National radio host predicts ‘tidal wave’ for GOP after hearing Malloy closing in on Welch

National radio host Howie Carr said his excitement for a nationwide red wave peaked after hearing the news that Vermont GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Gerald Malloy is polling just 6% behind outgoing U.S. House member Peter Welch, the Democrat nominee.

“This guy Gerald Malloy is within 6 points of him,” the nationally syndicated radio host said on his show last week. “When I heard that, that’s when I began to think maybe something was going to happen in this election.”

Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate

UPSET IN NOVEMBER?: Vermont GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Gerald Malloy is polling just 6% behind Democrat nominee and outgoing U.S. House member Peter Welch.

A surprise candidate

Carr’s enthusiasm for Malloy stems from the possibility of an upset running against  Welch, a long-established veteran in Washington, D.C.

“This is a real citizen candidate here,” Carr said. “… I think you could assume if Gerald Malloy wins Vermont that it’s going to be a tidal wave, a tsunami of biblical proportions.”

An upset would mark the first time in decades that a Republican from Vermont was voted into Congress.

On the program, Malloy shared some of his extensive military background: 22 years in the Army and retiring with the rank of Major. He said he served all over the world and is a combat veteran. Malloy also spent five years in various government agencies around Washington, D.C., and another 11 years in business.

Energy independence

On Democrat leadership regarding the record high energy prices, Malloy said “it’s been inflicted on the American people when they want an unconstitutional mandate to kill the oil/gas industry. … We could be self-sufficient but we’re not.”

Carr offered some thoughts on this matter, saying that while natural gas critics point to costs rising, that’s because drilling has largely ceased under the Biden Administration, and much of what is produced in the U.S. ends up getting shipped to Europe. Malloy reflected on these developments.

“Yes, we stopped the [construction of new] pipelines and we put up barriers to production and development,” he said. “We had independence, we had a surplus, and we signed that away.”


Carr and Malloy discussed how Democrat policies such as defunding the police have taken away from the safety of Vermonters.

“It’s really sad for me to go around and hear from folks in Burlington and other cities, Brattleboro and Bennington, that they don’t want to go out at night anymore,” Malloy said. “… That’s all from defunding the police and the progressive prosecutor movement. … One of the my things that I’ve talked about supporting is our law enforcement community and I even talked to a state trooper, we’re short 80 state troopers.”

The economy

The GOP candidate also has a new ad on social media. While it’s a brief 30-second clip, the ad hits on what’s been at the top of voters’ concerns: inflation. The ad claims suggests that under Democrat leadership there has only been more spending.

“The United States is over $30 trillion in debt while Washington has a spending problem and has continued to put our children and grandchildren further into debt,” Malloy says in his latest ad. “When I decided I needed to run for U.S. Senate, I knew that we had to get our country’s inflation under control and our economy back on track.”

Nationwide GOP momentum

Malloy’s enthusiasm remains high going into the final month before the general election.

“We are going to shock the country this November,” he said in a recent Twitter post. “Vermont will elect a Republican Senator to bring change to Washington.”

The host asked if the GOP has a chance to take back both chambers of Congress this November. He said yes.

“I see it happening, and I get that feeling from Vermonters,” Malloy said. “They are upset, it’s about the economy and we’ve been led to a very bad state of the union and it’s about common sense, too. I mean 40-year high inflation, record gas prices, we are in a recession.”

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Image courtesy of Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate

9 thoughts on “National radio host predicts ‘tidal wave’ for GOP after hearing Malloy closing in on Welch

    • The UNIVERSAL harvesting of UNIVERSAL mailed out ballots is a gift Dem/Progs gave to themselves to ensure re-election, no matter how the PEOPLE vote, unless the PEOPLE turn out EN MASSE AND IN PERSON.

      Unfortunately, till now, the PEOPLE have been lulled/brainwashed into the “convenience” of mail-out ballots

  1. “If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.”
    Don Meredith, ‘Dandy Don-daroo’

  2. It will be tough for Malloy to win.

    Here is an hypothetical scenario:

    The early voting ballots are being sent out to all people on Vermont’s inflated registered voter lists.

    After you fill in your ballot, it will be counted well before the Election Day of November 7, 2022, to get preliminary results, which will not be made public.

    If 50% voted early, their results will be known.

    The results might show some Dem/Progs have very small winning or losing margins.

    When the other 50% of votes are cast, in person, on Election Day, these Dem/Progs may lose.

    But there is a remedy for that, called UNIVERSAL ballot harvesting

    The harvested ballots were sent to dead people, and people moved out of state, and people in nursing homes, and people who almost never vote, etc.

    Dem/Prog-leaning NGO’s, such as VPIRG, collect the returned ballots from US post offices and nursing homes, fill them in, and hand-deliver them to Dem/Prog-managed vote counting centers.

    This ensures marginal Dem/Progs will get elected.

  3. Neighbors, if you haven’t met Gerald Malloy yet your missing out on a not so obvious characteristic; this man with NO MANIPULATIVE GUILE about him. Yes he’s knowledgeable, savvy, and smart. But how often do we get that without the ever so slick self serving envelope. This is a genuine man of good sense folks.

  4. I am not that optimistic. I saw the 1st debate and I had to shut it off. I saw a master manipulator scoring many points while not being challenged once; multiple opportunities wasted. If that strategy works then the GOP better be using that a lot more.

  5. “Tidal wave for GOP…” Remember the giant Trump rallies, regattas? Remember when King Joe emerged into sunlight from the basement ho few greeters he had? Remember the eighty one million votes? Don’t get your hopes too high. the Democrats have been honing their techniques.

  6. Will Vermonters be smart enough to make a change in DC and vote for Gerald Malloy
    a leader, so he can help change the direction of the country and our state ??

    All Welch has is the liberal playbook, facts, and action in DC are slim to none, Vermont
    do you like state debt, and being overtaxed by all the liberal policies then he’s your man.

    Wake up, people …………………………

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