Massachusetts climate czar tells VT climate leaders to ‘turn the screws on’ and ‘break their will’

Editor’s note: The following post is from the Feb. 5 email newsletter of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Today, a shocking new video has surfaced of David Ismay, Governor Baker’s Under Secretary for Climate Change, telling a group of Vermont based climate advocates that in order for Massachusetts to lower carbon emissions, the state needs to “break their will” and “turn the screws on” ordinary people to force changes in their consumption of heating fuels and gasoline. Ismay described the ordinary people as the “person across the street” and the “senior on fixed income” and closed his statement by noting that, “I can’t even say that publicly.”

Ismay’s direct quote is, “So let me say that again, 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person across the street, the senior on fixed income, right… there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts to point the finger at, to turn the screws on, and you know, to break their will, so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will. Right, I can’t even say that publicly…” The remarks were made on January 25, 2021 at the Vermont Climate Council meeting.

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Ismay’s comments are simply reprehensible. He describes his target as ordinary people in Massachusetts like the elderly on fixed incomes and the person across the street. They’re his target simply because they cannot change their lifestyles enough to be acceptable to his climate agenda. The weapon he intends to use to “turn the screws” on them is the new climate legislation and administrative tax increases like the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which seek to drive up costs in order to “break their will” and force decreases in consumption.

It’s frightening to think an official so high up in the Baker administration is bragging to an out of state group about the economic pain he wants to inflict on the very people who he’s supposed to work for. Remarks like this have no place in state government. Ismay should be dismissed from his position in state government, as he’s clearly demonstrated he does not have the best interests of the residents of Massachusetts at heart.

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4 thoughts on “Massachusetts climate czar tells VT climate leaders to ‘turn the screws on’ and ‘break their will’

  1. The leftist wackos are able to get the sheeple to follow, simple recipe….regardless of true intentions, make your cause appear to be about the environment, gender or race. They will follow.

  2. The Democrats advance relentlessly in the destruction of the free speech, the right to self defense and the destruction of the middle class and of course the home heat industry is also targeted for annihilation, Not sure why the VFDA, with all the employers and employees it represents have not called to a reasonable non-violent response to defend its ability to keep Vermonters warm.
    If the Democrats are so bent on eliminating the use of fossil fuels I don’t see why fuel dealers cannot help them with live their convictions by immediately ceasing all deliveries and service to the politicians and bureaucrats who are working so hard to turn off the heat to the poor, the elderly and the working class in Vermont.

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