Paul Dame: Holding Democrats accountable

The following commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

While Republicans remain in the minority the only tools we have at our disposable to improve the condition of our beloved state are to sustain the governor’s veto, and sound the alarm of Democrats abuse of power. That is the held we have been dealt, and that is the hand we have to play — until November.

Your Republican Party has been hard at work on both this past week.

Many of you have helped us to sign the petition calling on Governor Scott to veto the new gun control bill, S.30. With your help, we have collected over 1,400 signatures and counting. We also shot a great video with Rep. Pat Brennan of Colchester explaining the issue HERE

We also put together two videos regarding the Democrats twisting the apportionment process to give them al electoral advantage for the next 10 years. You can watch the video on Manchester/Arlington HERE, and the video on Manchester/Bolton HERE.

Ideally, we can work together for the 2022 election, and win the races we need in order to break up the Democratic Party’s control on the legislature and give Republicans and Independents who want a better balance for Vermonters more representation.

Republicans will continue to sound the alarm and fight where we can to stop the infringement of our constitutional rights, reduce the interference the government has on our everyday lives and create the environment we need to help people and businesses in our state to prosper and grow.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Dame: Holding Democrats accountable

  1. Pathological altruism much…congrats officially a member of the nutty-nomered “path” ppl ya project with each slam against VT GOP messaging. Always projecting hatred for we Republicans with silly soft-sophism.

    Is it really up to multiple-fail Mr Johnson to decide what others think, say or do? If anything I personally would refuse *any* advice from someone with a nonexistent track record and no accomplishments who does little else than bash the accomplishments of successful conservative Patriots.

    And if Neil doesn’t like the offerings of VTGOP officials is free to ink own mangled missives rather than carpetbombing everyone else with the customary changing of the subject and routine thread derails.

  2. Here is some information about covid, really good stuff.

    Perhaps our leaders could review this.

    If yourself, Gov Scott and Benning were on the highway overpass in S. Burlington standing up for science, freedom and against tyranny and the Uniparty, the coffers of the VTGOP would probably be overflowing, just like the truckers who did it 2x in 2 weeks.

    If all the county chairs were on the bridge, wow, wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    We did see reports of Thayer on the bridge. Kudo’s!!!! Seemed a bit lonely and isolated…

    People are placed into leadership positions by God, whether they want to recognize it or not. He has his way with their hearts, for his purposes, which we do not know or understand.

    The party would have 112,704 people, knowledgeable, loving, well read by their side, through the thickest of challenges if leadership would seek the truth and justice so many desire. And even if they lost the battle in 2022, they would be back stronger and bigger for 2024, because they know their voices were heard.

    You could take many of the commentators on this site and help build a stronger team. Many people are in the know and want to help. They are terrified and justifiably so of being canceled, because leadership does not stand up against the cancel culture.

    We need you. We need to stop uniparty games. You have been put in place for this time.

    God Speed

      • And further…always fail to mention your 112704 as Trump supporters who already vote R and you do not know what we give to the party bc not even a party member of supporter…and pls ditch the “American Loving” Dems and “country not party” false-flag…

        I for one conservative Patriot support the party and recruitment efforts…and as Mr Dame and Shannara Johnson as well as candidates themselves have reported here on TNR 2022 VT GOP will have a slate of new Patriots running while, Mr Johnson attacks and complains about these efforts – I support my state and country along with the best game in town despite the tatters and flaws while Mr Johnson serves as waterboy for Democrat Party which are mostly Marxist as evidenced by legislation and other abject evils perpetrated on our state and nation

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