Northeast Republicans to waiter: ‘Um, excuse me, this doesn’t look right. I ordered the red wave’

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Americans are waking up with a midterm election hangover to discover that things are different than what many of them (at least on the right) imagined.

If you looked at the political makeup of New Hampshire yesterday and compared it to today — accepting that there are still a few things to work out — not a heck of a lot changed.

The federal picture is the same. Democrats Maggie Hassan, Chris Pappas, and Ann(ie) Kuster are heading back to D.C. to continue damaging the state and the nation. I’m sure they’ll say Democracy was saved.

At the State level,  Tom Sherman did about as well as anyone has against Republican Chris Sununu in the governor’s race. It was closer than Democrats typically get. A loss of political power of Sununu’s doing. Many (and I mean a lot) of registered Republicans and independents (who lean right) refused to vote for Sununu. Had he handled the pandemic, parental rights, and a few other vital issues differently, he probably would have cleared a wider margin, but it hardly matters. He’s won a fourth term.

The NH State Senate appears to be headed for a 14 -10 (ish) Republican majority, although Gary Daniels’ race is tight and will probably have to endure a recount. I expect he’ll prevail, or maybe I mean I hope (he’s my State Senator).

The NH House? I can tell you that Merrimack had 7 Republicans and 1 Democrat in the NH House before yesterday. Today we have Five Republicans and three Democrats. We’re still technically a Republican town, so I’d be surprised if that trend did not carry across the state, but I have not looked and can’t find any analysis that settles the matter.

I think it’s close and not in a good way. State Par-ty leadership should expect some house cleaning at the next state party meeting.

Federally, the Senate is a toss-up at 48-48 (with a handful of tight races uncalled) which means Democrats will find a way to keep their majority because they want it more and will do anything to keep it.

In the US House, as I write this, Republicans have a 199-172 lead with 64 seats still up for grabs. Taking the US House would be a big win for the political Right, but again, it’s not over until it’s over and if you’re not ahead by ten points or more, expect the election to drag on for days or weeks.

Hanging chads and all that sort of thing (a great metaphor for the older readers).

As the day or days progress, we’ll get updates, and then it is headlong into the 2024 race, so only a few days with no robocalls or polling bots nipping at your heels.

One more point: New Hampshire had two constitutional matters on the Ballot. Question one passed 63%-37%, so the probate position will be excised. Question two — should we have a constitutional convention – 66% said no.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Gage Skidmore
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