Paul Dame: The difference between Republicans and Progressive Democrats

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

There are three things that I see fundamentally separate Vermont Republicans from the Progressive Democrat alliance that currently controls the Legislature: affordability, accountability and flexibility. Progressive Democrats have a lot of different priorities, even some that come into conflict with each other, but at the heart of every Republican I know are these three simple rules that government ought to live by.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

Every bill that Republican legislators look at, one of the first questions they are asking themselves, and those who propose it is, “What does it cost?” or “Can we afford it?” Since many of our Republican legislators work in the private sector, or even own their own business, their daily life outside the “Golden Bubble” is often characterized by a frequent denial of things they would like — to ensure that they have everything they need. We have to make the best of the limited resources we have in our daily lives, and as Republicans we bring that through process to our work in the Legislature as well. The question is never truly whether or not the State’s Government can afford it — the question is always whether or not the taxpayers can afford it. The government doesn’t have its own money — it can only take from the taxpayers. At the end of the day, they are always the ones who pay, sometimes by paying higher taxes, and sometimes by paying higher costs for the policies the government has implemented. Affordability doesn’t always mean being cheap. Sometimes affordability means having some insurance — because a catastrophe is even more unaffordable than a modest premium to share the risk. In 10 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Democrat-sponsored piece of legislation come out of Montpelier that demonstrated they have shared this concern.

The second question that usually comes up is “Who will be responsible?” As I mentioned in an earlier Monday Message, we have had a pandemic of outsourcing legislative decision-making. I cannot stress how dangerous this is. I understand that Progressive Democrats in Montpelier want to advance policies that would not otherwise be popular, so they resort to creating untouchable boards who are insulted from democracy and who make policy that very few see or know of, and almost no one will change. While they intend to “protect” themselves from political or partisan influence, what they also do is shield themselves from accountability. Ironically enough, former Democratic Governor Howard Dean recently retweeted a video of Justice Souter talking about the fundamental breakdowns in society when problems are not addressed and people don’t know who is responsible. And yet it is his own party that continues to add new layers of government that make it harder and harder to find the person who is responsible. Both parties have done this in Washington as well, constantly delegating their power and decision making to unknown administrators. Republicans want to see decisions made by the people who elected them. So if they don’t work out, they know who is responsible and can demand more of them.

The third question that Republicans usually ask is, “Will this work for everybody?” While Democrats claim to care about diversity, many of their policies are one-size-fits-all over-simplifications that seem to shoehorn the entire population into one way of thinking, one way of acting, one acceptable way of being. Republicans overwhelmingly want to give people the freedom and the flexibility to do what is right for them and their family. That means creating opportunities for Vermonters who don’t fit the mold (and seriously, how many Vermonters fit ANY mold?) Not every Vermonter wants to improve the environment by committing to live in an urban apartment and take public transportation while restricting their diet and mandating certain health care choices. Some just want to grow more trees, and drive a Dodge Ram down their road to clean up the neighborhood on Green Up Day. Vermonters all need something different in their family life, in their education, in their community involvement, in their job opportunities. While Democrats seems to intentionally pit one group against another (poor against the rich) Republicans want policies that everybody (not just Democrats) can agree on.

Republicans are all going to apply those principles a little differently, depending on where they are from and who they represent. But at our core we want our state’s government to better care for the people. We need it to become more affordable for the people, more accountable to the people, and more flexible with the people who are here, and may come to our great state in the years ahead.

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14 thoughts on “Paul Dame: The difference between Republicans and Progressive Democrats

  1. Let’s try a dose of reality!

    Dems.Progs want to stop global warming in every manor avaliable! NO CARBON FUELS !!

    So the first Demonstration is to let the State House, the Cafeteria, and all the Environmental Offices
    go carbon free, no fuel oil, no natural gas, no LP gas, CARBON FREE !! 22-23 session.
    400 electric heaters brought in and overload and burn down the State House?

    Then let the Progs/Dem “Save the Earthers” make up their mind again, with a dose af reality ?!?!.

  2. What a tangled web one weaves much.

    Empty words ring hollow Mr Dame. Entire reason conservatives no longer support the party is bc of ppl such as yourself who have overtaken the party following its collapse under master of ribbon-cutting ceremonies worthless faker and big spender of millions on staffers Jim Douglas to act as protectors of the throne, aided and abetted by college buddy and equally fake VT AP reporter Chris Graff who was finally sh**canned. I suspect this was why.

  3. Paul,
    Thank you for this commentary. It is worth a second read and not just a quick reaction as it touches on fundamental differences in the approach to governing. Changes need to be made. The biggest step forward would be electing a net gain of five more seats in the Vermont House of Representatives which would alter the current dynamic by sustaining the many vetoes of Governor Scott to the impractical legislation that keeps coming down the pike.

