Letter: What is left for the VTGOP?

This letter is by Keith Stern, of North Springfield. He is a businessman and former gubernatorial candidate.

I haven’t been a successful candidate, but I did try and learn from my experiences. I’ve tried to share my obtained knowledge, but unfortunately it has fallen on deaf ears, to the detriment of the GOP.

Lou Varricchio/TNR

Keith Stern

I warned people about Phil Scott, but people said it was important to have a Republican in office. We did have an R in the governor’s office but he never showed people what conservatism is all about, because he doesn’t actually believe in it himself. He claimed to be a proponent of small government while actually expanding it with several useless new offices and new $100,000 plus employees. Now when people look at a true Republican, they see someone who is an extremist.

I warned people against voting for Gerald Malloy in the primary because his abortion stance alone it made him a very weak candidate. A very active conservative candidate and I discussed his performance in the first debate with Peter Welch, and both of us had turned it off, seeing such a poor performance by him. I had hoped to see Gerald run for governor, but after his very poor showing I think that chance has passed.

I tried telling people that the only hope to defeat Becca Balint in the U.S. House race was to support Madden. I said if he were elected he would be much easier to defeat than Balint. People didn’t listen.

Many have now given up, and I am just barely hanging on. I have observed that running on a message of lower taxes and cost of living won’t get it done since the majority just don’t care about that.

So what is left? The left has done a fantastic job of convincing Vermonters that the GOP is the party of the wealthy and doesn’t care about others, even though the opposite is the case. That image has to be changed in people’s minds. That is key now to reversing the trend.

One thing I proposed is to change the image of the VT GOP. One way to do this is to get involved in the public by doing the things that people can see. Picking up trash along roads and in parks, volunteering to help the elderly or impaired people with errands, small home repairs, and the like.

Getting on the ballot at election time and saying we are the party that cares is not going to get it done.

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23 thoughts on “Letter: What is left for the VTGOP?

  1. Interesting discussions.

    We’ll lose massively two years from now too, it we don’t change our direction.

    We don’t speak about things Vermonters want.
    We don’t speak in non-trigger words, left for us to walk into.
    There is much that unifies all Vermonters, but we’d rather have division, within and across the state.
    This is how the Uniparty orchestrates and loves doing business in our state.

    There is inherent weakness within our current philosophical government, corruption and epic waste being two prominent items.

    The current philosophy does not proffer, affordability, freedom, freedom of speech and education. The current philosophy goes against natural law and supernatural laws, so it is epically flawed and doomed long term.

    If you only show what they are doing, under alight, you can win. Sadly, we don’t have a message, money, talent, plan and incentives within to make a massive change. We’ll end up with the same results.

  2. When reading all of this,I am am forced to agree with Jim on the facts. The unborn ,guns and the powerful in the the state house that don’t support local Republicans on the ballot or fail to help recruit candidates. I am am not looking to be involved in the pissing contest, but like to let my opinion be known from time to time. I for one would like to see Jims debate idea go forward.

  3. While division reigns over both parties by design (divide and conquer through well organized, well financed, and timely psyops), party leaders and their faithfuls divy up the spoils of this war against humanity. Polarizing finger-wagging and virtue signalling on both sides has done nothing but bring more frustration and depression among the population. Unification? Hard to imagine it ever happening – yet the laws of the universe tend to bend humanity over many barrells before they wake up. As the Bible says – nothing new under the sun. The Pharos fell, the Romans fell, the Ming dynasty fell, the Soviet Union collapsed, etc. The current Walls of Jericho will fall is well. The only reality now is one class of criminals is attempting to take it all before the collapse. Wake up!

  4. The Republican party uses conservatives like the Democrats use Blacks. They only come around when they want your vote. Then they use their bait & switch pseudo conservative candidates and want us to vote for them just because they got an R next to their name when in reality, they don’t represent us at all. The only reason the Republicans get any votes at all is because Trump is a Republican. It’s time for a new Constitutional Conservative Party. Kick the Republicans to the curb.

