Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders introduce a new version of their Green New Deal

By Chris Goodnow

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders rolled out another version of the Green New Deal as both lawmakers gear up for the 2020 election.

The new version calls for a $180 billion investment to retrofit public housing to eliminate all carbon emissions, The Hill reported Thursday. The housing units would use solar panels and other green energy resources to meet those goals.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders

“This bill shows that we can address our climate and affordable housing crises by making public housing a model of efficiency, sustainability and resiliency,” Sanders said in a statement. He is running for president amid a crowded Democratic field.

Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman Democrat from New York, said the proposal goes a long way toward creating green energy jobs. They will introduce the proposal Thursday afternoon, the report notes.

“The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act will train and mobilize the workforce to decarbonize the public housing stock and improve the quality of life for all residents,” she said in the statement. Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, co-founder of the original GND, is endorsing the proposal.

Republican lawmakers and conservatives criticized the GND after its introduction in February.

“A six-page, non-binding resolution marketed as a ‘War Plan’ proves Congressman Cortez isn’t prepared and hasn’t done her homework,” Dan Kish, a senior fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in February.

Senate Democrats did not support of the GND in March when Republicans forced a vote. Not even Markey, who introduced the Senate version of the Green New Deal, voted for it.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

8 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders introduce a new version of their Green New Deal

  1. Free health care, free college, forgiveness of student loans, The Green New Deal and now this? These folks must stay up late into the night to come up with all this. Wonder what they will come up with next. Here’s a scarey thought, Bernie has promised when he is elected president, he will include AOC in his administration. Wow!!!

  2. From Wikipedia
    “More than 1.2 million households currently live in public housing of some type”

    $180 billion for 1.2 million households = $150,000 per unit.

    The Red Tape Gang will feast first on the funding and than the construction gangs will feast on the funding and like usual the poor will see little benefit while the wealthy in the suburbs feast on the funding.

    If each job created ends up costing about $100,000 per worker $180 billion will fund how many jobs for 1 year ? 1.8 million or about 1% of the labor force will get some work for 1 year. BUT money will be spent on supplies so less ends up in the pockets of workers from the suburbs.

    America has $18 trillion of personal income a year. $180 billion is 1% an if it’s spent over 10 years it’s 1/10th of 1% a year out of all personal income and might create about 100,000 jobs for people from the suburbs that will last less than 10 years and than what ?

    It’s amazing the absurdity isn’t instantly exposed and shows America’s education industry turns out brainwashed 1 trick ponies not be able to tear apart the b/s because they weren’t taught how to.

    The media giving freaks a podium adds to the absurdity in this country.
    This stuff should be great ammo for Jay Leno type people and SNL to make fun of.

  3. This is similar to the housing projects in Vermont, extremely expensive poverty traps tha will keep people forever poor. Renting housing from the state will never get you out of poverty.

    Where did Bernie learn his housing ideas? Soviet Union. Did you notice Bernie OWNS three homes but he wants everyone else to rent? That’s part of the New World Order plan, just like days of yore when we were vessels of the state and could not own property, it all belonged to the king or state.

    Home ownership is an inherently American value, one that Bernie apparently doesn’t embrace for anybody but himself.

  4. Can’t we just buy the public leaches tents and give them a ticket to san francisco ??? I’m
    pretty sure we could do that a lot cheaper than 180 billion and they would enhance the atmosphere
    on the streets of San Fran…

    Seriously we should just remind burnee and Ocrazio that we just got the bill for the last “great society
    scheme” and that came in at 21 trillon for naught…so thanks but NO thanks…

  5. A Communist nit wit joined by a Communist twit,what a pair,both actively trying to subvert the Constitution they both swore a oath to protect and uphold. Lets see there is a name for that…….

  6. When I see Bernie Sanders the lyrics to this old song always come to mind:

    Everybody loves a nut the whole world loves a weirdo
    Brains are in a rut but everybody loves a nut.

    There is no way the buffoon Bernie Sanders should ever get close to being president.

    Maybe he could write a new book and call it Bank Fraud and the Bartender

  7. There are American loving democrats, that have a kind heart and respect for our constitution. And we have those who under the progressive banner, the socialist, new world order (NWO) want to have America become a pawn of the united nations. Sanders falls into the latter camp.

    Alexandria, is a very well spoken propagandist, don’t be fooled. She is saying things that appeal to those who are uneducated in civics, think Chavez.

    These are “organizers” there is a massive movement under way overtaking the democratic party and it’s hell bent on transforming America to a socialist country. Chunk Yogurt from the young turks is helping to organize all this and running for an empty seat in California. We need to understand what is going on.

    What has happened to Vermont is now coming to a national stage.

  8. Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders introduced a ” new ” version of their Green New Deal……Outstanding

    Socialist Sander’s will follow any Idea for a vote, all this foolishness is doing is dragging him
    down in the polls, now that sounds Great……….keep it up !!

    Socialist Sanders, living the ” Capitalist ” dream…….Hypocrite ???

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