Burlington City Council votes to legalize prostitution, despite risks of sex trafficking

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NO LINK TO SEX TRAFFICKING?: City Councilor Perri Freeman claims legalizing prostitution is mostly a non-factor in law enforcement’s efforts against sex trafficking, but studies by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation suggest otherwise.

On Monday night Burlington city councilors held a marathon session that included unanimous passage of a precedent-setting policy regarding the legal status of prostitution. The measure will ultimately go before the voters on Town Meeting Day in March.

The measure would remove the language “to restrain and suppress houses of ill fame and disorderly houses, and to punish common prostitutes” from the city charter, effectively legalizing prostitution in the city. Implementation of the policy could depend on legal challenges over state laws that prohibit prostitution.

Councilor Perri Freeman, P-Central District, introduced the action, citing a mass shooting event in Atlanta earlier this year. NPR was among several news outlets to report that sex workers were the intended target.

“The sort of mass shooting in Atlanta which targeted sex workers prompted me to look at what we have in the books in Burlington and to look to the Charter Change Committee,” Freeman said.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, “Law enforcement officials said a suspect in three deadly shootings at Atlanta-area spas confessed his guilt, saying his motive stemmed from a sexual addiction.”

“It’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,” Capt. Jay Baker with Cherokee Police Department said.

Freeman also took aim at a group opposed to legalization, the National Center of Sexual Exploitation.

“Because there was a large amount of folks who came from the National Center of Sexual Exploitation to speak against us, I did want to note that when I looked into the organization, I did find that their president, Patrick Trueman, was the former director of the government affairs for the American Families Association,” she said.

Freeman called the association “a Southern Poverty Law Center hate group.” She also added that she opposes trafficking, and claimed trafficking and prostitution are different.

“I support … the myriad of ways that we can address trafficking. I do want to say, and I think one of the speakers said succinctly, that sex trafficking and sex work — consensual sex work — are just two separate issues.”

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19 thoughts on “Burlington City Council votes to legalize prostitution, despite risks of sex trafficking

  1. Gov Scott, New Zealand’s prime minister and Levin say it’s ok to have orgies up to 25 people as long as you wear a mask!

    Note: this is comedy, except for New Zealand’s position, which was taken from other news sources. In this upside down world, it might be mistaken for truth.

  2. While we blame all the moonbats in the Queen City, I bet the vote for city council is just a fraction of Burlington voters like most other towns and cities. If the residents of these cities and towns are too lazy and unconcerned about the leadership, they need to take as much blame for the cesspool Burlington has become and whatever craziness takes place elsewhere. Probably, like all the Vermont voters who can’t find the time to vote one day for the benefit of their state.

  3. What a setup for justifying bigger law enforcement, surveillance, and passports… because this won’t attrack traffickers of human souls and or drugs or money laundering or shootings or anything like that.
    Nope. Not at all. What, are they going to divide up the turfs and say which boss/pimp has this spot and that one has that one?
    Is there an APP yet?
    How old do you have to be to use it?
    How old do you have to be to buy sex?
    Or will this be the new State of Pervomit’s rite of passage for 16yo?
    Oh my.
    Burlington is a captured city at this point.
    Stay away. Between being wifi’d to death, and smothered and mandated to submit to an experimental DNA changer to visit… welp. THAT’s a no brainer.
    I wish I could laugh but this is mass hypnosis at its depths.
    The ice in the NE Kingdom is brown.
    There are hardly any chickadees, even less than last year.
    Wildlife is disappearing but no one is noticing or saying anything.
    Humans are dying and no news is covering it except to normalize it.
    And no one is asking: What is REALLY going on here?
    Kus, Who’s, I’m telling you: Something reeaaaallly stinks in Whoville.
    If it walks like a Grinch, talks like a Grinch, and looks like a Grinch…I’m pret-ty shure ittsagrinch.
    Wake up Vermonters if you ever want to maintain any pride in calling yourself that.
    Right now…we look like a bunch of sheep to those States fighting back against these insane tyrannical Federal medical mandates.
    Our children are paying the price.
    Nice legacy.
    Normalize child sacrifice again.

  4. Welcome to the New World Order!

    Uniparty games, they will do nothing, either side. Because they are all pimpin’ for the new world order.

    Will we have to have a mask passport for this? What does the Gov say? That would be a great question for the press!