  5. As usual Jim completely misses the mark and shows himself to be an unstable individual who lives in a different reality. He can accuse me all he wants to and I don’t care because as much as I wish I could call Gerald Malloy senator it wasn’t going to happen for several reasons, not the least was his abortion position. I am as conservative as about anyone and the person I referenced is a very staunch conservative and we both agreed around the middle of October that Welch would win easily with his inability debate and lack of a strong reason for moderates/independents to vote for him. But the thing Jim fails to understand is the need to fix the republican image. So he can bluster and accuse all he wants but until republicans are willing to work to repair the image it’s game over.

    • I have an offer for Mr. Stern and Mr. Arnold.
      Set up a time at the Windsor County GOP and I will debate both of you. Make it a Saturday afternoon because I live in Essex Center.

      That way everyone attending will see that neither of you have anything to offer to Real VT Republicans. You know, those that are willing to stand up for the unborn, children and our Constitutional Rights.
      I’ll make it even easier for you. Bring Dame, Koch and every transrepublican that violates the VTGOP Platform and has betrayed Real VT Republicans with you.

      Or you can hide behind the Keyboard.

      • Platforms don’t win General Elections. People do.
        To win an election, you need to address the issues and concerns of the majority of the voters and the majority isn’t anywhere near Republican.
        People vote for those who understand their needs and have solutions. If you can’t do this and you’re running on a singular “stand for something” platform you’re a martyr.
        Guess what? Vermont is widely believed to be one of the least religious states in the union. Running on religion is a losing cause.
        Calling people Marxist and Fascists is another losing point.
        Calling every election suspicious is ignorant.
        Calling the governor a RINO is ignorant.
        Calling those Republicans and independents closest to you is ignorant.
        Perhaps, a better term for the “Real Republicans” is the Ignorant Republicans, Intolerant Republicans…
        AND this still stands TRUE.
        These were the actions Sexton;
        ** Warning **
        If Mr. Sexton is in the lead, on point and things get tough, he is very likely to run and take cover leaving you exposed.

        If Mr. Sexton is behind you and he doesn’t like what do or say, he is likely to shoot you in the back.


      • Lastly, the rules of war apply to the rules of debate.
        Never go into battle with someone who;
        demonstrated lack of integrity
        demonstrated lack of trustworthiness
        a martyr
        lack of grit

        Unfortunately and sadly, during your short tenor with the VTGOP, you “proudly” exhibited all the undesirable characteristics listed above destroying the possibility of you being considered credible.

        • A true coward just showed his colors…… Arnold will hide behind the Keyboard instead of standing up for what he spouts.
          I gave you an opportunity to call me out publicly and you laid down on the floor screaming like a Baby.
          The offer stands, step up or shut up.

          • Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen…. surely you three recognize that the debate is on – and the public, at least those of us with nothing else to do, are watching and judging for ourselves who’s logic has the better standing.

            What I see so far are three conservatives with somewhat differing points of view, reverting to name-calling instead of expressing the logic of their positions.

            For example, Governor Scott IS a Republican. He may be a RINO too. I characterized him as ‘democrat-lite’ because of his propensity to compromise on the vast majority of issues facing us, even those reliant on solid conservative principles. Liam Madden, by his own admission, is NOT a Republican.

            But the foremost issue, the one that affects all others, the issue you three are nibbling on around the edges, is the difference between a governance reliant on individual responsibility and one reliant on the collective. Both Scott and Madden have clouded the definition of Republican vs. Democrat. So now we are forced to consider policy. And, in my humble opinion, policy correlates more with electability. Not party. And I suspect all three of you agree. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            What is unfortunate is that folks like Paul Dame, Phil Scott, and Gerald Malloy, don’t engage here in the debate. The usual disingenuous excuse being that they don’t have the time. A more accurate accounting is that they see no need to engage because it’s not politically advantageous to do so. And I couldn’t disagree more strongly. Here is where they can reach the most people.

