Deb Billado: Republicans truly care for you (Democrats, not so much)

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

The Cares Act established the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund and made payments from that fund — some of which, based on population, went to the states, of which Vermont received $1.2 billion. The law requires the funds “only be used to cover expenses that are necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).”

Gov. Phil Scott put forth a proposal to help businesses and farms continue to operate until they could recover from the shutdown effects of the virus. He said that “if we don’t protect the businesses now and protect those jobs that are associated with those businesses, then a year or two from now we’ll be suffering.”

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

Yet, while there is no authority for Vermont to use the funds for other purposes, the Democrat leadership of the House wishes to hold up appropriating some of the sorely needed funds in the hope that the federal government might change the rules and will allow Vermont to use some of those federal funds to deal with the fiscal year 2021 budget impact that as of June 8 was expected to be a $332 million shortfall. Democrat Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson said “she doesn’t want to spend all of the Covid-19 dollars at once,” and said she “wants to have the flexibility to set hundreds of millions of the federal funds aside in the event that the federal government gives states the ability to use the money to fill holes in the state budget.”

This self-centered approach by the Democrat/Progressives is in stark contrast to the VTGOP, whichsays “Vermonters, this Money is for you, not legislators.”

Simply put, the Grand Old Party really cares for you, but the liberal left, not so much. And how they use the “Cares” funds clearly shows that for all to see. These funds are intended to help businesses and farmers survive, but Democrats are willing to ignore that and to use the money instead to fix a state financial system that these unaccountable lawmakers broke with their out-of-control spending habits of the past and their desire to continue with more of the same in the future. Vermont farmers are hurting even more now than before Covid-19, and in May alone, 14 dairy farmers went out of business. The Democrats, so they can pursue their misguided folly, want a watered-down relief package that cuts the aid to farmers by 40 percent, or $20 million of relief help that was expected and so needed.

There is even talk that the Legislature wants to recess in July and come back in August to deal with other of their priorities that will hurt Vermont taxpayers even more. How can they have such nerve to even suggest that Vermont pass climate control legislation that will have little or no positive effect on the environment but will only impoverish many more rural Vermonters? Being so strapped for money, how can they even think of funding the establishment of a cannabis control board to the tune of $2 million to $3 million over a three-year period with no expectation of revenue from sales to pay for it?  Even Speaker Johnson has concerns “about setting up a new regulated marketplace at a time when the government is already extended because of Covid-19.”

She went onto say that the new body, the Cannabis Control Board, that would be formed to regulate the market would cost “about $1 million per year,” and noted that “setting up a legal pot market would require temporary deficit spending at a time when the state is already facing wide budget gaps.”

Shame on them then for even considering this at this time of tremendous health and economic stress.

The Democrats have no problem with the thought of robbing the survival fund presented to Vermont so they can pay for the pension funding crisis they created and other failed policies. They must get their house in order by cutting spending and governing from a fiscally responsible posture.

A message must be sent loud and clear to the liberal left: Stop your reckless spending and do what is right to help the people. There are many ways to let them know you are watching them.  Call or email them, and better yet, vote Republican in November and eliminate the problem once and for all. We have suffered a lot at their hands, but the very reputation Vermont is famous for, its healthy wholesome products, is in danger of extinction if we do not act soon and responsibly.

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47 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Republicans truly care for you (Democrats, not so much)

  1. The assertion in the article’s title needs qualifying. TRUE Republicans care about people. But there are elitists within the GOP who have no problem going along with the Democrats. That’s why they’ve made a covert covenant with them. Think I’m wrong? Then why are there candidates on the ballots whose names are followed by the words “Democrat/Republican”?

  2. I want to speak out in disbelief of our current leadership in the House and Senate. Leadership in both Chambers seem eager to continue pet projects in an election year cycle instead of focusing on fiscal responsibility of Vermont’s future. I’m a Vermont Republican that believes in fiscal responsibility and fiscal recovery instead of fiscal greed. Vermont needs continued leadership and unfortunately because it’s an election year the leadership in the House and Senate have decided to keep the stimulus money from the citizens of Vermont instead of following the Republicans plan set out by Governor Phil Scott.Vermont Republicans are trying to work with current leadership and this is the time where we need everyone to work together no matter what party they’re in. Please remember this in the fall.

