National GOP committeeman says ‘red wave’ will impact Vermont elections this November

In an appearance on “The Morning Drive” radio show this week, the national committeeman for the Republican Party in Vermont predicted that low-profile GOP voters in the state will be part of a larger nationwide “red wave.”

“With the inflation numbers, the stress on the economy, working people working harder to make less, and trouble in the streets, I think people are really realizing that the Democrats caused this problem,” Jay Shepard said during the interview. “They have no solutions to it, and they are making things worse each and every day.”

Jay Shepard

He said he believes such conditions in the nation will translate into tangible gains for the Vermont GOP in November.

“I think you are going to see some surprises and some wins here in what people call liberal Vermont,” Shepard said. “… We are in trouble as a country if the Democrats continue to do what they are doing to our economy and public safety.”

One candidate who already appears to be benefitting from national woes is Gerald Malloy, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. A military veteran whose career includes decades of work with defense, security and HHS, Malloy is polling only about 6 percentage points behind Democrat nominee Rep. Peter Welch. Welch is battling questionable stock trading allegations among other issues associated with the struggling Democratic Party Platform.

Election priorities

While liberals have rallied their base around climate change mitigation and conservative-leaning SCOTUS decisions including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Shepard said Democrats are misreading voters’ priorities.

“They look at that as taking rights away — well, they were rights that weren’t actually there,” he said. “What we are talking about is, talking about the issues that people are talking about at their kitchen table. They are talking about inflation. They are talking about the price of gas. They are also talking about food.”

Vermont’s U.S. House Race

On the program, hosts asked the committeeman about the latest debate performances in the race for U.S. House. That race features former Marine Liam Madden, who won the Republican primary, Libertarian Party candidate Ericka Redic, and Democrat Becca Balint, the Vermont Senate president pro tempore.

Shepard claimed Balint is not a clear favorite.

“Becca Balint was very much on her heels, she wasn’t the same person that was going against Molly Gray,” he said. “When she doesn’t have the millions of dollars coming in from single individuals, she loses a little bit of her confidence.

“I think Ericka was the star of that show. I think she has energy, she has charisma, and she actually has some facts and a life history that makes some sense and will make a difference.”


Shepard also was asked why Democrat pundits continue to focus on former President Donald Trump. He said it was an attempt by left-leaning media to distract voters from bad economic and law enforcement news in the country. He added that while he doesn’t always agree with Trump’s style of messaging, he does like the policies of the Trump administration.

“What really is important is policies, procedures, and a government that does the right thing and makes life good for the American people — and Donald Trump certainly did that while he was in office,” he said.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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12 thoughts on “National GOP committeeman says ‘red wave’ will impact Vermont elections this November

  1. We need to rid the party of the

    JOE BENNING supports article 22 and calls the faithful Patriots white supremacists and insurrectionists..

    Benning and Scott are the real turncoats…

    We need to get the pigs out of the creek before we can clean up the water…

    Please visit

    Everyone should spread the word among friends and family, in the community, and on social media.

    Ballot MUST be filled out EXACTLY:

    “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”

    • Just wondering, does anyone know if Gregory Thayer himself is in favor of this effort?

      Some years ago the Progressives and Democrats were pretty much at each others throats in a similar ideological purity fashion. It was only when they realized that this was an electoral deadend that they began to achieve their super-majority status.

      A Vermont Republican party purged of all except the most politically correct is doomed to be a small and ineffective group and not what is needed.

      • What the Progressive Democrats learned, Mr. Freitag, is to pretend (as do you) that they are conservatives. Then, when they control the legislature for even a short period of time, expand the size of government subsidized employment to the point in which 40% of Vermont’s work force are beholden to them. Never mind their control of the public-school monopoly that indoctrinates our children. These pretenders can doom just about anyone they choose – and laugh all the way to the bank. Just look at Article 22, Peter Welch’s so-called ‘qualifications’, and the so-called Republican who supports Welch.

  2. I can not stress enough the importance of conservatives getting out to vote for conservative representatives on all levels of government.

  3. Hopefully more Republicans up and down the ticket will be elected in Vermont where there is a great need to oppose the every more extreme Democratic/Progressive agenda.

    Nationally, the red wave that looked so likely earlier in the year, has been somewhat blunted by the legal troubles and apparent embrace of the Q-Anon movement by former President Donald Trump. His self-inflicted problems, inability to move beyond the 2020 election and his incessant desire to keep in the limelight has not been helpful.

    • And what about the false-flag Republicans who think Peter Welch is a well-qualified candidate, Mr. Freitag? What are those qualifications again? Are the conflicts of interest Welch is having with his clearly ‘unqualified’ wife who serves on Vermont’s Public Utility Commission – as she implements his U.S. House committee dictates here at home – reasonable qualifications? Or do you think Welch’s insider stock trading qualifies him?

      Who on this forum is the most conspicuous, persistent, false-flag, Q-Anon fearmongering, Republican of whom I speak? Who might that be, Mr. Freitag?

  4. Vermont has a real chance this fall to bring some common sense to our state with some
    real conservative Vermonters running for office…………..

    Will Vermonters wake up and start putting a stop to the ” Cancer ” we have in our political
    field known as progressive DemocRATs that have made the state overtaxed, in debt and
    more unfunded liabilities………… Wake up !!

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