President Biden appoints Governor Scott to Council of Governors

For Immediate Release
Thursday, July 8, 2021

Rebecca Kelley, Communications Director
Office of the Governor

Montpelier, Vt. – President Biden has appointed Governor Phil Scott to the President’s Council of Governors for a two-year term, as the White House announced today.

The bipartisan Council was established by Section 1822 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 and implemented by Presidential Executive Order 13528 in 2010. It includes up to 10 governors who work with federal officials to address issues relating to national security, homeland defense, disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and the National Guard.

Governor Scott today issued the following statement in response to the appointment:

“President Biden has frequently noted that good government requires listening to and learning from all perspectives, considering all ideas, seeking consensus wherever possible and compromising when necessary to move America forward. Nowhere is this approach more important than when it comes to matters of national security or disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

“As a public servant, I have always prioritized good government over party politics, and this is the perspective I will bring to this appointment. It is truly an honor to serve on the Council.

“I want to thank President Biden for appointing me, and I look forward to working with his Administration and the other governors to demonstrate that bipartisan leadership can work and help bring our deeply polarized country together to unite around our shared values and goals.”

In addition to Governor Scott, the President’s Council of Governors includes:

  • Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Co-Chair
  • Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Co-Chair
  • Delaware Governor John Carney
  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards
  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • Oregon Governor Kate Brown
  • Utah Governor Spencer Cox
  • Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

The nine newly appointed governors will join Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, whose term expires in 2022, on the Council.

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of State

8 thoughts on “President Biden appoints Governor Scott to Council of Governors

  1. Here is a red flag moment – an act signed under the Obama Administration being carried out by Biden who is only in a position to finish the job (destroying the USA.) Defense, homeland security, FEMA – just days ago Biden unleashes the brown shirts door-to-door to do what? Ominious messaging and positioning of players to carry out their agenda. Any governor joining the Biden criminal mafia, under any pre-text, is getting their palms greased and the citizens thrown to the wolves.

  2. Biden himself has nothing to do with this.

    Biden’s behind the scenes handlers are responsible.

    If Trump had offered this, he likely would have turned it down, because US national security, homeland defense, disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and the National Guard would not outweigh other considerations to join.

  3. A Governor’s first responsibility is to protect individual States rights under the U.S. Constitution from being usurped by the Federal Government, not to work as an subversive agent of the Federal Government. No matter how they try to disguise it!

  4. Boom.
    Good little boy rewarded it.
    Watch out now Vermonters…the penalties for going against the Sniffer’s orders to comply are shortly to follow.
    The stakes just got higher for Comrade Scott.
    Just call Chinarmont the stairway to heaven for the rest of the Americas.
    We are SO owned.

  5. I agree. Governor Scott is just another Democrat pretending to be a Republican. He fits right in with Bernie, Patrick,and Peter. Time to vote them all out

  6. Anybody alive and well in vermont knows that we have been duped by a socialist governor.

    He should be proud to join the ranks of Bernie sanders and the rest of the turncoats in America.

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