Police carry out major drug bust in Springfield, and two-day crime spree ends in Burlington

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POLICE ACTION: There was a drug bust in Springfield last week, an a recent wild crime spree covering two states finally ended in Burlington.

Federal, state and local police carried out a major drug bust in Springfield last week, and a one-man, two-day crime spree spanning Vermont and New Hampshire finally came to an end on Nov. 23 in Burlington.

Drug bust in Springfield

In Springfield, a combination of local, state, and federal entities combined efforts to crack down on drug-dealing operations based in Springfield Vermont. The event, reported widely in Vermont media, even drew comment from Gov. Phil Scott.

“Operations like this disrupt the supply of deadly and addictive drugs, take illegal guns off the street, and hold drug dealers accountable for poisoning Vermonters for profit. They also create an opportunity to help those suffering from addiction get back on the right path through our social service systems,” Scott said.

According to one report, four local residents were arrested following the multi-agency collaborative investigation. Three individuals were charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine and fentanyl earlier in the year, and another was charged with the illegal possession of a firearm. Court documents apparently identify Valley Street as a basis for their sales.

Wild two-day crime spree

David Oleson, 38, reportedly carried on a two-day crime spree that was finally brought to a halt after eight separate incidents were all suspected or confirmed to involve him.

According to a press release from the Burlington Police Department, the spree began at 4:47 a.m. on Nov. 21, in Orange, Massachusetts, when Oleson apparently rolled over a truck in a crash but was able to subsequently steal another truck.

At 7:34 a.m. the next morning, the stolen truck was involved in an accident and injury at Dorset Street and Market Street in South Burlington. Oleson allegedly fled the scene, police say, and an injured person was taken to the emergency room at UVMMC.

At 3:00 a.m. on Nov. 23, a suspect attempted to forcefully steal an occupied vehicle in downtown Burlington on College Street. Burlington police name Oleson as “a person of interest” in the incident.

Only 47 minutes later, police say, Oleson was identified in a break-in at the South End City Market in Burlington. He allegedly smashed a window to get in, and fled before the police arrived.

At some time between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., Oleson burglarized the Burlington Hyundai dealership and stole a vehicle off the lot. Also between 5 a.m. and 6:15 a.m., two cars were broken into at Shaw’s parking lot in South Burlington, and a rifle and purse were stolen.

At 6:55 a.m., police say, Oleson tried to use a stolen credit card that was linked to one of the vehicles broken into at Shaw’s.

At 9 a.m. Wednesday the crime spree came to an end at Riverside Avenue. Oleson, along with the rifle and the stolen vehicle, were apprehended, according to reports by police.

All the incidents are under investigation by detectives with the Burlington and South Burlington police departments.

Irate man found with cash and drugs in Burlington

On Nov. 25, the police dispatchers received calls that a man was outside Esox on Main Street making threats to people.

The responding officers found the suspect, Tajon Lytch, 33, who was observed in a “highly agitated state.” According to the police report, Lytch was “antagonistic” and “berated them” but ultimately no crime was assessed and Lytch started to move along.

But officers were soon advised that Lytch was causing a disturbance inside the building and the business wanted him removed for trespassing, according to the BPD press release. Officers returned to the scene and apprehended him for disorderly conduct.

During a police search, Lytch was found with a “stolen 9mm Glock firearm, 3.9 grams of presumptive crack cocaine, 28 grams of marijuana, and more than $3,000 in cash,” according to the police report.

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10 thoughts on “Police carry out major drug bust in Springfield, and two-day crime spree ends in Burlington

  1. This is a really good article that was written over here in NH that is about drugs, crime and all the rest..how it works..
    And the serious need today for whistleblowers..
    We’ve got a growing problem all over New England with drugs, crime and most importantly: Corruption (I wish I could write that word in boldface).

    The government has a whole lot to do with all of this, and guess what, the government is not very good at fixing itself- as we can see (from the success rate)
    We really need to think about what we can do on our own..

  2. Two things occur to me regarding the Tajon Lytch story.

    One, he may not be the brightest bulb on the tree. If you’re carrying a stolen handgun and drugs, you may not want to draw attention to yourself by threatening people on the street.

    Second, apparently the cops hands were tied the first time they were called? They didn’t search Lytch to find the gun and drugs he had while threatening people? Talk about making a tough job even tougher.

  3. I cannot imagine being a police officer in the City of Burlington. The situations they face on the streets, knowing City Hall, the Council, the State, and many residents do not support them. In fact, they make their jobs harder and more dangerous. Talk about creating a hostile work environment! The State created a micro-management task force to make every police officer’s job more difficult and dangerous. May God place a hedge of protection around every officer dedicated to the people’s safety. If anyone thinks their job stinks, just think about what these men and women have to deal with every day – not only on the streets, but in the office as well. The State and the Councils should be ashamed of themselves. Yet, they don’t have a conscience, so they carry on destroying our State with impunity.

    • Great synopsis, …but dont forget 2 other factors that help create the aura of dysfunction for Burlington police, a woke, Soros-supported State’s Attorney and the concept in some communities that “snitches get stitches”, eliminating essential witnesses. It is amazing that there are ANY officers left on the BTV force, when surrounding towns and cities have openings with better pay and much higher appreciation.

  4. Welcome to Burlington ” The Queen City ” well it used to be, now it’s known as the
    ” Crime City “……………. Liberal in charge of policies, yes the Circus is in town, and
    the clown bus is full of Burlington’s City Council members…..

    I assume Mr. David Oleson, has an extended criminal record from his behavior on
    his crime spree, so him stealing that firearm and with it in his possession, well now
    he broke some federal laws, so let’s see how Vermont’s Anti-gunners pursue Mr.
    Oleson gets the full punishment for breaking Federal Gun laws, the ones we already
    have on the books, no need for a new one !!

    • Yirgach, I’m thinking more of a Reality TV Show.
      “Cops” is back on the air I have read.. I dare them to film a few episodes in Burlington..
      Let them show the nation how well it’s all going!

  5. The Vermont criminal justice system is a JOKE. Therefore ALL criminal gun offenses ought to be dealt with exclusively by the US Attorney in Federal Court. There are VERY TOUGH federal gun laws on the books with provisions for serious federal prison time for those who possess stolen guns, especially if they are prohibited from possessing any gun. NO MORE GUN LAWS until the EXISTING, TOUGH federal gun laws are enforced to the letter!!! Lock them up!

  6. Damn these drugs, and the criminals who seem to operate freely, and the prosecutors and Judges
    who seemso scarred to keep any of dozens felons and lethal drug dealers in prison.
    Find the source and pinch it down! Put a bunch in jail. Do something more than press releases !?!?

    We have plenty of jail and prison cells, to keep all these lethal felons warm and fed !!

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