Neil Johnson: Vermont State of the State — another opinion on it

This commentary is by Neil Johnson, of Johnson Real Estate Group Ltd. He is a resident of Waitsfield.

Interesting reading in True North Reports this week. Four representatives of the people were before us: Rep. Vicki Strong, Gov. Phil Scott, House Speaker Jill Krowinski, and Senate President Pro Team Becca Balint.

Reading the articles was rather enlightening, and it reminded me of a Sesame Street song: “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same; can you tell which one is not like the other before I finish my song?”

Neil Johnson

What was so striking was how in unison three were, marching perfectly together in happy harmony with clever words and more of the same we’ve heard for decades. Suddenly we have a seriously bright future. Why? Because we got money! Money, money, money!

Sadly, money was never our problem; money only fuels the socialist tendencies in Montpelier, which are never self-sustaining nor uplifting for mankind financially or spiritually.

If you study history you will learn that more money only allows the true self to shine brighter. If you tend toward toys, you’ll buy more toys and more expensive toys. A bigger house, if that’s your thing. If you have an alcohol problem, it will probably get much worse. If you have a spending problem, that, too, will become worse. The fact is most people who win a million dollars — or, in this case, our state winning a billion dollars — we’ll do more of the same; many do go bankrupt in a decadent, hot burning flame. Our course was unsustainable before getting the money, and it will only be worse because of more money, not for the lack of funds.

Let’s cover the topics; it’s helpful to have your socialist decoder ring handy to understand better what is reported.

Covid — Are we promoting and using alternative and early treatments? Are we allowing doctors and hospitals to follow the science and cures they see are miraculous on the ground? No, we are not. And we are censoring all discussions across all platforms, but for True North Reports. States in India have eradicated Covid for about $10 per person. And they have lower morbidity and healthier populations than our home state. People are needlessly dying in our state and country. Many are making money from this plan, in the billions.

Housing — Anyone living and working in Vermont knows well the desperation of the situation. We only build luxury homes/condominiums and state-assisted rental housing, the latter being built at higher costs than our luxury slope-side condominiums. This gravy train will only worsen because of the billions coming into Vermont. Small towns have big-city problems because landlords are advertising out of state for people to come take the generous benefits; they bring their big-city issues with them. Newport, a jewel of the Northeast Kingdom, is rampant with drug and alcohol abuse. We don’t allow, nor do we foster, modest homes in our state — it’s that simple. Many are making millions and millions off keeping Vermonters poor.

Jobs — You must be business-friendly if you want a business to stay or move here to provide employment. When the government of a nation is the largest employer, you follow the footsteps of those countries whose citizens are fleeing to America. We’ve found better success in America through our Republican form of government and a free market, so let’s adopt it! Our current track promotes drug dealing among minorities, prostitution for our daughters and nieces, and no penalties for harboring or bringing in deadly drugs. Spending more money on this course will have drastic consequences; thankfully, most Vermonters will not walk this path. We make it impossible for a goat’s milk soap manufacturer to open shop, but give money away for starting drug dealing. There is no permit process for dealing drugs, so which to we foster? Our path is ours to choose, not our leaders.

Drugs and Alcohol — We’ve got a severe problem nobody wants to discuss. Throw in the rampant unfettered access to interfamilial porn and your road leads to misery and unhappiness. Our state offers no hope but promotes and fuels the fires of man’s natural tendencies to dereliction. There is hope; there are answers. Our government only promotes oppression and false idols, it’s a major problem. Don’t ask me, ask any teacher or social worker if the problem is getting worse because we’ve chartered the wrong course. Our state wishes to become drug dealers, making millions off of ruining people’s lives.

Youth — Our youth flee, illegal immigrants don’t come here, businesses don’t start up, successful businesses leave, and families don’t plant themselves here — and all for the same reason. Other states offer more and restrict less. Thankfully people don’t have to cross oceans in a rubber dingy to make change; they only have to drive next door to New Hampshire or take a budget moving van to another state. Our tourism industry is wonderful, but it doesn’t make for a balanced state. We don’t need to lose our souls to be in a balanced state.

