John Klar: Vicki Strong stands up to her name — against tyranny

Just before Christmas, state Rep. Vicki Strong, R-Albany, announced that she would not be able to attend Statehouse sessions in Montpelier because she is unwilling to comply with recent state mandates regarding vaccination and masking against COVID-19. Representative Strong’s brave determination reflects her married surname — to Pastor Nathan Strong — but also her commitment to the legacy and sacrifice of their son, Marine Sgt, Jesse Strong, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2005.

Strong issued a respectful explanation of her opposition to vaccine and mask mandates at the Vermont Statehouse:

Please allow all who enter our beautiful State House the freedom to follow their own personal beliefs, and don’t “mandate” vaccine passports, PCR testing, and mask wearing. … As an American, Vermonter, and person of faith in Christ, these unnecessary protocols are against my personal beliefs, and are against the freedoms given to me in the Constitution of the United States. For those reasons, and for many other personal beliefs about the efficacy of these restrictive and discriminatory protocols, I will not be complying. My objections reflect the voices of thousands of Vermonters who are not able to be there in person today, and who don’t want to have their medical decisions dictated to them while visiting the People’s House.

In a recent exchange on Vermont’s Front Porch Forum, a concerned voter criticized Rep. Strong for her stance, and asked for an answer, which Strong posted in response. Front Porch Forum promptly deleted Strong’s response, but the original inquirer posted this:

Several folks have asked for Rep. Strong’s response regarding the concerns I expressed about her not being vaccinated or taking other precautions to stop the spread of COVID. She told me it was OK to post her response that she sent to me on December 22, 2021.

When I tried to put her e-mail on Front Porch Forum they told me it could not be posted because it violated FPF policies regarding “Content: g) that is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, mis-informative, or constitutes “bait and switch” (also see the FPF Coronavirus / Covid-19 Content Policy

I agree with this policy. But I am disappointed that our state rep would hold views that are counter to the mainstream and what health professionals say is needed to save lives. Let me know if you would like a copy of Rep. Strong’s e-mail. I urge you to reach out to her directly.

Vicki Strong’s deleted email stating her reasoning for refusing to comply with mandates is as follows:

I appreciate your email with your thoughts, and respect your opinions.  Several months ago my husband and I had the virus, and believe me, I know it is a difficult virus for many people to deal with and to fight. I deeply grieve for those who have suffered because of it.

However, I truly don’t believe that mandates are the answer to the spread of these viruses, as mandates can be a “one size fits all” solution, and they don’t address other things like natural immunity, preventative measures, and early treatment for those who are ill, which promotes quicker recoveries and keeps people out of hospitals. Our health officials have been very silent on these aspects of fighting a wide spread virus. Also, some people can’t wear masks for health reasons, or take vaccines because of potential health complications, and that is why I believe we need to honor each person’s choice in their personal health decisions.

When looking at the VAERS report, which is a partial record of those who have been adversely affected by vaccines, there is much to be concerned about. The numbers are growing for vaccine injuries. The covid shots are experimental and are not FDA approved.  Vaccines can have serious side effects that can include death. I have a constituent whose five year old daughter died several years ago after having a flu shot, which is tragic and unfortunate. Whenever there is risk with a medical treatment or procedure, there must be choice and informed consent. That is why I am a big advocate for medical freedom and personal bodily autonomy.

A number of complaints were made to Front Porch Forum about its deletion of Strong’s response to a constituent’s inquiry, eliciting this response:

FPF does not censor free discussion, however, we do decline to publish postings on our private service that violate our Terms of Use. Many Vermonters of all political persuasions manage to post successfully about a wide variety of topics without violating our common sense rules.

As an attorney who has also studied microbiology and the Centers for Disease Control’s statistics for COVID-19 and VAERS reports, I cannot fathom how anything written by Mrs. Strong is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, mis-informative, or constitutes “bait and switch,” let alone a “violation of common sense rules.”

Partisan censorship aside, the treatment of Vicki Strong is a disgrace to the Green Mountain State by those sworn to defend its Constitution, and that of the nation. Vermont puffs itself up as the progressive forefront of social justice, and its Progressives clamor to “elect a woman to Congress,” yet these same people are flouting basic constitutional liberties for a Gold Star mother.

How about the Vermont Legislature? If there are long-term health effects that damage children from a still-developing vaccine administered despite the fact that healthy kids have a near-zero risk of serious illness or death, the Legislature and governor can shoot out a slip of paper referring victims to the federal fund set up to “compensate” them. Have our legislators no fear whatsoever that the (essentially useless against COVID) vaccine they are compelling others to take may actually injure their constituents? Is that not selfish? This techno-mystical faith in dubious COVID vaccines is not a religion that should be injected into others — especially those already suffering from certain medical disabilities.

Regardless, it is unconstitutional to inflict these restrictions. Vicki Strong seems to have “violated Front Porch Forum’s common sense rules” by making common sense. She is standing up for Vermonters’ liberties and health, while most others cower like sheep.

