New research suggests evidence of permanent heart damage to some vaxxed adolescents

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They didn’t need it. Not one drop of evidence after 18 months justified pharmaceutical intervention for anyone under 20 years of age. Heck, there was barely any evidence anyone under 60 needed to be vaccinated against COVID19. But they persisted vigorously, and we are reaping the results of those desires.

The injection that was known to be neither safe nor effective continues to be useless against COVID19 and every variant since its release.

The Seattle Children’s Hospital has followed up on adolescent patients who experienced post-COVID vaccination myocarditis.

Researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital reviewed cases of patients younger than 18 who went to the hospital with chest pain and elevated serum troponin levels, two key markers of heart inflammation, within a week of getting a second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The patients respond well to treatment but show some evidence of permanent damage to the heart.

Dr. Anish Koka, a cardiologist who wasn’t involved with the study, said it suggests that 60 to 70 percent of teenagers who get myocarditis from a COVID-19 vaccine may be left with a scar in their heart.

“Certainly, children who had chest pain severe enough to merit seeking medical attention need to at least make sure they get a follow up MRI,” he told The Epoch Times in a message on Twitter, adding that the findings “should have clear implications for the discussion around vaccines, especially for high risk male teenagers … and definitely for vaccine mandates.”

And while this is alarming, what should be of more significant concern is that middle-aged men are not the only ones who avoid reporting early symptomatic signs of a heart ailment. In other words, there are likely many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of kids who will have suffered heart damage as a result of a vaccine they never needed. Damage that will go undisclosed or undiscovered until it is, perhaps, too late. And myocarditis is just one side effect.

And some states bribed schools to convince parents and kids to get jabbed. Many a COVID Cultist tried to make it required, mandatory. States including New Hampshire accepted tens of millions to advertise and encourage vaccinating kids. Project Veritas released undercover video of experts saying kids don’t need it because of health risks.

We will undoubtedly be suffering the cost and consequence of this act of public health for decades to come.

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