    You don’t think Vermonters are wondering? Saying huh? Meanwhile they run a senator up and down the legal system for consenting adults having sex, charge him with prostituting the tenant. And look what the brain trusts in Montpelier are passing? Brain trusts in Burlington?

    No no, Montpelier wants to be the king pin of drug dealing, prostitution, gambling, taxation, indoctrination……..

  5. Why is this necessary? Is there no labor shortage or other jobs open in Burlington Vermont?

    How about the prostitutes all clean up their acts and go get some real jobs that actually better a community and elevate themselves out of the gutter. There is more opportunity now to get a decent job that will lead to a good career than we’ve seen in decades.
    There is really no excuse to be a prostitute today..
    They should be helped OUT of Prostitution not made to feel better living that depraved lifestyle that could kill them.

    Sheesh, does anyone even think of the big picture at all anymore?
    Decent families don’t want to live in areas crawling with prostitutes so why grow that?

    • How about the prostitutes all clean up their acts? They can get hundreds of dollars and hour in sex work. That’s hard to beat with a clean act.

      • How about men stop objectifying and legalizing doing so, women’s body parts, ‘cus that’s all you’re getting in prostitution, just the same as the John before you and after you. If you are okay with your mother, sister or daughter doing this for a living because of the money, I’m guessing this ruling makes you very happy, Karl.

        • Sword of truth,
          Unless I’m mistaken, the person who initiated this movement is a woman.
          A sword, when properly used, is employed discriminately. Categorizing only men as those who are “objectifying and legalizing…women’s body parts”, in this instance, is not employing a “Sword of ‘truth’ ” in a manner befitting of its title.
          Just sayin’

      • Well then, are YOU going to become one too, Karl? Approximately one quarter of all prostitutes are males. Enjoy.

    • I hear where you’re coming from Laura…maybe I can add that a lot of these “prostitutes” are NOT willing participants, many, if not all have been trafficked, the “handlers” are most likely been responsible for any/all drug addiction, which keeps them “working”…what we REALLY need to put an end to are the corrupt politicians who are not only “allowing” illegal sex trafficking of woman and children through these bills, BUT they are totally encouraging it!!!…
      Remember the mid year elections are coming up in 2022…if you find this unacceptable make your vote count…
      Many of these prostitute prisoner’s (it’s not always a choice) will Thank you!!!

      • You are exactly right Pamela.
        And even more alarming is the amount of children and very young people being dragged into this.. thanks to the explosion of porn and kiddie porn on the internet.
        This is a crisis and not something that should be legalized.. it’s something that should be exposed for what it is and solved in the correct manner.
        Legalizing it is not the answer at all.
        It’s such a sad situation actually. What terrible futures we are creating for the youth our this country.

  6. Freeman’s naivete regarding the link between prostitution and human trafficking is glaring.
    Her views on many issues are naive, she has only to look at the damaged caused to Burlington and it’s residents to see the results. This socialism thing they keep bragging about- It’s done wonders for Burlington!

  7. Considering all the headlines of late reporting sexually charged books in school, CNN producer trafficking minors, condoms in middle school, and legalizing prostitution; Vermont is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps we need to change the name of our State to Perv-mont. Sooner or later, God is going to cut them down.

  8. So let’s see…a guy in Georgia who is addicted to sex gets a gun and starts killing prostitutes to “eliminate a temptation”. Now, some politician in Burlington Vermont is calling for the legalization of prostitution due to concern that there may be a “copycat” incident there? You can’t make this stuff up! What’s next? Casinos and pawn shops? Burlington’s on the path to becoming the Las Vegas (“Sin City”) of the northeast. Sheesh! Where does it end?

    • The term you are looking for is when the “normalize” the situation. It’s coming soon if they are lucky, chaos, collapse, then they swoop in to save us.

      Perhaps they can have Eddie Murphy do infomercials in our school systems. How to be a Ho.

    • Marek,
      Yes, Burlington’s Liberal City Council, thinks this is a solution to a non-existent problem
      in the city, you can’t make this stuff up !!

      Councilor Perri Freeman, needs to be removed from the council, when I thought I have
      heard and seen it all……..

      I have always stated Burlington’s City Council is a ” Gaggle of Fools ” and this proposal
      nails it !!

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