Middlebury College vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases make national headlines

Middlebury College

VACCINATED BUT STILL SICK: Despite boasting a 99 percent vaccination rate, Middlebury Collage has had an outbreak of COVID-19 cases involving at least 50 students.

Middlebury College is having an outbreak of COVID-19 cases even while its vaccination rate is reportedly 99 percent.

The private liberal arts college is implementing remote learning again until the end of the fall semester after reporting 50 COVID-19 cases.

According to a Fox News report Sunday, the school was supposed to remain open for exams to wrap up, but instead students were asked to leave early and testing had to be finished online.

A statement from the school says that kids who had to remain on campus were to follow strict protocols. If students test positive for the virus and want to go home, they must convince the school’s health department that they can drive directly home without stops, and then they must remain home until they are approved to leave.

Other rules include no indoor gatherings, only six students can gather outdoors, and masks must be worn campus-wide. No visitors are allowed.

The school believes students who socialize together may be to blame for the outbreak.

“While many of the new cases we have identified appear to be connected, occurring in clusters among people who socialize together, an increase in the prevalence of COVID-19 increases the likelihood of broader community transmission,” officials said.

The school, which has 2,858 undergraduates, is performing contact tracing. This means these students are being asked who they were with and where and when, and this can lead to even more tracing.

On Twitter, @SusieQuewl shared the frustrations of being asked to quarantine, which can cause problems for work-life balance and childcare.

Nonetheless, the school is insisting the students stay at home.

“Rising student cases that require isolation, ongoing transmission and the few days remaining in the semester warrant the change to remote instruction,” the school administration wrote.

This is not the first time that high-vaccinated populations have seen COVID-19 breakouts. In November, a Covid outbreak at a fully-vaccinated Connecticut nursing home killed 8 residents and infected 89 others. Also, the news outlet Revolver has reported that 44 Berkeley football team players were sidelined during a COVID outbreak despite the team being 99 percent vaccinated.

The ongoing transmission of the coronavirus, including hospitalizations and deaths, spurred a senior associate editor at The Atlantic to write “The Pandemic of the Vaccinated Is Here.” On Friday, Reuters reported that nearly 80 percent of U.S. Omicron variant cases “were in people who were fully vaccinated, and a third of them had received a booster dose.”

A report by the World Bank documents negative consequences of too much online learning.

“The global disruption to education caused by the COVD-19 pandemic is without parallel and the effects on learning are severe,” the report states. “The crisis brought education systems across the world to a halt, with school closures affecting more than 1.6 billion learners. While nearly every country in the world offered remote learning opportunities for students, the quality and reach of such initiatives varied greatly and were at best partial substitutes for in-person learning.”

At the University of Deleware, students sued the school over its switch to online learning and won their case. The court determined that ending the in-person services and operating online while continuing to charge the same tuition constitutes a breach of contract.

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9 thoughts on “Middlebury College vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases make national headlines

  1. Notice what they did not report?

    Was anybody sick?

    They may have tested positive, but we’re they sick? Sick with fear yes. So, Middlebury does have students with some of the highest IQ’s in the nation. This should be a cautionary tale, how well propaganda works. People wonder how could a whole country go off the rails and do horrific things? Hear is but a small example.

    I heard Norway has banned vaccination for people under 30, it’s just too dangerous.

    Doctors have found people with adequate Vitamin D do not die. They are saying none of our country men would have died had we done a national precentive protocol for the profilactic use of Vitamin D. Who suffers from low vitamin D? Elderly, people of northern climes and minorities.

    Yet this makes National News.

    Where’s the VTGOP on this one?

  2. Why not just stop sending kids in to be indoctrinated at any level. They would learn more useful things at home anyways, like a work ethic.

  3. The Pandemic of the Vaccinated !

    The Covid-19 outbreak at Middlebury College, where vaccination compliance is reported to be over 99% proves that the vaccines and boosters are not effective in preventing the spread of the new variants !

    Interesting, the discussion never includes the one proven method to resolve the reinfection and spread of the disease – HERD IMMUNITY !

    It has been repeatedly demonstrated that those who have contracted Covid-19 and recovered (often with the assistance of the oft maligned therapeutics) have a far better chance of not being reinfected with the virus ! Sadly, Vermont’s lockdown protocol, last year, was “so effective” that the population was not permitted to develop herd immunity and is now experiencing the result of that misguided strategy. !

  4. Its clear the vaccines do not work. Only true communists would insist on people getting it. — That being said, I really don’t care if liberals who voted for the idiots in power get it.

    • According to Phlip-Phloppin’ Phil and his life partner Mark “Ichabod Crane” Levine, you’re the problem. What with your skepticism and whatnot, you nasty anti-vaxxer you.

      Maybe Phil Scott should take a baker’s dozen worth of boosters all at once on live Tee-Vee to prove his worth. We’ll know the vaccine shots were real if he collapses like a soccer player mid-sentence.

  5. “The school believes students who socialize together may be to blame for the outbreak.”

    On the contrary, it would appear a shoddy vaccine is to blame for the outbreak. (In case anyone forgot, a vaccine is supposed to confer IMMUNITY to a disease.) But apparently, questioning anything about the vaccines is sacrilegious, so people go looking for scapegoats. Will we see a witch hunt for the 1% of students who weren’t vaxxed?

    • Probably that witch hunt is underway.
      Judging from Phil Scott’s remarks today, the unvaccinated are responsible for all of this-
      and he intimated he will make things difficult for anyone not prostrating themselves to meet his new “fully vaccinated” assumption.

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