Letter: Vaccine passports a direct route to enslavement

Editor’s note: This letter is by Emily Peyton, of Putney.

Does Vermont want to be one of the first states to restore slavery after it was the first region to prohibit it since July 2, 1777? Creating a vaccine passport is a direct route to enslavement. Here’s why.

The passport will begin as a “public safety” tool, but it will rapidly move to be a public control tool. The passports are digital, if adopted. A phone will be needed to show the digital ID. The government/corporate entities will be in charge then of where you go and, at first, indirectly, what you buy. They will surveil you wherever you are, and if the dollar fails, and a Universal Basic Income is delivered, that will be delivered with the digital passport. Facebook and Twitter, as a partner to government, can make profiles of socially acceptable comments and behaviors, and these are then linked to the user of the digital monies and the digital passport. If the government decides you are being too critical of its latest policy, as Facebook or Metaverse informs them, your passport will suddenly have limitations, or in the case of the digital Universal Basic Income, you will be financially penalized for speaking critically. The passports will be used to assign social standing, along with medical standing. If your phone tells you to proceed to the nearest station to get another injection, and thereafter you may enjoy your income to shop with or enter facilities, you will not have the option to choose. This will progress rapidly.

I know people are scared of Covid, and scared of those who are not willing to take the experimental injection, and they want to be safe from Covid. Take care to be safe from enslavement. You can get the vaccines, and if they are effective you will be protected. Being free to come and go is essential to humanity. When your every move is spied on, surveilled and limited from afar via a digital passport, you have surrendered your freedom and are controlled by some distant entity whom you can never face.

The passports are a transition from rights understood to be given by the Almighty to all human beings: the right to bodily autonomy, to assemble, to speak, to property, to be free of search and seizure, to have freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, to take care of your health as you know best, and on and on. All these God-guaranteed rights, with the use of the passport, become privileges granted by our government/corporate alliance, where the leaders of government are allowed their authority by the elite.

Ask yourself these questions: Is public safety rapidly becoming public enslavement by virtue of Covid? Why did generations of young soldiers die for our freedoms, if not to protect our God-given rights of humanity? Would you be honoring their sacrifices to meekly accept these proposed digital Covid passports? Will you be happy if they are implemented? Who do you want to answer to, God or someone else?

Emily Peyton
Putney, Vermont

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11 thoughts on “Letter: Vaccine passports a direct route to enslavement

  1. Another important point is that it is well known that the biggest single demographic of unvaxxed people in the US are African Americans. Why are we not howling from the rooftops about the appalling racism of any demand that someone show proof of vaccination, just like we hear from the left when picture ID to vote is demanded, because that is SUPPOSEDLY racist?

  2. Let’s not forget the possibility of the inability to vote unless you show your updated “free to pass” card…. This is very real and a conversation that I tried to have with friends of mine that “generally stand for mandates” (as one stated). I asked them, “will you stand by and watch the ones, that are standing for the freedoms of ALL, be limited in their participation in society? Will you stand by and watch your friends and loved ones be dragged away to the ‘chambers’ while saying “if they had only listened to the authorities and just did what they were told, this wouldn’t be happening!”? We must join together and stand for the common good; Not the fear based narrative of ‘If you do this, you will be rewarded” – that’s not common at all.

  3. Just think,

    If the VTGOP, got the state and medical to allow for the following treatments….

    math+ protocol
    Mono clonal antibodies
    Vitamin d, zinc, aspirin

    They could save lives.
    80% of those lives would be hard core democrats.

    This would be loving your neighbor
    This would win hearts
    This would garner votes
    This would garner support.

    Uniparty games want division, it’s there,power: American fighting American is their dream.
    Neighbor loving neighbor is kryptonnite for the Uniparty.

    Don’t let them win. love rules.

  4. Ethan Allen and his siblings all owned slaves. Child slavery was fully legal in Vermont well into the 19th century.

    • Ad hominem argument.
      Especially since having black members of the extended Allan family was interpreted as ‘having slaves,’ by those who want it to be true, when there is no proof at all these humans were slaves. They could as easily have been retainers, or, even friends. Geesus sheeple.
      You need to know your Vermont history a bit better than cherry picking and slinging uninformed mud. Makes’ya’look’smahtah!

  5. Vermont has no real claim to being against slavery. When the state constitution was written the only slave in Vermont was owned by the pastor of the Old First Church in Bennington, and it only outlawed slaves over 21. If they were younger, they could be owned. Worse, Sen. Justin Morell wrote and pushed for the “morell act” that raised taxes on the southern states and led directly to the succession and the invasion by the north. But the liberal wokes think it was all about slavery and Vermont is pretty clean.

  6. It appears that it’s very easy to frighten the sheep. Promise to keep them safe, keep the scary free thinking unvaxed away from them, and they will gladly sign up for vax passports and give up their rights and liberties.

  7. Ms. Peyton’s questions to us are timely and poignant. With Vermont’s extreme liberal legislators ready to start in on all manner of restrictive legislation, we need only look west to the antics of New York’s Assembly and Bill A416, establishing the ability of the New York governor or their appointed representative to inter those individuals deemed a health threat.
    Expect something similar from Krowinski and her minions. The ignorance of Vermont’s Constitutional guarantees and Vermont’s laws by government during this pandemic of fear is almost beyond belief.
    But here we are, with many clamoring for the illusion of safety that big socialist government promises. It is truly a sad time. The virus is not our biggest problem. What we are doing to ourselves and our children is.

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