Liberal pundits, activists strike back after Obama suggests Democrats not move too far left

By Chris White

Liberal pundits and activists criticized former President Barack Obama on Saturday morning after he suggested the Democratic Party should avoid leaning “too far left” ahead of the 2020 election.

Democrats laid into the former president after he urged them to consider a moderate approach during a fundraising meeting Friday. Climate activists and pundits turned on Obama, suggesting on Twitter that he was enabling that white supremacists gain a foothold in American politics.

“Saying ‘Americans are moderate than these wild leftists’ is basically conceding that the far right propaganda machine has prevailed,” Peter Daou, a former aide to Hillary Clinton, wrote in a tweet Saturday. He took credit for starting the hashtag.  

“I launched the #TooFarLeft tag because I’ve had it with Republicans, media elites, and corporate Dems enabling fascists while denigrating those who seek economic and social justice as ‘too far left,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

Other Democrats used the hashtag to express their own positions.

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, for instance, told her Twitter followers Saturday that “if being #TooFarLeft means” believing “healthcare is a human right”and “all student debt should be canceled,” then “count me in.” Climate change activists also weighed in.

“I’m #toofarleft because I trust scientists when they say we need ‘transformative change’ in ‘all aspects of society,’” Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist and activist, said Saturday on Twitter. He linked to a 2018 Grist article titled “U.N. climate report shows civilization is at stake if we don’t act now.”

This is not the first time Obama received push-back for warning against going too far left on some issues. Journalist Ernest Owens took exception when the former president criticized “woke” social justice warriors Nov. 1 during a speech at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

“But the former president’s disdain for the kind of criticism that has become popular to dismiss as ‘cancel culture’ … is misguided,” Owens said in The New York Times on Nov. 1. Other writers expressed similar positions.

“The former president took black and progressive movements to task, without understanding his own failure to deliver change,” Malaika Jabali, an activist and writer, noted in a Nov. 1 Guardian editorial.

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5 thoughts on “Liberal pundits, activists strike back after Obama suggests Democrats not move too far left

  1. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the most Leftist Pres ever becomes the moderate voice in the party of nuts who dismiss him now.. Obola not only lost his legacy he’s lost his party to the looniest of
    the regressive fascist that now control the clown car…
    Whats really telling is they trust the *grant inspired* scientist on glowbull warming but not on
    the biology of gender…seems like they pick and choose who they believe…as for omar why to hell
    is she even in this country if she hates it so much,, back to Somalia with ya and take a boat load of your
    supporters with you..

  2. The more left the better. They don’t seem to care that moving in the left lane leads to a head on collision with reality.

  3. The mad dog leftists are turning on there ” Messiah ” Obama, then you know the wheels are
    falling off the wagon…….Outstanding !!!

  4. No such thing as TOO FAR LEFT if you are either a lib politician relying on the gullibility of liberal voters …or a lib voter naive enough to believe the former has somehow cracked the code on critical issues.

    Inflammatory rhetoric, no dialogue with and no consideration of what the other side of the aisle has to say, and a piss poor understanding of basic math, rules the day.

    The result is obvious.

    Either way, pandering to the left works in America.

    Moderates are men and women without a country here in the U.S.

    • What do you mean moderates are without a country, comrade? Who do you think will pay for all this? Surely not these socialist woketards with degrees in poetry, wymn’s studies and African tribal art.

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