Paul Dame: Poll shows Vermonter Republicans are putting the voters’ priorities first

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

On Friday The Trafalgar Group released polling results from over 1,000 participants that showed American’s most popular Governor Phil Scott earning over 65% of the general election vote, similar to his results in 2020 when he faced an opponent with higher name recognition. And we sincerely thank Vermonters for their continued support for Gov. Scott.

Even more exciting for Vermont Republicans, we saw that in the race for U.S. Senate, Republican Gerald Malloy was shown to be within 7 points of Progressive Democrat Peter Welch.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

While these results may be surprising to some, they reassure us of several anecdotal experiences we have seen on the ground with people who have traditionally voted Democrat in the past, but are walking away and have decided to make a change this election to vote Republican, and we are glad to see that may be happening even at the U.S. Senate level.

During the primary, many regular political observers — including myself — were surprised to see Malloy out-polling U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan. But the primary results demonstrated the poll was more accurate than many prognosticators had first believed. It is not difficult to believe the same thing may be happening again as President Biden’s divisive rhetoric and series of cascading crisis after crisis have put an unprecedented amount of pressure on Democrats like Peter Welch who have accomplished virtually nothing of significance in the past decade and a half but have instead been a rubber stamp on every bad policy over the past 2 years.

Gerald Malloy’s common-sense campaign which seeks to represent Independent-minded Vermonters instead of Peter’s Pandering to the far-left is reaching new people who have not voted Republican in the past, but want a new direction away from the shortages that average Vermonters are seeing in everything from gasoline, energy, baby formula, housing, childcare and even in the workforce.

The hard work that Malloy has done to reach out to voters is beginning to pay off and is bringing a new level of excitement to Republicans across the state. Vermonters are not happy with the status quo and Peter Welch’s Washington machine.

We expect Democrats to continue their practice of ignoring information that does not conform to their progressive echo chamber. They will likely pan these results, creating excuses instead of addressing the serious problems their divisive rhetoric is causing with independents.

For two years Democrats have been covering their ears and pursuing their own far-left agenda without listening to public input. They didn’t listen to law enforcement telling them we were headed for a public safety crisis, they didn’t listen to financial experts telling them we were headed for an inflation crisis, and they didn’t listen to parents telling them we have problems in our schools. Democrats dismiss anything that contradicts their agenda, and they will likely dismiss these poll results in a similar manner. This is a side-effect of single-party rule under Democrats.

If they continue to irresponsibly ignore the obvious signs around them — the way they have with education, inflation and public safety — then it will present an incredible opportunity for Vermont Republicans to shock the world by helping to elect Gerald Malloy, who is listening to the concerns of the voters he is speaking with on a daily basis.

Vermont is a small state with a small media market. This U.S. Senate race could be won with just 150,000 votes, so a very modest investment could produce outsized results. If this race brings in new financial support, the state party stands ready to help turn out and energize voters who want to support our great candidates from the ones shown here in the Trafalgar poll, like Gov. Scott and Gerald Malloy – as well at Lt. Gov Candidate Joe Benning, our other statewide candidates like H. Brooke Paige, Mike Tagliavia and Rick Morton — down to over 100 other candidates for House and Senate races across our great state.

Vermont Republicans are listening to what voters are telling us while Democrats are dismissing. Vermonter Republicans are putting the voters’ priorities first — not our party’s. This poll indicates voters are starting to see that and are supporting Vermont Republicans at an increasing rate.

A link to the full Trafalgar poll can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Paul Dame: Poll shows Vermonter Republicans are putting the voters’ priorities first

  1. Vermont has a chance in 2022 to change the direction the state is in and has been headed
    for years and it’s not for the good !! We do have some good conservatives running and we
    need to support them, yes Gerald Malloy needs to go to DC …………………

    As far as I’m concerned Phil Scott is a disgrace to the republican party, not sure why he
    doesn’t run as ” Liberal “, as that’s his mindset …….. pretty pathetic

  2. I will vote for just a few republicans and NO RINOs. It’s too bad republicans can’t see how destructive they are to the GOP. Keep believing that it’s better to elect a RINO than a conservative in the primary. It’s a recipe for disaster.

