Nina Turner says Bernie Sanders’ agenda is ‘radical if ‘you’re already wealthy’

Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner said 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’s agenda is “radical” for those who are “already wealthy” at a Tuesday campaign event.

“If you already have good health care, then maybe [the Vermont senator’s] agenda is radical,” Turner said. “If you’re already wealthy, then maybe his agenda is too radical. If you are guaranteed clean water, clean food and clean air, then maybe his agenda is too radical.”

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6 thoughts on “Nina Turner says Bernie Sanders’ agenda is ‘radical if ‘you’re already wealthy’

  1. Sanders and Warren want to tax millionaires, the very same people who are financing their campaigns.

    Bozos of Amazon became rich just because he had a great idea about 25 years ago.
    He acts as a middleman between the producer of products and the consumer, which is made possible by the internet and package delivery companies.

    Bozos mind is focused on providing the middle man service as efficient as possible, and for as many products as possible. That he gets richer and richer in the process is not really his aim, and likely was never his aim.

    Gee, the US Postal Service could have done exactly the same.
    It had almost all of the infrastructure already in place.
    All it had to do was sell products, in addition to stamps, etc.

    WhenBozos started he had no idea it would mushroom into something this big, and neither did the founder of Walmart, when he started in Arkansas more than 40 years ago.

    Comes along Sanders and Warren who want to tax away the wealth of Bozos.
    Is he going to hand over his warehouses to the federal government to pay the tax?

    The US need more people like Bozos, instead of the hundreds of thousands of illiterate, uneducated, unskilled, sickly folks, government-dependent folks, who are illegally demanding asylum in the US, or just walk illegally across the border.

  2. Watched the video, please watch.

    They are calling for burning away the debrish that is preventing them from saving the world, they are talking about burning down Americans, anybody not of their plan.

    There is some pretty powerful rhetoric going on here, look at the average age of this crowd, all indoctrinated. You can thank our school systems for this, math and science are no longer needed. They are being taught how to protest, which unless you are politician, you can’t make much money. Well I guess Soros will give you some, but generally speaking not a successful career path.

  3. It’s also radical if you love America. It’s radical if you love freedom, the rule of law, justice and if you love your neighbor. Yeah, because the root of what Bernie is peddling is jealousy, envy and hatred , well that and lies,lies,lies.

    Vermont has fostered and imported a whole crop of “organizers”, socialists, communists and new world order wanna be’s that have taken over the Democratic Party of Vermont. If you are a democrat in Vermont you do not have the feedom to think or say any thing different from what has been planned by the “party”. You will be ousted if you fall out of step, you are told what to vote for. For those who’ve spent time in Russia this should all be familiar.

    Bernie has been allowed to hide for decades, running as both a democrat and an independent. Then he casts off the dem moniker when it no longer serves him.

    When we don’t weed the gardens of liberty, apparently the weeds from the new world order crop up,rather quickly.

  4. Driving us into a politicoeconomic status where only the ruling elite will have clean water, food, air and the rest of us will be equally impoverished IS too radical. No “maybe” about it. I prefer the Austrian economic model to the Venezuelan economic model. Kerry said air conditioning was worse than terrorists. Does that mean his mansions, his offices don’t have it – or just the common working citizen? Bernie doesn’t seem to be doing too poorly for himself, either.

  5. Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner said 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’s agenda is “radical”.

    Nope, you’re wrong it’s “Not-Realistic ” smoke & mirrors promises that will never come to fruition !!

    Socialist Sanders, will say & do anything for a vote, no shame. Living the capitalist lifestyle and
    promoting socialism………….what a Hypocrite.

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