  3. I once was proud to be a Vermonter. Now, I’m just embarrassed and sad.
    About 10 years ago, my son-in-law, daughter and grand-children moved to VT.
    My son-in-law is a tech person and they were looking forward to being nearby and living
    in the “country” while still working in the tech field.
    Then came the revelation that there was a drug problem in Vermont…an opiate problem…
    that realization was actually helpful as it looked like there might be some education going out so folks could avoid getting hooked (addiction becomes expensive) and those that were could get help. This was all a good thing.
    Next though, came the repeated push from inside vested interests and more notably internal and external lobbyists with their own interests, pushing, pushing to commercialize MJ.
    It’s one thing to have so called-medical MJ…and we all ready decriminalized….Our family doesn’t get into this, and honestly I Truly Don’t Care what someone wants to grow in their personal herb garden or what someone wants to do on their own time. But when these personal rights effect the personal rights of others to not do or be effected by these same things, that’s where I draw the line.
    Here was something we didn’t personally partake in, but now ultimately had to help support the consequences of with our tax dollars and run the risk of of a normalized. sometimes misused and over-used drug being sold and pushed to our grandchildren… After all, any business wants to survive, right? Every business wants to expand and make more money. I get it. BUT I also had years of science, a 4.0 GPA and had carefully studied both pros and cons.
    Also, we believe it’s a good idea in our family to try and manage our income and outflow.
    This means making choices…and we believe that children have a right to know how to make income and how to manage their finances.
    SO, let me think…if I overspend on an item or area, I can’t go to my neighbors and say…”Hey, you’ve GOT to give me money to pay for this thing I approved or purchased”. No, most, both Republican or Democratic neighbors, would tell me to take a hike.
    If I then say, well, “Just take the money out of another area in your life…after all, what I want may be the minority, but hey look, you will support me because I’m telling you to.”
    I would most definitely be told to “take a hike” by both Republican and Democratic neighbors.
    But now, what is wanted is to fund something approved by the lobbied yes-sheep of once honest or potentially logical men, when VT, as a state is repeatedly running into financial shortages from previous over-spending, when many, many businesses and independent contractors are navigating their way through COVID-19 territory and working on surviving. Now some of our elected officials want to set the example of spending on establishing and funding POT commercialization and pay these guys high salaries when regular Vermonters are scraping along. Really?
    No thank you. But my training, my study, my personal belief in free speech…that obviously doesn’t matter to many legislators. The rights of honest men who can’t be bought, but rely on science, that obviously doesn’t matter to many legislators. Just getting re-elected…and this is the newest flavor of re-election. To h*** with personal values…that’s what it looks like. OK guys, next time, before you vote…order up
    We did what we could: gave over $100,000 that should have been for our retirement in helping our family move out of state. No more dream of having the kids close-by…BUT…now
    my son-in-law has a much, much better paying job in tech (head of his department), my daughter has folks eager to have her work for them, the kids had their choice of self-paced private schools (my granddaughter can advance in school at her own pace while still learning all the grade materials…before they moved here, she had been slated to skip a year, but here, the Vermont school consistently refused and she would come home and cry over having to repeat over and over things she already knew…until eventually she didn’t care…why work hard and enjoy learning when being tortured for hours with things you had all ready done? Yeh, I found out we got to pay for that too here in VT.)
    Vermont scenery is still lovely, but there are some really mind-less sheep pretending to be legislators that don’t even bother to personally investigate what they propose or vote for.
    Here’s the rub…I will vote both Republican or Democrat..whichever appears to be saner and follows this up with acting saner.
    There are still some, thankfully.
    But overall, my honeymoon with VT and more pointedly VT politics is long over.

