Letter: Do Dems really believe there is a ‘climate crisis’?

This letter is by Keith Stern, of North Springfield.

Why aren’t our political leaders leading by example if in fact they believe there is a climate crisis? Climate czar John Kerry’s private jet has produced, as of about a month ago, 300 tons of CO2 — not to mention what his yacht has added. And he travels by government jet for official duties. Why don’t government employees fly commercially whenever possible instead of using a fleet of government jets? That applies to Nancy Pelosi traveling to and from her D.C. home.

Joe Biden is always making frequent trips to Delaware, not only at a huge cost financially, but also environmentally.

The Obamas had a birthday celebration at their Martha’s Vineyard home and the guests flew in on their private jets, creating a huge carbon footprint. If they believed the situation is so critical, why not ask the invitees please fly commercially to Logan Airport and you will be transported to our home by a chartered bus?

And the kicker for me was Joe Biden flying to Massachusetts while at the same time Jill Biden flying to Connecticut so he could deliver a speech about the climate crisis. Apparently that speech needed to be delivered at that location so people would understand just how grave the danger of climate change really is.

Thinking people know what the truth really is. This manufactured crisis is just a part of the bigger picture to bring about a one-world government based on a socialist/Marxist agenda.

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Do Dems really believe there is a ‘climate crisis’?

  1. Criminal deception is expensive according to the illegitimate, unelected Climate Council globalist demonic nihilists. Exhibit A: 1,200 scientists and scholars: ‘There is no climate emergency” https://clintel.org/world-climate-declaration/
    Exhibit B: “In 2020, the long-time green activist Michael Shellenberger wrote a book called “Apocalypse Never” that lamented the conversation about climate change has “spiraled out of control.”

  2. Yes, to all the climate horror mongers, spewing all their rhetoric about the ending of the
    world, because of my gas vehicle or lawn mower and we need to fall in line and do as
    they say because “we” are the problem, as they all fly around in their lear jets or in the
    case of sleepy Joe burning up fuel in air force one hiding in Deleware ………..

    Calling these people hypocrites, is an understatement if they really believed all the BS
    they would be traveling and talking to the real problem producers, China, Russia, India
    to name a few, but they will not as they know they don’t care or believe the BS.

    Follow the money, and whose pockets are getting fat !!

  3. The biggest climate warm mongers are the biggest co2 spewers.. the potato head
    flew to Delaware on Air Force one for a hr to vote…. and he’s the only world leader
    who’s bring his beast *not the not a doctor jilly but his caddy suv* to the Queens funeral, all others will ride buses during the
    event. All these whiners have multiple houses and all have Beach front property with
    the kenyan reject proudly boasting one on each ocean…Hypocrites to the 9’s….

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