Masks off: Florida supermarket goes back to normal

The Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market in Naples, Florida, has decided to go back to normal living. Video footage filmed this week shows shoppers and employees happily choosing to forego masks despite Collier County’s mask mandate.

A sign at the entrance to the supermarket states that individuals with medical conditions are exempt from mask orders, and that HIPPA privacy rules and the Fourth Amendment prevent store owners from interrogating customers about their personal choices.

Image courtesy of NBC News/Screen capture

8 thoughts on “Masks off: Florida supermarket goes back to normal

    • No surprise really. At $1 per dose and proven results vs black box warning meds for 100 times more with varying results, the scare tactics begin. After decades of purchasing for my farm animals and actually testing on myself recently with absolutely zero side effects/issues, I am now being warned in farm stores and online vet supply stores of serious illness and even Death! Fact is, COVID Vaccine deaths 501, Ivermectin, 0.

    • No, you don’t get it. Medical tyranny is still tyranny, with a gloss of science over it. So was eugenics. So were the Nazi biomedical experiments. So were the Tuskegee experiments. We’ve gotten here by picking and choosing the science we want to listen to and we’ve chosen to listen to the lockdown philosophy of an authoritarian Chinese regime, for a policy never before enacted and never demonstrated to work. We decided to ignore common-sense approaches completely in line with past experience, such as is spelled out in the Great Barrington Declaration.

      What will be the end result? We’ll get revolt, as is happening all over the country. Then what? Do we descend into a full-blown police state and a condition of full-blown medical tyranny? Let the people decide! Anyone who wants to mask up and isolate is free to do so. Stay safe: it’s your choice. It’s not for you to dictate to others.

      Those states with the most stringent Covid measures have overall done no better than the more lenient states– in fact, many are worse. It looks like the virus is going to do what it’s going to do regardless, and we can’t continue to make society– and especially our young people– suffer for the bad choices we made as we selected what’s arguably the worst possible option for fighting Covid. Meanwhile we harp about “the science” but we’re doing a great job of ignoring evidence of cheap and effective treatments for this disease. Why? And who gains by this strategy?

      No tyranny. It’s that simple.

    • Nobody is forcing you to go into a store where customers and employees are not sporting face diapers. Its your choice to go in with or without a mask. Unfortunately, we are being forced to wear these worthless diapers everywhere else with zero proof of effectiveness. Kind of like the vaccine, doesnt prevent the virus nor the transmission of it, but reduces symptoms, maybe.

  1. A good marketing plan. Those who won’t co-mingle with maskless people can go elsewhere. Those who don’t drink the Kool-Aid can shop there.

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