Vermont partners with National Institute of Health on testing initiative

An at-home Covid-19 test kit

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

Vermont residents will have access to 500,000 rapid COVID-19 tests in a new partnership with the National Institute of Health, Gov. Phil Scott said.

In a news release, the governor said the program, which was developed by the National Institute of Health, will deliver the tests to consumers through a new online portal. Tests will be delivered to homes.

According to the release, the initiative is a pilot program that will deliver tests to communities in an effort to help the state assess a new delivery model with tests being ordered online and shipped to homes. The program is similar in comparison to the program President Joe Biden said the federal government plans to use later in January.

“Rapid tests are an important tool, but Americans need to be able to get them easily, quickly and far more affordably,” Scott said in the release. “While we wait for more details on President Biden’s rapid testing initiative, we are considering ways to simplify and expand our state’s testing system.”

Scott said the state is planning to have rapid tests available at local pharmacies “for lower prices.”

“But we need to bridge the gap between where we are today and where things will be in the months ahead,” Scott said. “That’s why we are partnering with the team at the National Institutes of Health to get these 500,000 tests into households throughout Vermont and ‘testing’ the effectiveness of this delivery model.”

Scott said that residents need to “have clear expectations about the goals” and also the “capacity of this pilot project.”

“While our primary objective is to get tests into the field as efficiently as possible, we are also assessing how well the system works so we can continue to improve testing options and work with President Biden’s team to make future testing programs successful,” Scott said. “As with every new program, there are going to be unanticipated challenges, the number of kits each household can order will be limited, it could take up to a week for them to be delivered, and we expect that they will go very, very quickly.”

According to the release, Scott advises residents that the project does not replace the school’s Test and Stay program that is used in schools, pre-schools, and childcare centers.

The tests, according to the release, are FDA approved and will be free to residents. Those who choose to participate in the program will be required to provide their name and address for delivery. That information will not be shared and no personal information is required to receive a test.

6 thoughts on “Vermont partners with National Institute of Health on testing initiative

  1. Tyranny is a lucrative game for those willing to commit crimes against humanity to line their pockets. Time to rip the accounting ledgers from the control of the petty tyrants and audit every last cent in every agency. As far the medical community, they have lost all legitimacy, integrity, and ethics. Big Pharma has developed the “customer for life” scam to keep people sick and jabbed from cradle to grave – which at this rate is a short span after all the “interventions” and “preventions”

  2. Who is paying for all the free tests and shots? Has anyone bothered to ask where the money is coming from to pay for this marathon chicken dance? Has anyone tallied the costs from March 2020 of exactly how much money this State alone has spent? Has anyone bothered to look at how the money was spent and by whom? As people are chasing their tails over a phantom germ, they are not paying any attention to where they money is coming from or where it is going. The true cost of this will reverberate for generations – not only in money, but the damage to society is unfathomable at this point.

    • The National Institute of Health (NIH) consists of 27 institutes and centers. One of these institutes is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). NIAID research strives to understand, treat, and ultimately prevent the myriad infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases that threaten millions of human lives.

      The Director of NIAID is Anthony Fauci who oversees an extensive research portfolio of basic and applied research to prevent, diagnose, and treat established infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis and malaria as well as emerging diseases such as Ebola and Zika, including an annual $6.1 Billion budget. In fact, the NIH parent organization has in excess of a $40 Billion annual budget.

      We’re talking about real money here. And some of it has been traced to the infamous Wuhan Lab. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer, have collaborative research agreements with the various NIH institutes and centers.

      And who do you think is the Chief of Bioethics and Human Subjects Research at the National Institutes of Health? Are you sitting down? Her name is Christine Grady, MSN, PhD. She is also Anthony Fauci’s wife.

    • WE the taxpayers are paying for the endless “free tests” and “free vaxes”. Total waste of money. We’d have been far better off if they’d distributed free Vitamin D and other supplements as well as Ivermectin to all Vermonters. And offered free access to nutritionists for weight loss plans as well as gyms.

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