John Klar: Punishing the unvaxxed is simply reverse discrimination

The surreal chaos that descended on Vermont with COVID-19 has shifted from the bizarre to the comedic: Science is being systematically perverted in order to systematically pervert basic American liberties. It is not sustainable — the wrong people are being discriminated against. If there is any place for proper discrimination, it is against the nasty virus of ideas that would deprive Vermonters and their children of well-established rights using bunk facts.

Frightened rabbits who wanted to shut down the world for COVID can be forgiven for early, understandable anxieties. But now the world has scientific facts that appear to be eluding our government leaders, and so must be explained.

John Klar

The vaccine is not 98% effective. This piece of factual data seems not yet to have overtaken the false representations that vaccines offered complete protection, and if everyone got the vaccines the disease would disappear: those statements were always untrue, and are more obviously false each day.

The vaccines do not last, but wear off in a relatively short time, requiring boosters. Natural immunity appears to be 100% protective, and is lifelong. Vaccinated people can still carry COVID-19 and spread it.

The upside-down response of our failed government (because this is grotesque, highly visible, failure) is to inflict penalties on healthy, unvaccinated people, while disease-carrying vaccinated people are allowed to roam. This risk is even greater, when the science of microbiology is weighed — vaccinated people create an environment where vaccine-resistant variants can mutate; unvaccinated people cannot create vaccine immunity. This too is fundamental, undisputed science — turned on its head using fear and misinformation. (But wait, discussing these truths is labeled by Joe Biden and the vaccine liars as “spreading misinformation” — the time or Big Brother is at hand, when truth and lies are reversed.)

Vermont has people like Sen. Dick McCormack, who makes a joke of his oath to the Constitution by trying to destroy it. America has not seen traitors in such great numbers since 1812. Dick McCormack will never succeed in forcing vaccines on Vermonters, but we must succeed in removing people like him from the public offices they so brazenly betray, lest the evil virus that leaks from their lying, fearful mouths continues to spread.

We are burning the wrong witches! The vaccinated are much more of a threat to fellow citizens than the unvaccinated. And anyone who would inflict an experimental drug on children (who are at near zero risk of illness from COVID-19) are criminals who also should be exposed like the witches they are — they abuse power and public trust to betray children and parents. If there prove to be long-term harms from vaccines, those who rushed to compel their use should be rushed to prisons. The science will tell us, in due course, after the experimentation period is complete: the way it usually does, before we inject millions of people with novel drugs. But hey, that’s just the science.

The folly of the vaccine mandates, entirely unconstitutional as they are, is unraveling with the lies used to support them. One need not be “anti-fascist” to see the evil lurking in the ignorant fear of so many leaders: one need only be an American patriot.

If the vaccines worked, there would be no need to discriminate against the unvaccinated. The only logical argument to compel them to be vaccinated would then be to protect their own health, against their wills — nothing is more obvious than the absence of any genuine care for the unvaccinated by the fearful vaccine-lovers. Unvaccinated people are being treated like lepers, by the disease-spreading destroyers of the economy and Constitution.

Here’s a newsflash for the terrified rabbits: many of us are not getting vaccinated, even after you destroy careers, boot our kids from school, deny benefits for which we pay taxes, and other heinous violations of civility toward supposed neighbors. It is time for the frightened to stop trying to dominate the informed, using science that continually proves unscientific. It is obvious that COVID-19 was developed in a Wuhan lab, but that science has been denied. The vaccines didn’t work as touted; natural immunity was ignored but the science is showing (quite logically) that the human body’s mechanisms of protection exceed those of the forced, profit-driven, guinea-pig vaccines. Why do tyrants ignore good science and common sense?

The unvaccinated are not traipsing into homes telling the vaccinated what to do — though arguably, forcefully protecting people from vaccines would be more justifiable than “protecting” them via forced jabs. It is hilarious foly that our government purports to be protecting us by persecuting nurses, children, and others who have the legal right to bodily integrity notwithstanding the barrage of stupidity spouting from self-proclaimed government authorities.