  4. Tangible Next Steps:

    Three issues to support.
    1. School Choice for all (i.e. vouchers). Revise 16 V.S.A. § 822 to say – School district to maintain public schools or pay tuition.
    2. Rescind 47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act that allows internet and associated media companies (e.g. VT Digger and VPR) to practice content discrimination (i.e. censorship) without public recourse.
    3. Support Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher’s HR 5916 Transparent Healthcare Pricing Act requiring publication of point of sale healthcare cost. It’s one sentence long. Simple and direct. “Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, all providers to the public of health care products and services shall publicly disclose on the internet and in print point-of-sale cash prices of such products and services.”

    Get these passed and watch the world begin to improve before your very eyes.

  5. There need to be debates, immediately between all the gubernatorial candidate running on the Republican Ticket. This is something within Deb’s wheel house.

    Governor Scott will probably refuse, he is too busy stealing/and or with holding all our money sent from President Trump, conniving with the other New World Order pimps on what to do with OUR money.

    You’ve closed us down, threatened us with fines, license removal and jail time. With holding this money is extorsion, it’s criminal.

    • Chairman Scott can refuse but it would be a bad look and blackeye for governorship – and could harm him badly depending on who’s doing the voting…and counting.

      • I do not think beleagured VTers will accept the ‘I’m busy m’kay’ policy and will begin to *gasp* ask questions *shudder* 😉

  6. Thanks for all of your informative reveals Ms. Billado – everyone needs to hear this and all the rest. The choices we have in this election happens to be between two parties. However most voters are swing voters and number one issue is affordibility – translation: wallet. For better or worse the Republicans have the best – and imho the only real game in town.

    Personally believe that VTers have had enough of the tyranny of a dangerous and delusionally deranged destructive VT Democrat Party. And there are Dems who are also affected by the fascistic tyrants w/in their ranks.If there truly are any ‘America-loving Dems’ they will not vote Dem imo.

    Scott Milne could not have won w/o Indy & Dem voters unhappy w/the trainwreck of Shumlin’s administration. Chairman Phil has accomplished the feat of exceeding the prior wreckage – congrats comrade and I voted for you – once.

    John Klar has a real chance to win – someone has done the magic math and the following wizardry is plainly seen in crystal ball – Hence:
    – the onslaught of trolls and sockpuppeted commissars of the Chairman magically appear whenever his name is mentioned and even when it’s not including sockpuppets of phantom can’tidate Mr. Hoyt and entourage of ‘supporters’
    – Defacto shutting down of a widely used comment platform = censorship of conservative voices at Digger
    – shutting down of comment platform at Seven Days run by Tim Ashe’s domestic partner as Democrat and Prog legislators routinely criticized
    – Refusal of Benedict Scott to campaign = fear of debating John Klar
    – Keeping Covid alive as excuse for hiding from all the misery Chairman Phil has caused our state and of course ‘too busy’ for trifling appendages of democracy such as oipen debate and airing of issues imprtant to VTers – which means media outlets will have nothing to report – lol?
    – Mass mail-in voting clearly a plot designed to steal the election courtesy of Communist Party here in VT currently run by the VT Democrat Party

    Would like to see the Republican Party should host three primary debates – that is a mere one per month to push the debate between our crucial choices.

    • Schlichter: The Elites Are Revolting
      by Tyler Durden Mon, 06/22/2020 – 23:30
      Lest anyone think comments have little to no value – this is completely untrue – your voice matters and strengthens others. Ppl such as myself read comment sections to learn w/o commenting. TNR is the only place I comment regularly but I read many comment sections. Truth is compelling, powerful and rests upon its weight which is why it’s so damning to the leftist position. Only the webmaster knows how many hits the pages receive.

      Of note two VT publications have decided to ban conservative voices from platforms. VTDigger has been monkeying around w/their comment section from the jump – even bullied and banned a regular commenter accusing him of claiming to work for VTDigger but provided no evidence to support this claim. And banned content from another well known conservative environmental voice. Should have lost 501c3 status by now. Newest stunt: creating unnecessary onerous rules to limit commenting, voting and hiding comment section. Seven Days has completely removed comment section. It is my belief they received too many complaints from the Democrat bullies and other assorted cyberthugs.

      Phil Scott a few years ago sent a couple of ‘friends’ to silence Meg Hanson.

