Newly elected VTGOP chair explains what rally means by ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Brandon, VT — This morning Paul Dame, the newly elected Chair of the VT Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Thanks to everyone for the national attention we are getting for the rally this Saturday in my little hometown of Brandon, VT! We have been featured in The Hill, The Daily Wire and even down under in Australia’s Sky News.

But because of all the international media attention I wanted to take everyone’s focus back on the very LOCAL intention of the event. Here is my message”:

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Ivan Radic

4 thoughts on “Newly elected VTGOP chair explains what rally means by ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

  1. When I say “Let’s go Brandon”, I mean “Let’s go Brandon”. I’m not referring to a small town north of Rutland.

  2. VERMONT is in dire trouble.

    1) “Let’s go Brandon!” …………Does not mean shop in Brandon Vermont. When the new leader of the Vermont Republican Party tries to spin this you’ve just been had by the uniparty.

    2) Deer hunting is not more important than liberty and the running of our state.

    The fact that a lead off event is planning for 20 hats??? How about we just declare the Republican Party of Vermont is the Democratic Party dressed in drag?

    This is not change, this is more of the same. This is not planning a different course. This is not a well thought out plan for a strategic build of patriots who understand what a dire situation our state and country are currently in.

    112,704 VERMONTERS have just been severely let down.

    We need a new leader for the VTGOP, now.

    Welcome to the uniparty of Vermont.

  3. This is awesome!! One HUGE issue though.. Why on opening day of rifle season?!
    Wicked Pissah! I would have gone any other day.. crap.

    • Hard to get the Red Blooded Americans, and Vermonters to Rally on the first
      Holy Day of Deer Season ! Good luck in Brandon. and better luck next event!

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