Vicki Strong is a profile in courage. I hope Vermonters will read and share her common sense defense of their constitutional liberties. So few are standing up in strong character. Free exchange of ideas (and critical thinking) are being stifled even between citizens and their legislators.

Vicki Strong is right — and her words must be carried widely. And her son Jesse, who believed in the Constitution she defends, would be deeply proud of her.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

25 thoughts on “John Klar: Vicki Strong stands up to her name — against tyranny

  1. John, as usual, great work! Vicki is the nicest person in the world but has a will and a faith of steel! It’s a pleasure to be her colleague in the House. We will continue to fight for Vermont!

  2. Some years ago, I thought about becoming a lawyer; I did fairly well on the LSAT, but chose advertising and marketing as a career instead. At any rate, I’ve always loved true-crime stories, or the unusually memorable work of fiction: “According to Reggie Tasker’s notes, Nurse Dennison returned with her treat and immediately prepared a drink of orange pop for her niece Shirley. For the next hour or so she observed the child’s convulsions with a most flattering concern; later on, perhaps because the child’s stamina seemed about to triumph over her aunt’s intention, Nurse Dennison said that, in her opinion, what little Shirley needed at this point in her illness was another sip or two of orange pop; it was sure to settle her stomach and return her to her customary bouncing health. She tendered the cup, and Shirley, a sweet, obedient child, drank at her aunt’s bidding.” From “The Bad Seed” by William March, 1954

  3. “Front Porch Forum is a free community-building [manipulating] service in Vermont and parts of New York. Your neighborhood’s forum is only open to the people who live there. It’s all about helping neighbors connect. Invite neighbors and others to join.”

  4. Many thanks to both John and Vicki for their outspoken leadership. Please know that you have lots of supporters that understand common sense leadership will help us prevail.

  5. The central issue is that a malevolent government can and will abuse medical mandates to further its own power and control over the population.

    We can never assume that our government is not now, or will not become, malevolent or tyrannical.

    This is why freely informed consent to medical treatment is considered a bedrock principle of medical ethics: not because the doctors could be wrong, but because medical treatment always has the potential for being abused to serve a political or ideological agenda. This potential never, ever goes away. It’s there forever.

    We are witnessing this abuse of medical power by some unknown entity in the widespread suppression of early treatment for Covid-19, which suppression is indisputably unscientific. The entity engaging in this suppression is working through a variety of means, including censorship of doctors’ speech, influence over medical boards and hospital administrators, influence over the medical journals, and influence over the CDC, the FDA, and the WHO. These are shadowy globalists, and their agenda can be roughly summarized by the agenda for a world economic and political reset promoted by the WEF: The WEF, indeed, has the partnerships that would allow it such widespread influence.

    We’ve supposedly learned from the past, and that’s why informed consent is written into the Nuremberg Code (implemented, as readers know, after the medical atrocities of the Third Reich. Aside from the gas chambers, forced medical experimentation and the euthanasia of the unfit were widespread then.) Freely informed consent to medical treatment is also written into the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

  6. Vicky Strong is the answer to Vermont’s problems, trouble is we need a whole
    bunch more like her to stop the destruction of VT by leftist drones of the New
    World Order…and Let’s go Front Porch should be joined to Let’s go Brandon….

  7. Vermonters are very lucky to have Vicki Strong. I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time on Tuesday after the session. Totally accessible. Entirely authentic. Extremely knowledgeable. She fights a very tough fight for the Vermonters who still believe in body autonomy and is truly pro choice.

  8. Thank you, Vicki Strong. I stand with you. There are very few representatives that we can trust. Thank you for standing up for your rights and ours.

  9. Any business; publication; public space that is limiting our god-given & constitutional freedoms should be ashamed of themselves. Front Porch Forum is a disgrace for leaving such a comment up without Representative Strong’s reply. That, in of itself, should be considered slander. How can anyone not see that the stripping of our rights is happening before our eyes? How can anyone point to Rep. Strong as an enemy when she is standing up for all of us? For choice? I was vaccinated as a child – I was lucky to not have had an adverse reaction – but I know well enough that for any government to tell me that this is something that I HAVE to do is an automatic red flag. Especially, when there is silenced early treatment & a “vaccine” that does not stop transmission. I will keep my choice in tact. I will stand for everyone else to do the same. Thank you, Representative Strong, for standing BESIDE your people and not AGAINST your people.

  10. FPF is a leftist propaganda engine. I figured that out years ago and quit.

    This state is so beyond brainwashed.

  11. Vicki Strong, thanks for standing for your beliefs, we need more like you in our statehouse,
    not the sheep following an agenda……

    If people want to get vaccinated, wear a mask, that is their prerogative ” mandates ” are just
    a way to control, and we know the current progressive leadership loves being in control, it’s
    their way and there way only ” no compromise “

  12. Front Porch Forum is completely censored. When you speak the truth too often you get banned for good….

    notice how nobody is talking about India and how one state irradicated covid in a month?

