help. Look what they are doing to Trump? We all need to, stand our ground.

    • and people believe this crap……they don’t even realize it’s migrant, 3rd world housing for the transplants.

  2. Migrant housing, so they can find cheap labor and not have to pay Vermonters a competitive wage.
    Notice how they aren’t even worried or mention us?????? What about VERMONTERS!

    They are starting in Sugarbush, Warren Vermont, with “work force housing” as they call it. Except the workers are from south america…and they ship them back after 6 months, live in a dormitory style residence, taking all the local jobs from the local people. We’ve been begging for 30+ years, let us build modest housing, 800-1200 sq ft. The answer always comes up NO! NO! Can’t do it because of this or that…’s all about the climate, lol.

    There, fixed it for you.

    Vermonters, here’s your sign Montpelier is Stupid….and Marxist.

    Build Back Better, you will own nothing and be happy! Cheers

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