      A progressive website made falsified claims, mischaracterized my position and closed comments on a story to which I linked to #walkaway which is terrifying to the Democrats and Progressives
      Social media has long been banning conservative voices and deplatforming from receiving revenue for expressing objectionable views. Deplatforming = bankruptcy. The new robber barons – same as the old robber barons – and completely corrupt.

      Interestingly – it’s not the stories but the comments they’re so frightened of of – it’s the deplorable We The People – they hate us and are desperately attempting to silence conservative voices as the universal awakening continues apace.
      Business Insider:

      Report: Google Financially Blacklists ZeroHedge, Threatens the Federalist over Comment Sections

      Google Undermines Its Legal Protections With Threat to Demonetize The Federalist, FCC’s Carr Says
      By Petr Svab June 17, 2020 Updated: June 17, 2020

      • The pulse of what Americans are thinking and saying can be found in the comment sections of publications. Stardust is correct and I do the same thing. Read them and tell others, we are not alone. Vermont is no longer America! There is no more free press here, the news is manipulated to keep the deplorables at bay. Let your voice be heard! Only the truth can set you free, pursue it.

        • That started when the Dems and elite “Republicans” stabbed Ruth Dwyer in the back in 1996. She was the choice of the majority of primary voters, but the RINOs refused to accept it. Yet, these RINOs have always insisted we rally around every candidate THEY like.

  7. Deb,
    Whereas Virus-money shenanigans are going on in the Legislature, something else MUCH BIGGER AND MUCH BADDER is going on, mostly below the radar screen.

    There is major pressure brought to bear on the legislature to get GSWA voted on.
    That law would be the mother of all laws regarding SPENDING FOR RE INTERESTS.
    That law would be a major ADDITIONAL MILLSTONE around the necks of Vermonters FOR DECADES.

    The Vermont House passed GSWA, and sent it to the Vermont Senate. The bill, if enacted, would convert the aspirational goals of the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan, CEP, into mandated goals, with penalties. GSWA has been called “must pass this Session”.

    The Agency of Natural Resources, led by Peter Walke (who is a member of EAN), has to create the rules and regulations, and penalties for non-compliance, which would be subject for review by a “Council of Wise Men”, i.e., mostly RE proponents.

    It appears, the legislature would play no role other than vote to provide the money, extracted from more and more impoverished, already-struggling, Virus-unemployed Vermonters, to implement it all.

    In 2015, Energy Action Network, EAN, an umbrella organization for RE businesses, etc., had estimated it would take at least $1.0 BILLION per year for 35 years to implement the CEP by 2050, not counting financing costs and replacement costs of mostly short-life systems during these 35 years.

    Vermont’s near-zero, real-growth economy, with a stagnant population getting older, currently spends about $210 million per year, with difficulty.

    In 2019, EAN made estimates of what it would take to “meet Paris”, i.e., reduce CO2 from 9.76 million metric ton, at end 2016, to 7.46 MMt, at end 2025, with 0.405 MMt from 90,000 electric vehicles, EVs, and 0.370 MMt from 90,000 air source heat pumps, ASHPs.

    There were 3541 plug-in vehicles and 17,717 ASHPs, at end 2019, i.e., those goals would be unattainable, even if 50% of the cost of the vehicles and heat pumps were donated by rate payers, taxpayers, and added to government debt.

    In 2016, VEIC published a 4-volume, Solar Pathways report, at a cost of about $740,365, paid for by the US Department of Energy

    In 2020, VEIC published an update of the Solar Pathways report, at a cost of about $50,000, courtesy of private donors; currently, only Volume I is available.

    VEIC claims Vermont could reach the CEP goal of 20% electricity use from solar by 2025, if solar capacity would grow by about 19%/y, from 364.24 MW ac, or 438.84 dc, at end 2019, to about 1000 MW dc, at end 2025, 6 years.

    EAN and VEIC claim widespread adoption of EVs and ASHPs would significantly reduce Vermont’s CO2. However, those claims appear to be extremely dubious.