    Ask a doctor what they do for early treatment in Vermont. You’ll find they do nothing. or next to it,

    VTGOP could demand that notices be posted on Front Porch Forum announcing they are a moderated site….for a bare minimum.

    or that they openly allow conversation/free speech as they are literally the public square in every town.

    I was banned for restating facts, that $45,000 for engineering of our pocket park which consisted of park benches and plantings….was insane.

    This is standard fare in Vermont…what other countries censor like this? it’s not good company.

  13. John, great article. Kudos to Representative Strong! We need more like her. Where are the other republican reps and senators coming to her defense.

  14. How did Rep. Strong feel about getting Nathan vaccinated when he was a child? How did she feel about the Marine Corps re-vaccinating him when he enlisted?

    • Not the same vaccines. Nor is it even relevant — the Constitutional rights of all are very clear, and it’s none of your business who gets which vaccines, or why.
      Also, Nathan is her husband — I don’t think she got him vaccinated. And when her son Jesse enlisted in the Corp, it was his decision to get vaccinated — but how do you think she felt about him risking his life? How do you think she feels about him being killed? If you cared at all about Vicki Strong’s feelings, you would have already thought about those things.
      Vaccination is a sacrifice Jesse and others in our military make, so that the Constitution they turn over their very lives to uphold will be defended — the one that shields us all. Vaccines aren’t working; many people get quite sick from them. Taking experimental vaccines that don’t work but can make one sick is silly — not what Jesse did at all. Vicki is just making common sense when so many have lost theirs.

      • Democracy depends on the people trusting in the skills and character of strangers. This is why an extremely large part of the population believes in and seeks immunizations– they believe the people who interpret the data, from biological experiments to clinical trials, to administration and summaries of results. When they don’t trust, they can suffer. Consider the “patriotism” of HiB anti-vaxxers:

        About ten years ago when the Legislature debated whether to mandate immunizations for summer camps, one mom testified in favor. Because her son had not received the HiB immunization, when he drank from a water bottle shared by two (immunized) hiking companions, her became infected with the haemophilus influenza bacteria, causing him to have a blood system infection that raced from one part of his body to another. Eventually, it would settle in his heart or brain– and game over. To save his life, they had to amputate both his hands. Would you like others to play patriot about the HiB immunization?

        The covid vaccine, as imperfect as its introduction was, renders those who have gotten it 3,000 times less likely to die than the unvaccinated. It’s just another vaccine, and people play patriot at their own peril. It’s not “different.” It’s the mindset of the people who listen to fully-immunized anti-vaxxers like Tucker Carlson which is different.

        A friend’s family just got hit by covid after subsisting on an Ivermectin regimen for months. The mom had to spend 4 days intubated– four days during which that hospital bed was not available for someone needing critical surgery or suffering a medical crisis.

        • 3,000 times less likely? Please share your data, because I’ve seen plenty of studies indicating the vaccines are less effective than ever (otherwise, why the boosters?).

          mRNA is not “just another vaccine.” It is not a whole attenuated virus, it’s a subunit vaccine that narrowly looks for the rapidly mutating S1 spike, which is moving further and further away from targeting antibodies. Also, antibodies are not even the primary immune response to a respiratory infection–dendritic and T-cells are. Antibodies alone are not proven correlates of immunity.

          I’m hardly anti-vaccine (having taken two shots in the last three years), but the Covid vax has no long-term safety studies and has produced a 10,000% increase in VAERS reports over any previous year. Red flags are everywhere, but public officials (and the media) ignore them—at everyone’s peril.

    • How do you feel about getting yourself all vaxxed up now that you know the (3 shots) aren’t working and may be dangerous to your health in the long term? Are you commenting here because no other online news orgs. allow it? Obviously, you were trying to make some point that actually turned out to be a heartless stab at someone capable of standing up for her own convictions. You only demonstrated your lack of intelligence by trying to justify your own fear of what harm you may have done to yourself by injecting an experimental poison into yourself.

  15. John, because of you, I am a new subscriber. I’ve just read this and your other item re why you will not get vaccinated. You are exactly the kind of patriot I believe our Founding Fathers had in mind when they formulated the constructs of our Constitution. Our freedoms are under continuous assault. The Democrat Party has morphed into the Socialist Party and the Republican Party is as useless as a clam out of water, making one ponder if we actually have a single party, a seamless single-cell organization: the DemoRepublicabal, as I’ve named it. America was hijacked by a fraudulent election and subsequent administration. The clock is clicking on how much longer we can survive and sustain what freedoms have not already been stripped. I would expect Vermonters—blessed with freedoms that are just a dream to us here in Socialist New Jersey—would fight to protect their inalienable rights. Vermont is on a terrible decline. Especially since the ’80s. I’ve long wanted to relocate my publishing business to your state. Now, I am happy I did not make the move. There are a few of us here in Jersey who are working overtly and covertly to overthrow the corrupt government we have. I suggest that a few valorous Vermonters do the same. And hurry.

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