Letters to legislators: Open Letter to House Speaker Mitzi Johnson

Editor’s note: This is part of TNR’s Letters to Legislators Series.

Dear Speaker Johnson:

I am sending you this message today in response to your decision to hold back some funds allocated to Vermont by the U.S. Government, for relief of hardships created by the actions of federal and state governments on small business operations in Vermont due to COVID.

These funds were sent to Vermont for immediate distribution to those effected as a direct result of the above mentioned virus. And, these people need the money, no question about it.

It is not your call to decide when and where this money will go; those terms are laid out clearly in the instructions accompanying the funds. It is also the intent of the sender to distribute.

Furthermore, for you to second-guess what may happen later in terms of the rules for distribution is an exercise in arrogance, and suggests you know best as to the distribution methods. I would argue that the history of actions in the Vermont Legislature in the later years since the retirement of Governor Douglas have resulted in increased debt, more control of individual lives of citizens, and also increased taxes and fees assessed by the system as increased levies on property owners and business enterprises.

This incompetence on continuous display in the Legislature has run its course and a new direction needs to be sought. You obviously are a part of the problem, and not the solution.

Many Vermonters, including yours truly, have seen enough of the left-leaning machine’s actions, which culminate in problems mentioned above. So distribute the funds now, and forget using this money to backfill the holes created by incompetence, poor judgement, and in some cases lack of common sense.

It was not the intent of the federal government to fix problems created by poor management.

James Hall
Center Rutland

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18 thoughts on “Letters to legislators: Open Letter to House Speaker Mitzi Johnson

  1. It’s quite clear The Borg rule the roost in VT.

    The Progressive Montra.

    “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

  2. Dem/Progs reason this way:

    Hold back the funds now, and hope for “flexibility” later, and use the funds to close budget gaps.
    Sheer arrogance
    Screw the private sector.


    Raise taxes during a recession with high unemployment for the next few years


    Cut spending, which means gutting pet programs

    For starters, get rid of ALL government energy programs, including dysfunctional EFFICIENCY VERMONT, and QUASI- GOVERNMENT VEIC, and Vermont would save at least $250 per year.

  3. So if Mitzi Johnson wants to join the Republican Party, what are the leaders of the party going to say?

    We have a leader who supports all that Mitzi, Ashe and Zuckerman ask for. When they strip him of power he doth not protest. So who does this leader work for?

    Phil Scott works for the United Nations. Phil Scott has done the following:

    Taken rights from Vt’s citizens for stupid reasons, 2a
    Closed all business in the state
    With holding money for relief dope business
    Making our elections fraudulent
    Taken advice and guide lines from the United nations and WHO
    Has constantly refused to defend and uphold our constitution
    Allowed protesters funded by subversives to beak law and endanger VERMONTERS
    Has threatened to jail and fine legal businesses that defy his orders.

    So, why is that Phil is the leader of the Republican Party?

    What was it that is so appealing? Seriosly can some conservative please,answer that question?

  4. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to have a successful small business in Vermont. It is heartbreaking to watch the backbone of Vermont’s economy become bankrupt when financial help has been available. Once these small businesses are gone. they are gone for ever. It is too difficult to start a new business in Vermont because of all the rules and regulations. Time is of the essence. Small businesses need help now, not in weeks or months. It is outrageous that the Vt. Legislature hopes to use the funds to fix their irresponsible budget gaps. All Vermonters know the funds were not to be used for budget gaps.

  5. Please go to ( VT house of representatives elections 2020 ) It shows the vacant ballots on the republican side. The passion that I see here is real. The complete answer is not easy to find, but I submit to you that finding candidates to send to your county chair is important. Your chairs have the tools and knowledge to guide a potential candidate.We cannot win if we have no one running. It is not hard to get on a ballot. Please turn to your friends and relatives for someone that wants to serve in the state house.

  6. This is an out and out theft of money intended for citizens of Vermont. The sheer arrogance and gall of House speaker Mitzi Johnson should horrify all Vermonters because she became a banana republic dictator who does not care about the people she supposedly represents. This action is the latest in a ” Drop Dead Vermonters ” that this liberal run legislature has given to the voters. This woman knows no boundaries and only fears one thing and that’s not re-electing her and the rest of her ilk. I appeal to all Vermonters, lets give ourselves an early Christmas present and vote these incompetents out of office and give others a chance to fix the mess these people created.

  7. The legislators aren’t giving out the money because they are trying to come up with ways to move the money for their pet projects/friends. There is still people who haven’t got their unemployment yet. Property taxes are already going up, the gas tax is going up. I’ve seen gas prices go up 10 cents more in less then 4 hrs. Even food prices are going up. Many of you are saying for Scott to do something about this. He won’t because the legislators control him. He’s a coward to stand up for Vermonters. This is what happens when out of staters move here and get into government they want the POWER !!

  8. Mitzi Johnson is everything that’s wrong with those in charge in Montpelier. VOTE THEM OUT!

  9. Here you go Vermonter’s, you vote these progressive fools in,
    this just goes to show citizens mean nothing and this surly points
    that she has no concerns for Businesses in Vermont…………..

    Just think about it, she has the audacity to hold these funds to plug
    up holes from there foolish legislation !!

    Wake up people, if you care about our state start voting these fool out !!

  10. Hallelujah! Another well-deserved scolding by a Vermonter who is tired of poor, self-serving left-wing leadership. Obviously their goal is to jump on the power-grabbing band wagon and ride this as far as they can before it is stopped! WE must stop it!
    Excellent article!!
    It is past the time for our Governor to step in and stop being under the spell of these bullies! He needs to make sure these funds go where they are supposed to and not where the liberals wish them to go!!

  11. Great letter. While ppl and business owners are suffering in our state – difficult to believe we have such heartless and wicked leaders running the peoples business as they steal every dime but it’s never enough.

    Can’t wait to see the tax bill *facepalm*

  12. Mitzi thinks she is a Nancy Pelosi and can contol everything. Gov. Scott please step in and straighten things out now!!

  13. Please, everyone that reads this show your support in writing. This is one of the few bastions of free speech in our state.

    Here here….excellent post!

    • Mitzi andher cohorts are classic examples of the fundamental problem. Rather than use funds for what they were awarded for, use them to fund messes they have created. Mitzi, release the money for the project it was intended.

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