            For conservatives, TNR and VDC are where the debate is the most organic and revealing. But try to understand that name calling, while useful some of the time, is not the purpose of the discussion. The purpose is to educate ourselves through critical thought and deliberation.

            So, please, continue to have at it here for all of us to see. And don’t be shy. As long as you’re criticizing various points of view, what do you think of the first comment in this thread?

      • you can debate until pigs fly but it will accomplish nothing. I will say for the last time here until republicans are ready to do the work necessary to convince people which party really cares about others then nothing will change. but keep blustering Jim.

        • As long as you dismiss the debate, Mr. Stern, (i.e., ‘do[ing] the work necessary to convince people which party really cares about others’], try not to be offended when you are dismissed, as so many other Republicans have been.

  6. Democrats & Republicans are pigs dining on swill from the same trough. The Republicans are worse because unlike the Democrats they pretend to be something they aren’t.

    You are what you is. You is what you am. – Frank Zappa

  7. I am afraid it is “game over” for VT….I “done got woke” – and got out as soon as we could retire (early). Mr. Sexton posts, above, that 100,000 people voted Republican in VT…and I bet it was a good turnout. BUT wake up – smell the (rotten) coffee….VERMONT is doomed !!! VT population is ballpark 640,000 people….and 82% of VT population is 18 & over – so they can vote….so 82% of 640,000 population…is 525,000 VT people over 18 & can vote….in this election, appox 100,000 voted Republican….that leaves 425,000 Democrat, Liberal voters. Those statistica are OVERWHELMING….so no matter HOW MUCH you all gripe, complain, blame & argue about the VT GOP…the FACT is….Democrat/Progresive voters will OUTNUMBER Republican voters by a 4-1 margin in VT….. Wake up to REALITY….VT will always, always be Liberal, Democrat and Progressive.

    It is VERY bad for your personal health & financial health for you to stay in VT. Get out….as soon as you can…and BE HAPPY — because you are only on this earth ONCE – and WHY be a taxed-out- slave to the VT indoctrinated, lemming, brainwashed… idiots!

    • Jeffrey I am going to agree with you on the fact that at the end of the day, this really is truly a numbers game -and scarcely more that this when it’s such a small population like Vermont.
      It’s really imperative to grow the numbers..

      Too many people really are not getting this and the GOP(s) is doing nothing to really fix this- and yet this is the true crux of the matter. The people are being distracted by issues, but the numbers of who you have on your team is pretty darn critical.
      If people don’t get this, they can’t demand the GOP take it on.. it’s not even a conversation today.

      For example:
      My small NH town that I am from sat directly on the Massachusetts border.
      It was a solidly red town in a red state when I was growing up there.
      But then the Massachusetts invasion really exploded in the early 90s and we did actually become outnumbered.. so yeah, it’s real. I mean what on earth can you do when your side is now only some 30 or 40% of the population?
      This is why it’s so important to not wind up in that position.

      When you have about 1000 people in town and this more than doubles and they ALL are from a deep blue failing state escaping- and then voting in the same way they did in their failed state.. you can just literally watch your boat sink Jeffrey and we did.
      Most all of the deeply rooted people that had been there forever did leave- what choice did we have? Yes, good people do vote with their feet, this is an absolute truth.

      Today my little town is lost, unrecognizable, very corrupt and in decline.. quitting and leaving was devastating, but I know I did the right thing because like you say, it’s now actually dangerous for us in every way to remain in these areas. I left to survive..to not be sucked dry and sucked down; left to wither on the vine on the Democrat Plantation.

      I do think that if your math is right, it’s easy to see Vermont in this same place, the scale is just larger.
      And here in NH, we are slightly better off still than VT, but the overall trajectory is about the same- I fear.
      I mean all of our states up here are suffering the same fate at the end of the day- being invaded by people that sure are not like we are.. they move here and then proudly flaunt their ways from whence they came.
      New England is being colonized and lost- as we knew it.