Science is being perverted before our eyes, to then pervert our laws and liberties to undermine individual rights — also right before our eyes. Either those responsible are mentally ill and cannot comprehend basic science, or they are deliberately manipulating Vermonters for partisan gain. Neither error should be rewarded with anything but the strictest of rebukes.

If there are to be witch hunts, at least let them target the nasty witches casting evil unscientific spells and threatening children. Punishing those healthy, low-risk people wise enough to resist these vaccinations is simply reverse discrimination by a frightened majority, unsupported by either law or fact. This new fascism is unsustainable: we will not bow to it, ever.

If only we could hire companies at public expense to inject that truth into every American.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “John Klar: Punishing the unvaxxed is simply reverse discrimination

  1. There are untold numbers of people with pre-existing health conditions that cannot get vaccinated.
    There are also untold numbers of Elderly folks that got vaccinated, had dangerous and even life threatening side effects and were told by their doctors not to get the boosters or even any other vaccinations in many cases..
    And now the Co-Exist Crowd wants to shun all these people from society.
    If this doesn’t reveal the hearts of the Left then I don’t know what does.

  2. According to most credible sources, the biggest single demographic of unvaxxed and vaxxine-hesitant people in the US is the African American community. Doesn’t this make demands for proof of vaccine RACIST???

  3. It’s interesting to note that the recent VT DOH Covid Dashboard states that 100% of Vermonters 65 years of age and older have received at least one dose of the vaccines. Based on what I read here and on VDC, I find this statistic as hard to believe as the rest of VT DOH’s numbers.

    • I know for sure that statistic is incorrect as I personally know quite a few unvaxed 65 plus folks. And given that I don’t really know all that many people and that all of these are in my general locale, I’m sure there are many others in other parts of the state.

    • I could name at least 50 that I personally know over age 65 not vac

      Not to mention as a nurse at uvmmc MANY patients coming through our doors over 65 are not vaccinated for covid. Be warned – the numbers you are hearing about hospitals and vac status are also false!

  4. I awoke with this statement in my head this morning…”So, you’re telling me to inject my body with an unapproved technology, that has shown to lack the ability to do what it claims to do, for a virus and may kill me at a percentage of .002%, and if I don’t I lose my friends, family, support & god given rights, yet…I’m the selfish one?”

  5. Klar once again nails the real issue to the wall for any that choose to see.
    When Vermont’s liberal legislators meet in just two weeks, be prepared for some crazy and disturbing political antics. The NY Assembly is considering A416, a bill establishing the ability of the governor or their representatives to inter people that “pose a public health risk”.
    Expect that at least a few of Balint and Krowinski’s minions to think similar legislation would be good for Vermont. Yes, that’s correct, Inter. As In internment camps.
    Australia is currently doing it, NY is thinking about it and while Scott would assuredly veto a similar bill, there are enough crazed socialists in our legislature to override.
    As the truth comes out, do not ask us how we knew. Ask yourself why you didn’t.

  6. Words that are balm to the ears, heart, and soul.

    Get thee behind me Satan! (and I’m looking at all those ‘leading’ us beneath the Golden Dome in Montpelier).

  7. I believe the mask mandate vote in the towns and cities demonstrate how the people feel (yes, the people have had enough). Seventy one towns no (71), Fifteen yes (15).

    Here’s an important thought for the legislature and authorities who may be called upon to enforce more mandates or a forced vaccination, remember where you were standing when all this is sorted out. Hitler’s officers at the Nuremburg Trials tried to claim that as soldiers, they were just following orders. History tells us it didn’t work. I have personally never felt as threatened by my government as I do now. This government is taking the wrong approach as John has pointed out. We are free people and the Vermont and federal government does not own our bodies or our children. I hope there are saner persons looking at this. The way it’s going now is beyond comprehension. Think about it long and hard. Is this the government you want? Remember, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?

  8. I stood up and cheered as I read this article! I have sent out so much information regarding the lies of the regime vs the truth expressed by brave doctors who knew it was their duty to find early treatment for the virus and not wait for a jab. Their success is showing people not to succumb to the fear and threats, but to trust already-proven therapeutics if they catch the Wuhan virus.
    Way to go, John! Another home run for the patriots!!

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