    ASHPs: Regarding ASHPs, the more-advanced, higher-efficiency (higher SEER values), more-expensive ASHPs, such as by Mitsubishi and Fujitsu (both Japanese imports) could economically replace 100% of traditional fuel, if the house were highly insulated and highly sealed, with less than 1.5 ACH, per blower door test. Vermont’s housing stock has about 1.5% of such houses. See an example of such a house in Appendix

    The CADMUS report of late 2017, performed for VT-DPS, found the average Vermont house, with an ASHP, would reduce fossil fuel use by 27.6%, would reduce CO2 by 19.6%, would have energy cost savings of $207/y, but amortizing of the ASHP over 15 years, would convert that to a loss of $220/y, excluding any costs for service calls and parts. The average ASHP owner would have a traditional heating system and would lose money on the ASHP system.

    There is no way ASHPS could be used in average Vermont houses to meet GWSA/Comprehensive Energy Plan goals, even if these houses were weatherized. See URL and Appendix

    EVs: Regarding EVs, the CO2 reduction/EV is very minor, if the analysis is performed on a lifetime basis, say 8 years.
    Instead of 90,000 EVs to achieve a reduction of 0.405 MMt, at end 2025 (using the flawed/deceptive EAN /VT-DPS method), about 210,938 EVs would be required to achieve the same CO2 reduction (using the more-realistic lifetime method).

    There is no way EVs could be used to meet GWSA/Comprehensive Energy Plan goals. See URL

  8. It’s too late Deb. Vermont is doomed. You cannot change he legislature nor their Progressive/Socialst agenda. The silent majoprity is speaking loud and clear, buit no one get’s it….. Look at these facts. Vermont has 623,000 people. Maine has 1,330,000 million. Maine has just over TWICE as many people as Vermont . Now let;s look what what people are doing. I get these facts daily from the realty website Redfin. Here is what REDFIN reported today:

    There are currently 5,241 homes for sale in Vermont.
    There are currently 5239 homes for sale in Maine.

    Astounding figures….astounding. Maine has just over DOUBLE the population of Vermont, but Vermont has MORE houses for sale. (NH is not a valid comp becaiuse the southern part of NH is commuting distance of Boston markets)..These are not VT people upsizing or downsizing. They are leaving. And there are not that many buyers. When these people leave VT, they take all their income, capital gains, and all other taxable financiial assets with them (pensions, social security). I’m sorry Deb. The handwriting is on the wall. Vermont is screwed. Also consider that this exodus is JUST STARTING. Because the year 1957 is peak baby boom year and that means they turn 65 in a couple years from now. Many boomers can’t retire now…. and wait till 65 for full possible pension or full social Security. which tells me you will only see more and MORE houses for sale in two years time. You CANNOT afford to live in VT on a fixed income, with Progressives running the tax shows! I am only on this earth ONCE….that is it! I die later. WHY stay? I left for AZ. MY ADVICE? GET OUT NOW!. Who are you going to be able to sell your house to…do you think ANY of the protestors you see in Montpelier have ANY money or real income? Nope. They don’t have a pot to piss in. Gibve it up. get out now. It;s over….a slow death to insolvency….I give VT 3-5 years for that.

    • Isn’t it interesting that Democrats say all the right things and go through the motions of helping the black community and the under privileged, yet when one looks at the unrest, murder and mayhem in the cities they have controlled for years, one has to ask, where’s the beef??? It’s high time there is a change, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!!! The worst outcome would be you would break even. Things can’t get much worse.

  9. Gracious me-oh-my comrades…this internecine debate needs to go on…(civilly I hope) BUT Deb’s issue here is that we got some of our money back from the Washington and it was purposed. The CCP’s covid visitor has crushed our commerce. The funds are to save businesses from going under. Our state’s survival depends on our business. To use the funds to pay off our previous debts is like paying off your liquor bill with your grocery money.

    • NO! We did not get our money back!

      We stole even more money from our Grandkids by tripling the national debt

      The debt will never be repaid, but the huge intere$t will never go away

  10. Every business asked to close should receive money.

    It should all be done before the end July at the very latest. If our governor is not pushing fot this he is the problem. No other bills and nonsense. COvid relief only. What are our priorities???.?