Family — The forces against the family are the reason people flee. No Jobs, our education is not the best in the nation, we have drug problems, and there is no reasonable housing available. Our policies don’t foster the family but break them down; they enable the opposite of what made our nation great, the fundamental underpinnings of Western Civilization, the Judeo-Christian foundation. This is not a money problem; it is a problem of focus and priorities. Spending more on programs that break down families and sound decision-making will only make our problems worse.

Environment — Vermont has it in spades, and we’d like to keep it that way. Some programs and ideas are beneficial to man and his dominion. Becoming a socialist state, a colony of the New World Order where the prescription is, “Give us all your money, and we’ll save the world.” This is no better than a con artist evangelical making billions off the masses while spewing false doctrine, as they are doing it with erroneous science. Having the state take all property rights through zoning and regulatory rules doesn’t get us a better environment; it’s getting us Marxism. China, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba are not environmental meccas because of it, nor will Vermont be. Our current path will only foster those connected with the government to make money, not the common man. State-controlled environmental policies bring the worst to humanity; visit China for a 2022 perspective. Yet, here again, people are making millions and millions off failed government-sanctioned policies. Those connected won’t want to change that, no sir; they’ll get their wife to be a representative!

Some of us believe Vermont is on the wrong course. This infusion of money from the Washington, D.C., teat will only make things worse. There is hope, truth and love, but we must change our focus. The old-school preachers spoke of repentance, which is nothing more than changing direction.

Vermont is in dire need of a reformation, both politically and spiritually, Lord, please forgive us, for we know not what we are doing.

8 thoughts on “Neil Johnson: Vermont State of the State — another opinion on it

  1. Thank you Neil. Well said. Marxist/socialist policies are very quickly smothering this state.

  2. Every issue Neil outline above is directly a result of Vermont’s socialist legislature or courts attempts
    to “fix” a problem, real or imagined.
    The current influx of federal dollars is like heroin to an addict. It will be spent, creating the appetite for more- with a good portion of the increased funds to “fix” the previous program that was to “fix” the problem created by the legislature.
    Wait…Am I talking about the “vaccine” or Vermont’s spending problem?

  3. Excellent article. Please consider joining the conversation on Friday the 14th with other professionals at the Global Covid Summit being hosted by Also, please consider attending the presentation on Saturday in Williston. Exciting event.

  4. You are so right Neil. You hear them brag about having a large surplus but fail to mention the underfunded obligations, of course intentionally.
    VT has been a destination state but at what cost? Vermonters are taking advantage of the chance to cash in and escape for greener pastures and the people buying their houses aren’t coming here to take their jobs. The jobs created in NH in the Upper Valley are helping many Vermonters have decent paying jobs.
    These socialist clowns are only getting more ridiculous.

  5. As I have stated before the ” Gaggle ” of fools we have under the Golden Doom,
    yes, nothing but doom & gloom coming from Montpelier ……….

    One would think that when you get a windfall of Federal Money, you’d put it to good use
    nope, not Vermont’s Progressive DemocRATs, just watch and see what feel-good policies
    they waste this money on……. when will Vermonter’s wake up and demand changes ??

    I guess debt is just a way of life, keep working and they’ll keep spending.

  6. This is a wonderful explanation of how all aspects of our lives are affected by bad policies. And yes, more money will only help the already over-extended bureaucracy to grow. Thank you for this great assessment and I think more and more people are waking up to the dangers we face if continuing along the socialist path.
    People are realizing the many missteps of this administration in our economy, our education system and most of all in the area of our personal health. Hopefully they will start to seek out alternatives and read well thought out articles such as this one.

  7. EXCELLENT EVALUATION OF THE STATE. Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s going to be hard to turn it around for the populous cities in this State want nothing but socialism. You can thank Bernie for that..

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