      We are having these very same conversations over here in NH as well.
      We have RINO Chris Sununu that has been all over the media calling the base of his own party “extremists”.
      I do agree with the writer that these RINO governors ARE teaching the population that being a RINO is what being a “Republican” now is today and therefore, us real, old school Republicans that built these states are now “the extremists” they are saying.
      And isn’t that really something to behold- since the native population is very much a product of the states we once had- but now we are ‘extremists’ for being what we were taught to be right here in our own schools. They are sending the message that our own history and culture is “extreme” now and this point is not being taken on.

      There is nothing wrong with hanging onto what we are, our forefathers did this for us.
      There is nothing honorable in losing our states on our watch- despite what these people say.

      We all know what is going on in the big pictures- who they are taking their orders from- it’s surely not We The People.

  8. Keith Stern is the personification of what is wrong with the VTGOP. Mr. Stern’s message about Scott is something anyone capable of cognitive thought knows to be true. Scott is no more Republican than Sanders is.
    But he really proves how little he believes in the VTGOP Platform. Which puts him shoulder to shoulder with Dame, Koch and every other member of the VTGOP that supports the Big Tent agenda of abortion, Gun Control and all are welcome. You don’t have to be a Republican, just say you are.
    One of the reasons Madden won the Republican Primary.

    Stern professes his wisdom of condemning Gerald Malloy for standing up to everyone that tried to portray him as evil in his fight for the unborn. Stern proves he has sold out for the agenda of the left. Practically shouting, If we don’t support the destruction of the unborn we can’t win !

    Here’s a couple things Mr. Stern left out ; He supported Mermel and tried several times to get me to stop supporting Gerald Malloy. His argument was that only Mermel could defeat Welch.
    Mermel finished a distant 3rd behind Gerald Malloy and Ms. Nolan.
    Mr. Stern wrote to me offering to be an advisor to Gerald Malloy after Mermel was soundly defeated and Malloy won the Primary.
    No thanx Mr. Stern.

    Approximately 100,000 Republicans voted in the General Election. Over 80,000 voted for Gerald Malloy. The main reason Gearld Malloy lost to Welch is because of the apathetic Republicans who didn’t vote.
    Many have given up because the VTGOP doesn’t support the Platform they voted for. If you stand for nothing you fall for everything.

    Mr. Stern’s commentary here and on other formats show his true colors. Give in and join the left agenda or we will never win.
    The problem with Mr. Stern and every other ” Republican ” that supports the destruction of the unborn and continually giving up time after time is that they have already lost.
    Why would anyone vote for or support someone who won’t fight for what they pledged they will ?

    ” The left has a fantastic job……………. ”
    They sure have Mr. Stern. And bowing to them doesn’t help anyone that does stand for the unborn and the Constitutions of VT. and America.

    Mr. Stern and some others blame me for the massive failures of the VTGOP to support and promote Real VT. Republicans.
    What none of them ever address is that Dame, Koch and many in the VTGOP supported Scott, Benning, Beck, Walker, Martin, Leffler, Sheuremann, Parent and Toof.
    All transrepublicans that voted for and supported Prop 5 and Article 22.

    Republicans in VT should have made massive gains this election cycle.
    But the total failure of Dame, Koch and the VTGOP Executive Committee to support Pro Life and Constitutional Republicans, while supporting those who betrayed Real VT Republicans is the actual cause.
    The far left Democrats and Marxists made gains despite the fact they want to make VT a socialist haven.
    Take your shots.

    • ” Keep in mind, when Jim, Johnny come lately republican, didn’t get his way in the VTGOP, he ran away he QUIT, and started calling people names such as Tranrepublicans.

      The message matters
      Character matters
      Integrity matters

      Did you not come out of the blue, with no previous experience in the party, and try to become the Executive Director of the VTGOP or the club your refuse to be part of? .. and lost

      Did you not help to craft and propose the VTGOP party platform that, “I refused to be part of their club to dismantle the Republican Party of VT and to be a part of their Big Tent to advance the Marxists agenda of the far left.”