    • If Mr.Scott had a backbone, a brain and a heart he would veto every bill they pass that does not help business including farmers. No big box stores, I mean small business under 50 employees. I voted for him twice. The last time I held my nose. This time, if he doesn’t stand up to these regressive fools I’m done. I figure it this way. If he wins the primary without my help and he hasn’t redeemed himself fom the run away socialist/totalitarians I will not vote for him again. What’s left of my life is not going to include bending a knee to a totalitarian state and governor who has no idea that BLM is a Marxist organization. He also does not own the state house in Mount stupid. Writing potical slogans in our streets and flying political flags at our schools is the end for me. Either TAKE BACK VERMONT or I move.

  11. If the Vermont electorate doesn’t turn around and defeat these nutcases called Democrats this year this state will become a national park, devoid of productive activity, a vacation destination only.

  12. If we want the Big Spenders (and Little Cutters) in our unbalanced legislature to hear Deb Billado’s message, we have to email, write, or call their offices to let them know we are paying attention and resisting calls to expand Government and Taxes!
    I did last week and My Reps responded.

  13. Thank you Deb Billado for exposing and analyzing the elitist and dictatorial control taken by House majority leader Mitzy Jonhson regarding the use of the federal Covid 19 relief fund. As a former piano teacher, I imagine Mrs Johnson must have had at one time some difficulty to make ends meet…gas, food, rent…but evidently she has forgotten those days and has decided to postpone part of the badly needed funds for the purpose of political opportunism. It is deeply indecent and cruel. My neighbors and friends are farmers, small business owners and on their faces I see the creases of anxiety and pain related to the economical losses of Covid 19 which increasing week after week.
    Watching Vermont’s Democrat controlled legislature at work is like watching a ship of fools navigated by a blind crew, blind to the suffering of Vermonters who through no fault of their own are watching the vortex of their own demise. Shortly after the Legislature reconvened Lt Governor David Zuckermann was ecstatic to tackle the Climate Change bills notorious for being purely symbolic, the cannabis industry which like the renewable industry cannot stand on its own and will have recognized deleterious and costly effects on Vermont youth and now the decision to keep part of the relief fund to correct fiscal mis-management unrelated to Covid 19 but induced by decades of chronic legislative and fiscal malpractice.
    Mitzy Johnson, while you dither in hopes that the November election changes the federal landscape so that CARE funds can be redirected to the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist’s agenda, Vermonters need the funds provided for the purpose intended – RIGHT NOW!

  14. If Tim Ashe, Mitzi Johnson, Phil Baruthe or David Zuckerman decided to run as a Republican and we’d know of course they would win their seat, should we support them? Should they be in the party?

    How is our Governor any, any different?

    If we can’t get along within the party, it’s time to divide. Putting it off does nobody any good. Deb Bilado is doing a wonderful job, but if your team is infected with pimps carrying water for the New World Order, the United Nations we are only fooling ourselves. The division takes energy, time, wastes valuable resources and we get closer to the new world order instead of closer to supporting our constitutional republic.

    Think, if we were the first republican party in the Nation to jettison these pimps, if we begged for national support to help our effort…..we just might get it. Make it a belated birthday present to our president, we’re cleaning our own swamp, please help us. God help us.

    With holding that money is insane, corrupt, and absolutely heartless, just nasty, nasty mean.

    We’ve got to pick a side. We’ve got to clean house, immediately, let the chips fall where they may, we’ll build faster, stronger and better, much better for 2022. Otherwise welcome to a new territory of the United Nations. We’ll be the first colony in the United States for the United Nations, another Vermont first. The choice is ours to make. Jettison the pimps and rinos or suffer the consequences. .

  15. Time for everybody to calm down and take a good look at what is going on in the state of Vermont.

    We have a bunch of Agripublicans running for office.

    These guys aren’t real Republicans they don’t support our great Republican president.

    We have John klar running for governor… I’m sorry I was choking because he’s running as a Republican.

    This is a man that supports Bernie Sanders… He voted for Obama twice and he voted for Clinton…

    Now he’s running as a republican for governor in the state of Vermont…

    He says he’s seen the light!!!!

    Anybody else awake in this state?

    What’s even scarier is the Rutland Republicans are supporting this socialist to become our governor..