  4. This is the ideological battle that those pimping for the New World Order want. The goal is to have brother fighting brother. America divided, this is how it’s done.

    You’ll find below, that many recognize the uniparty, aka corporatists, lobbyists controlled NWO. How do they stay in power? We ca see how they control the democrats, almost completely. And we can see from the latest vote within the VTGOP they control the VERMONT republican party.

    Then like above they get us fighting, mad, calling our neighbors out, when we can’t even see the plank that is in our own eye. The plank that we no longer look toward God and his wisdom, nor the constitution, nor our country over money, power and sex. Our own party has the problem we are complaining about.

    You could unite American, VERMONTERS, with common ground, love and wisdom. This is the kryptonnite for the New Worls Order.

    American coming together in love. That is also how you get more than 30% of the vote.

    a) You can win an election in VERMONT by going with Marxist lies, hate for God and love of power and money. ( it’s really not a good plan, but it will give you power and money) We can make both parties clear and present goals Uniparty and give into the NWO, that woul be a victory, but for the wrong side imo.

    B) you could just repeat what the brainless pimps of the NWO say and expose them. You could find the. Common ground, approach your neighbor with kind, respectful and gentle speech and win the day. These are the words we are taught that crush bones. That win hearts. That garner votes. make no mistake they want us fighting. The plan for any subversion of a country is massive chaos and/or civil war, then the peace makers who started all the trouble ( those currently in the majority, NWO pimps) come into save the day! Martial law! One World government where you own nothing and are happy (and the part they leave out) the rulers own everything and you are their slave!

    When the gov who heads your party pimps for the NWO, and 60% of the VTGOP vote to take in more UNIPARTY, it makes for a troublesome path. We have picked the. Wrong path yet again.


    • JC said he did not come to bring peace but a sword the sword is meant to divide even families Neil
      May I suggest you blow the dust off of your bible, if you can find it and actually read it – it’s not meant to be a feel-good read. Tho JC may love everyone he does not like everyone sir esp those who add to, subtract from or mischaracterize his word and further warns to not act as teachers for they will receive greater judgement.

  5. Paul, why do you try to draw a distinction between progressive democrats and regular democrats? They are both communist and socialist in their beliefs, their actions and their policies. The only possible distinction is some of the people who consider themselves regular democrats are so naive and gullible they don’t realize it. Please point out the policy differences between them.

    • Dem-loving Rinos cannot call out the Dems or GOP donations would drop like a rock and half the party would vanish…appears to think by cornering “Progressives” this will serve as an acceptable figleaf for the party unfaithful..however recent commentaries fingered all Democrats…looks like Chairman Paul received some strongly-worded letters from the Dems in the VT GOP lol

  6. There is no difference between Republicans and Progressive Commiecrats, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Christina Nolan, Phil Scott. The problem isn’t beating the Progressives, the problem is having people in the Republican party like this.
    They stand for nothing, they have no morals, they our cowards.

  7. Uniparty, there is no difference, it’s a really big tent. They just voted to keep it that way!

    Closing businesses
    Voting for Build Back Better, a Marxist Plan of the NWO spearheaded by Biden
    Allowing rampant censorship without a word
    Not following science but the WHO
    Not challenging Marxist running mates eligibility to hold office
    Compromising on Second amendment.
    Not spear heading ethics reform
    Not spear heading drug abuse prevention
    Not spear heading a education
    Stabbing conservatives in the back.

    These are not Progressive points these are VTGOP.

    How will the VTGOP fair this election cycle?
    How will this compare to across the nation?

    Proof will be in the pudding as they say.

    • Yes Mr Frontstabber of conservatives and patriots kindly pull the logs out of your own eye sir. And pls stop blaspheming the name of God for your cheap political points



    Article 9. [Citizens’ rights and duties in the state; bearing arms; taxation]

    “… previous to any law being made to raise a tax, the purpose for which it is to be raised ought to appear evident to the Legislature to be of more service to community than the money would be if not collected.”

  9. What’s the difference between Conservative Republicans and Progressive Democrats,
    well, that’s pretty easy…..just look at the financial condition of the state and its balance
    sheet and who has been in control of policies and spending, Progressives DemocRATs.

    Vermont is on a death spiral, with the cost of progressive agenda driven ideas and many
    other frivolous ideas, if Vermont is to survive and be vibrant again changes need to be
    made under the ” Golden Doom “…. yes, with progressives in charge it’s “Doom”.

    Do Conservatives have all the answers “NO” but they will stop the nonsense spending on
    agenda-driven policies that will bankrupt its citizens with the high cost of living due to all
    the excessive taxes and just plan out of control spending.

    The taxpayers in VT live within their means, and so should the Government, Vermont give
    a conservative a chance to save the state and remove progressive cancer !!

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