Podcast: Examining how COVID-19 lockdowns so easily curbed American freedoms

By Fred Lucas | The Daily Signal

Americans still remember how the COVID-19 pandemic led not only to the loss of lives, but the loss of livelihoods.

As businesses closed, the government grew in power and Americans’ liberties shrank, contends journalist Cheryl Chumley, author of the book “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom.”

“It was alarming to me how the left used fear to steal our constitutional, God-given rights,” Chumley says.

Online opinion editor for The Washington Times and host of the “Bold and Blunt” podcast, she has reported on Capitol Hill and covered state and local politics before coming to Washington.

Chumley, who joins this episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast,” says the biggest long-term effect of the government’s response to the pandemic may have been “shifting the mindset of American citizens from one of individualism into one of collectivism.”

“I wrote ‘Lockdown’ basically as a look back on where the government got it wrong and how the Democrats used it for political gain, but more importantly, looking forward to how the Democrats plan to continue to use a pandemic to segue into the next cause to justify continuing lockdowns,” she says.

Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.