    We need to wake the hell up in the state of Vermont or we are going to lose our state entirely to socialism.

    We have a Conservative candidate for governor that has been supporting our second amendment constitutional rights forever and has plans that will benefit every vermonter if we decide to elect him governor.

    John Klar is depending on dumb vermonters to vote him into office to continue the socialist agenda that is destroying us.

    John klar will be the final nail in the coffin in the state of Vermont..

    if I hear read his writings one more time I’m going to puke!

    he can write whatever he wants his actions speak louder than his words.

    Let’s show this Bernie supporter that vermonters are not as dumb as he thinks we are..

    • Shill for Governor Scott. Troll alert. Just like last election. If you look into your history it was the Republican Party that voted Bernie Sanders into office. Mad at some republican because he wasn’t republican enough. Sound familiar? Party did the same to Donald Trump 4 years ago? Have we forgotten so quickly?

    • What is telling is nobody, nobody mentioned John Klar in this article, until your comment.

      Getting rid of Scott would allow your favorite conservative a fighting chance. Or is getting rid of Scott your worst fear?

      Tell us what your candidate proposes, he can tell us too what his plans are. I’ve yet to see him post. Are you a supporter of Scott hiding behind another candidate to take votes away from a challenger?

      May the best conservative, the best representative of constitutional ideals win.

  16. How can we get people to vote for Republicans? I am SO SICK of talk about fixing the unsustainable pensions which never should have been set up in the first place (talk about fuzzy math) Talk and talk and no action. For crying out loud at least get the pensions for the new teachers coming in changed to stop the bleeding. And Mr. Orleck is right about the cannabis spending – a complete disgrace.
    And the climate change garbage – money money money – no results and the vulnerable are hurt financially while those making these decisions apparently can afford tax hikes no problem. And what is the income cut off for the Homestead tax break? / Way too high – more people need to be connected financially to their constant “yes” on spending votes.
    Deb Billado does such a nice job getting people to run. It is hopeless to try and get through to those we have in power now even though I still very strongly encourage people to contact them. However – they absolutely need to be defeated. PS I’ve written the Governor and told him he needs to run as a democrat – because that is what he is.

  17. When I was Secretary of Development and Community Affairs, we received the first block grant from Congress. Here in Vermont, within the limits set by Congress, community leaders distributed ALL the funds supplied
    Vermont now has money problems that call for limiting diversion to ANY pet projects and that all State expenses and capital investment be subject to short term net present vaulue analysis for investment priority.
    We don”t know what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month. Long term projections or goals are all just unknowns being given meaning to sell investment, regulation or targets which may be only mirages or dreams.

    • Any folks out there who have wondndered why there is a drum beat in the boonies for change in Montpelier, here is a prime example of their self interest and be damned with those who object. As long as he voters in Addison and Whindam counties old sway nothing will change. SAD!!! and Vermont and Vermonters are the victims of their flagrant mismanagement.

  18. I believe Deb Billado is doing the best job she can do but as I said to someone else You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink! Why do we have people that call themselves Republicans but we don’t see them involved in any way. Our county only has 2 Republicans in Montpelier and our State has 0 in Washington!!! We better get a little more serious with our voting coming up.

    • Vermont has the biggest swamp, the biggest swamp creature concentration this side of Washington. As a belated birthday present we could clean our own house. Get rid of anyone who doesn’t support America and the Vermont constitution and calls themselves a Republican. Scott by his actions is a pimp for the new world order, he’s not even a democrat. If our team is full of rino’s and pimps, who sand bag every election at the last minute, how are we going to win? How?

      If Scott is our governor, so be it. But he’s NOT a republican. He should not be on the ticket. We should support our own, instead millions will go to his re-election.

      My old college, UVM, had a hockey team one year. For initiation they did a circle jerk on a certain player. What was UVM’s response? Guess? I would have said, well it’s time to rebuild we have a hockey team of 1, the rest do not meet the quality and caliber of student we expect at this college. Parent’s would have take notice, money and quality students would have been sent.