  3. Chairman Dame is filled with pride bragging about ” America’s most popular Governor Phil Scott. ”
    What Chairman Dame doesn’t say is that Phil Scott is no more Republican than Bernie Sanders.

    Scott has betrayed the VTGOP Platform so many times you need a Calculator to keep up.
    Voting for Biden for ” the good of the country. ” How’s that working out ?
    Illegal and unconstitutional mandates which destroyed so many Vermont families and small businesses while keeping planned parenthood and VT Liquor Stores open throughout the plandemic.
    Interrogating school children after Thanksgiving and Christmas to find out who visited Grand Ma.
    Illegally rewarding school districts with Blackmail money for high jab rates while withholding money from school districts where Parents chose to protect their children from the unapproved jabs.
    Taking $5 Million from programs that support Vt Children at risk of domestic abuse and from the Tobacco settlement money intended to help Vermonter’s suffering from the effects of tobacco to give to illegal aliens not eligible for the stimulus money.
    A 100% rating from planned parenthood. Signing H57 which made abortion up to the moment of Birth, Law in Vt.
    Calling 116,000 Vermonters who voted for President Trump ” White Supremacists and Racists. ”
    Writing and signing illegal and unconstitutional Gun Laws that penalize legal Vermont Gun Owners while doing nothing to prevent any crime or protect any school.
    Scott said he supports and will vote for Article 22. Giving the ” State ” the right to sexually molest your child and criminalize you and any Health Care worker that would fight to protect the child.
    And his latest slap in the face to Republican Vermonter’s, the Californiacation of Vt with his Electric car push.
    Scott has betrayed Real VT Republicans and I have called on him to pull a Jeffords and make it official numerous times.

    Joe Benning is another transrepublican that voted for Prop 5 twice as a State Senator and said at a forum in Rockingham he will vote for Article 22.
    And the day after Scott called those who support President Trump, ” White Supremacists and Racists,” Benning echoed his words.
    Ironically, Benning was part of the VTGOP Platform Committee that wrote the rules he refuses to follow. Proves how good his word is.

    Among the reasons Gerald Malloy defeated Ms. Nolan are that Real VT Republicans refused to vote for or support another Rino. Ms. Nolan supported abortion thru the 2nd Trimester, ( over 99% of all abortions ) and her vow to codify Roe V Wade if elected. Her support of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court Justice that can’t define what a Woman is and is soft on Child Porn crimes.

    Gerald Malloy is the real deal. A Pro Life, Constitutional Republican. A West Point Graduate that has served his country for more than 22 years. He believes in the VTGOP Republican Platform.

    And we need the 70% of Republicans who sat out the Primary to vote in the General Election.
    That is how Real Vermont Republicans will elect someone who will actually represent them instead of the left/far left ” Big Tent ” agenda that Chairman Dame supports. The one that gave Liam Madden a win.

    • It would make sense to put forth a monumental effort for this. Support from Scott, Benning, Dame, and national, with the GOP sending millions to Vermont such that we might get him across the line.

      Think it will happen?

      • Benning voted for Prop 5 twice as a State Senator and says he will vote for Article 22.
        Scott says he will vote for Article 22. ( One among his multitude of betrayals to Real VT Republicans )
        Both Scott and Benning called 116,000 Vermonters who voted for President Trump
        ” White Supremacists and Racists. ”
        Dame’s ” Big Tent ” agenda gave us Madden.
        The VTGOP told Gerald he would receive no funding or support because they were all in on Ms. Nolan.
        Gerald won because Real VT Republicans voted for someone who represents them. Now we must get the 70% of Republicans who did not vote in the Primary to step up and vote on November 8th.

      • Benning voted for Prop 5 twice, and at a forum in Rockingham he said he will vote for Article 22.
        Scott has betrayed Real VT Republicans more times than he has represented them. He said he will vote for Article 22.
        Both of them said the 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump are ” White supremacists and racist. ”
        Both of them support ” State’s Rights ” over Parents Rights.
        Dame and the VTGOP told Gerald Malloy they would not support him financially or endorse him. Ms. Nolan was their candidate, period.
        Gerald will defeat Welch, because he actually stands for what he believes in.
        Welch believes whatever Pelosi and Schumer tell him too.

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