      Did the platform you approved of include, “While individual Republicans may hold diverse opinions in some areas, such differences should not deflect from advancing the principles that unite us as a party.” The platform, “I refused to be part of their club to dismantle the Republican Party of VT and to be a part of their Big Tent to advance the Marxists agenda of the far left.” Which allows for some diversity of opinion and open-mindedness.

      Weren’t you directly involved in writing and approving the platform?

      Did the “club” you wanted to lead, reject you or did you reject them?

      • Mr. Arnold is a complete shill for Dame, Koch and the other fakes he refuses to address for their failings and betrayal.
        I did indeed help write the language of the VTGOP Platform with other members.
        Because I was nominated for and won the election at the Chittenden County GOP reorganization meeting to be the Platform Delegate.
        I along with others worked on the Platform that Benning, Evslin, McCoy and several other fought against.
        What Mr. Arnold refuses to acknowledge every time he spews his ignorance is that I resigned from the VTGOP because they proved they stand for nothing.
        Arnold continues to state that because I was a new member to the VTGOP that I have no right to call out their failings and betrayal of Real VT Republicans.

        Mr Arnold proves his ignorance by citing the very language in the Platform which states ….. such differences should not deflect from the principles that unite us as a party.
        Hey Mr. Arnold, the language states – we support life from conception to natural death.
        Probably the most important principle of the Republican Party.
        ( that is clear, but feel free to prove to everyone that you don’t understand facts )
        Your childish tirade that I quit and ran away is nonsense. I have been and continue to fight for Real VT Republicans, the unborn and the Constitutions of VT and America.

        He refuses to acknowledge the times I have worked in the Statehouse Chambers, on the Statehouse Lawn with the Rallies I organized, helped others with and supported.
        I travelled all over the State on my Dime and my time to fight for the unborn, children and our Constitutional Rights.

        What Mr. Arnold does prove though, is that if you follow blindly those who have betrayed you and sold out, you too can be be a Rhino.

        • ** Warning **
          If Mr. Sexton is in the lead, on point and things get tough, he is very likely to run and take cover leaving you exposed.

          If Mr. Sexton is behind you and he doesn’t like what do or say, he is likely to shoot you in the back.


          When Jim, Johnny come lately republican, didn’t get his way in the VTGOP, he ran away, he QUIT and started calling people names. That’s character!

          In the military, folks like Jim were never trusted.

          Jim quit
          Jim quit and ran!!!

        • ** Warning **
          If Mr. Sexton is in the lead, on point and things get tough, he is very likely to run and take cover leaving you exposed.

          If Mr. Sexton is behind you and he doesn’t like what do or say, he is likely to shoot you in the back.


    • Jim, this is spot on. Ever since I have started paying attention to the elections in this state I have been saying that. You have to make strong stands to get the conservative base to get excited and turn out every election. The Vermont GOP every election runs the same nonsense with the same results.

  9. Picking up trash along roads and in parks, volunteering to help the elderly or impaired people with errands, small home repairs, and the like will do nothing to offset the democrat’s protection racket.

    Forty percent of Vermont’s workforce is employed in the heavily tax subsidized sectors of health, education, and government. Additionally, Vermont has the largest per capita incidence of tax-free non-profit corporations in the U.S., enabled by special interest groups like the VT NEA, VPIRG, AFSCME, VFNHP and the VSEA. There is nothing, politically speaking, that will convince these omnipotent moral busybodies to stop imposing their tyranny upon us. “They will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    Today, the only way conservative libertarians can extinguish this fire is to let it burn itself out – staying out of its way as best as can be done. And it will burn itself out – more quickly than most of us can imagine. We need merely to survive, and rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes. Indeed, help your friends and neighbors. But be smart. And be patient.

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