      And so we are in the Republican party of Vermont. A year to rebuild. Who are we? What do we stand for? We’re gonna be divided losers until then. We don’t need red meat, non-thinking republicans, we need solid Vermonters, there are many, many, many wanting, waiting, ready to give their money to a winning cause, a winning team.

      We have to have a team. The basics, they love American and the constitution. No Pimps, no rino’s. The world would be a better place. Clean our own swamp. NOW!

  19. What “she wants to have the flexibility to set hundreds of millions of the federal funds aside in the event that the federal government gives states the ability to use the money to fill holes in the state budget.” really means is that “she” wants to wait until the last minute in hopes that Democrats win the presidency and the senate, and then change the rules so that our out of control legislature can continue spending our money, like drunken sailors.
    The Democrat/Progressives will never be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars until they are no longer the majority party. VOTE THEM OUT!

    • Hear, Hear

      Exactly correct.

      All of this got rolling with Governor Kunin, a dyed in the wool Socialist, imported from Switzerland.

      None of the Socialists give a damn about business.

      They make THEIR careers working for and owning/controlling the government, with well-connected family members and friends owning, or working for, government-subsidized companies, so-called private/government “partnerships”.

      It is a state-wide Mafia of energy, education and healthcare interests ripping off the rest of us.

      They make us live in a near-zero, real-growth economy, with young, educated, skilled people leaving, and dependent, misfits, and old people staying.

      Socialist Vermont is the “sick man” of the US.

      No amount of “held-back” federal money will turn that around.

      What is needed is: 1) drain the swamp in November, 2) perestroika and 3) glasnost.

  20. Message to those Democrat (and some Republican) legislators who know they do not want legalized cannabis but are afraid to buck the system. Here is a way out for you. There will be no revenue to pay start-up costs for the Cannabis Control Board and it is estimated that it will be $3,000,000 that must come out of the already strapped treasury of Vermont. Instead of fighting with the pro-pot lobbyists, just tell all your constituents that you are being fiscally responsible and there is no way you can vote for something that will burden the taxpayers any more than they currently are. It even appears that such a reason will appeal to the Speaker of the House, Democrat Mitzi Johnson if my reading of her words is correct. She knows this will have major negative political consequences for her Party.

  21. Vermont’s super-majority Democrat/Progressive legislators plan to recess for July and then come back in August to spend more of your taxpayer money. When in session, sitting at home, probably in their PJs they will be costing you $280,000 for their salaries per week and for what? There is talk they want to pass a bill to fund the Cannabis Control Board to the tune of about $3,000,000 over a 3-year period without any revenue to pay for that. How shameful is that? Create a system where people can legally buy an addicting substance for recreational use and have the taxpayers fund their habits. Scientifically proven to damage many adolescent’s brains, they want to have you pay to do that to your children. And listen to this. The director of this evil undertaking is to be paid over $100,000 a year. What is your salary? Those on the board will get $53,000 if you can believe that. What a disgrace!

  22. The re-appropriation away from affected businesses to fill budget gaps is criminal. Thank you Deb Billado for exposing this treachery from the Democrat legislators.

  23. Money that is supposed to be going to the people is held by the NWO pimps to carry out their plans.

    Vermonters need to come together, American loving democrats and kind hearted conservative republicans need to add some fiscal sanity to our state.

    Have you driven around our state? On a Friday night? All the restaurants are closed, there is no hustle or bustle….CLOSED.

    How much longer can we survive, I listened to the Governor, Senator Sanders, Leahy and Welch deride our president over the emergency phone call to tell us about covid. Our Governor said…..haven’t seen the check in the mail box. Bernie derails him too.





    HOW??????? He doesn’t even know we have a constitution for God’s sake. Other conservatives aren’t going to stand up until they see support for what is correct.

    Perhaps our Governor should join the Democratic party, he fits in very well. We need a back bone, fairness, support and team work. Cant’ have team if half your players are playing for the other side, the NWO pimps now can we?????

    He should be sent a kind letter, we no longer think your positions fit our party. We kindly ask you reconsider running as a Republican and join the NWO pimps on the DNC side of things. We can take all the American Loving Democrats from what is left of the Democratic party.


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